ILS chooses MDG for Legally Blonde The Musical
Tuesday, 9 January 2018
legally-blondLegally Blonde – a celebration of pop culture
China - Legally Blonde - The Musical opened in December to glowing reviews in Shanghai’s Culture Square Theatre at the start of its China National tour. From China it will move to Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre in May, before returning to the USA in October 2018. Produced by Big League and directed by Jeff Moss, with choreography by Grinch veteran, Bob Richard, Legally Blonde the Musical is a celebration of pop culture.
Responsible for the smooth running of the technology on tour is the team from Intelligent Lighting Services (ILS), led by lighting engineer and company founder, Paul Gould. As part of the tour’s lighting inventory Gould’s team supplied two MDG ATMe haze generators to provide the haze with which to show off Kirk Bookman’s fun and vibrant lighting design.
The two ATMe units were purchased specifically for the tour, but Gould admits, “they have been on our wish list for some time, so when this tour came about we knew it was time to make the investment.”
ILS’s choice was based on sound reasoning: “We have always been impressed with MDG’s haze quality particularly when we have lit shows at Niagara Falls View Casino, as well as at various arena shows,” says Gould. “The evenness of the haze is second to none in my opinion.
“With our tours taking place across many of the largest theatres across China, and with the strong air handling systems that exist in many of these venues, we need a haze generator that can fight the often too-powerful AC systems and be able to give us that fine, lingering mist. The ATMes are able to do exactly that.”
Aside from the aesthetic qualities of the ATMe haze, MDG is also keen to keep the technicians happy. “The best thing about the ATMe hazer for me is the extremely low fluid consumption, which means fluid checks, etc are needed less frequently,” says tour technician, Martin Cox. “Our hazers are conveniently flight-cased and ready to roll into place. All we need to do is remove the lids, plug in and go. They are just what we need for a fast and efficient load in and load out.”
“We are very happy with our investment,” confirms Gould. “There’s no doubt the ATMe hazers will prove to be a workhorse for us at ILS. We are already planning on increasing our stock for our next season’s tours in the UK,” says Gould.
The MDG ATMe haze generators were supplied to Intelligent Lighting Services for Legally Blonde – The Musical by UK-based Flashlight Limited.
(Jim Evans)

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