AVL Rent installs Pioneer Pro in Panama
Thursday, 20 June 2019
pioneerPanama presents a wide variety of styles and DJs
The Netherlands - The Panama nightclub in Amsterdam has been at the forefront of the Dutch music scene for more than 16 years, presenting a wide variety of styles and featuring a balanced mix of global and local DJs. The venue has a capacity of over a thousand and as well as its essential nightclub function, acts as a multi-purpose events space that puts on a diverse programme of events.
The production team at Panama has progressively improved the sound system at the club over the years. Although happy that its existing system was good and met most of its needs, the club’s management wished to take the club’s audio provision forward and introduce even greater clarity, power and detail, to further enhance every aspect of its offer.
Seeking a more immersive solution, Panama choose Pioneer Pro Audio XY Series loudspeakers and appointed AVL Rent under the leadership of Wouter Ruijter to install the system. The new front of house system at Panama comprises four XY-3B and eight XY-118S and club manager Thijs Eilerts was immediately struck by the improvement:
“My first impression was that I was very, very happy. This was a far more immersive experience - way more crisp and it takes people to another level. You can hear way more detail in the sound through the system so you tell far better what the producer was trying to communicate through the music, through the sound system. As a sound engineer myself, that makes me very happy indeed.”
DJ, producer and owner of Toolroom records, Mark Knight, who recently played through Panama’s new XY-Series system comments, “When you go to a nightclub you want to immerse yourself sonically, so the system needs to have a real presence. If you play on a good sound system like tonight’s, loud doesn’t hurt you, loud is cool, it’s distortion that hurts and there was no distortion at all. What I really did notice was the stereo field was really quite distinct. There are certain things I play that I don’t normally notice playing live outside the studio but they were really quite apparent tonight.”
(Jim Evans)

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