Backup has created an industry specific mental health first aider logo
UK - Following in the footsteps of other industries that have taken steps to raise awareness of the importance of mental health, Backup has created an industry specific mental health first aider logo to help signpost people in need of support on a production, raise awareness and promote discussion around the subject of mental health in our industry.
Backup’s goal is to ensure that in every crew there is at least one trained mental health first aider crew member for every 20 crew members. “We trust that venues, promoters and production companies will engage with this is and it becomes part of crew contracts,” says Backup vice chair, Piers Shepperd. “We hope this logo will become a recognised standard on shows, events and in our industry workplaces, helping to destigmatise mental health issues and make our industry a happier, healthier place to work.”
Backup, in conjunction with industry leading MHFA course providers Music Support and the ABTT, will be providing the logo pack to all attendees of courses going forward. If you have previously attended the course via one of the afore mentioned providers, then please contact your relevant course provider for the logo pack.
If, as individual, you have attended an MHFA course from a provider outside of the industry, please contact Backup who will verify (MHFA England certified*) and send you the logo pack.
“Music Support is proud to be a preferred training provider working in partnership to support this much needed initiative for our industry,” says Eric Mtungwazi, chief executive, Music Support. “Attitudes are beginning to change but there is still so much misunderstood and stigma about common mental health problems. No one in our industry should suffer alone, in silence, or without access to effective help and support. Working together we can make that support a reality.”
“The Association of British Theatre Technicians is very pleased to adopt and support the new MHFA logo, recognising the importance of support for mental well-being across the live performance and events industries,” says Mig Burgess Walsh, co-chair, ABTT. “The ABTT has committed to understanding and improving provisions for the mental health and well-being of those working in our sector, particularly those employed backstage or in technical or production roles.
“The common identity provided by this logo will help identify the value we collectively place on this work as the Association continues to deliver projects focussed on raising awareness of well-being in our sector and encouraging a cultural change towards mental health in our industry.”
“We invite our industry friends and colleagues to get behind this new industry specific MHFA logo and help promote mental health awareness in our industry,” Piers concludes. “And don’t forget, if you are a freelancer you can sign up for our AJ Bursary for free MHFA training; the course is provided by our fellow industry charity Music Support.”

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