Ecodesign: consultation deadline looms
Tuesday, 6 November 2018
ecodesign-updateThe consultation period ends this Friday, 9 November
Europe - There are three days left for the entertainment lighting industry to respond to the EU Commission’s revised version of the Ecodesign regulation.
The consultation period ends on 9 November (Friday) and the draft is open for one last review before the final parliamentary vote. Those who wish to respond should follow this link or visit for instructions.
Whilst the outcome overall has been positive, European entertainment industry bodies have proposed four ‘small but essential’ amendments ahead of key talks in December.
The European Entertainment Ecodesign Coalition (EEEC) - comprising PLASA, PEARLE, the ALD, DTHG, the IALD, OETHG, SLF, STEPP and VPLT - and other national and international organisations released a joint statement highlighting their concerns. Their proposed amendments are:
• Exemption for lighting fixtures from standby power mode and networked stand-by power mode
• Exemption for white light sources for specific needs
• Widen the range of wavelength for 'green' used in colour-tuneable light sources
• Further lamp bases to be exempted for use in professional entertainment lighting products
The proposals' signatories say in a statement: "The current EU Regulation includes an exemption for ‘studio lighting, show effect lighting, theatre lighting’. We welcome that in its proposed revisions the Commission considers certain specificities of the live performance and film sector, and partly exempts professional lighting products used on stage in theatres, concert halls, television and film studios and other venues.
"However, some serious concerns remain, as some of the technical requirements cannot realistically be met, or they impose restrictions on use that are not supported by evidence of their need. Certain types of light sources which are used to a wide extent in theatres, concert halls and other live performance venues, as well as in film and television studios, are not taken into consideration in the draft proposal and there are currently no suitable replacements on the market.
"We therefore propose small but essential amendments to the Commission draft revision on Ecodesign requirements . . . these changes are essential for the continued professional creation of stage lighting in the context of a live event and studio lighting in the context of film and TV productions."
Experts from EU member states will meet with the EU Commission from 17-20 December to decide on the draft.
Once the final draft is approved, the legislation is set to be adopted next spring; it will come into force from September 2021. The EEEC concludes: "While there are no guarantees of success, support and contribution from members states across the EU will be most helpful in this process."

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