Master Sound Productions invests in Elation
Monday, 11 November 2019
master-sound-productiongary-fallon-dustin-pesnell-lazaro-sotoGary Fallon (Elation), Dustin Pesnell (Freed Sales) and Lazaro Soto (Master Sound Productions)
USA - Master Sound Productions of Miami has taken delivery of a full complement of Elation Professional’s IP65-rated weatherproof lighting fixtures. In operation since 1996 in one of the country’s most competitive markets for entertainment technology providers, Master Sound Productions is known as one of the most versatile event rental and full production companies in South Florida.
“South Florida is very competitive; you’ve got to diversify in this market to stay ahead,” comments Lazaro Soto, owner of Master Sound Productions. “Our goal is not to be the biggest event production source in South Florida but to be the very best one. That’s why I’ve chosen to offer my clients a 100% outdoor-rated all Elation lighting rig.”
Over the past couple of years, Elation Professional’s Proteus line of IP65-rated lighting fixtures has established itself as the market’s leading line of weatherproof moving heads for outdoor events. Meanwhile, the company has been expanding its line of multi-environmental IP-rated products across the board.
Master Sound’s new lighting package consists of 12 Proteus Hybrid moving heads, 12 Proteus Rayzor 760 LED moving heads, 24 SixPar 100 IP and 24 SixPar 200 IP LED PAR lights, and 12 DTW Blinder 350 IP variable white LED blinders.
With the majority of his business in outdoor events, Soto says he has seen his lighting stock deteriorate quickly while the expense and hassle of using domes and bags has only increased. “You can do a dome or cover fixtures with a bag or tarp, but they still get wet and the cost to fix it is high. If the motherboard gets wet you can just throw it out, call the insurance company and call it a loss,” Soto says. After an event where he had 48 non-IP rated lights exposed to a fast-moving storm, he says he had learned his lesson.
Soto says the purchase of Elation IP65 fixtures is an investment that will pay off in the long run. “For me, longevity wise, it made more sense to invest in IP65 fixtures. I’d rather pay now and have the lights for the next many years without worrying about domes and bad weather. Then when I sell them, they’ll still be in good condition and I can get something for them.”
Soto had initially used the Proteus Hybrids, Proteus Rayzor 760s and DTW Blinders on Miami Beach Pride in April as a sort of test drive before making the decision to purchase. “You want to see the product in action but once I saw what they could do, I knew I wanted to buy them. Not only was the client happy but the people at the event really liked the lighting. That opened some doors.”
Soto took delivery of the gear in June and has had it out consistently since. “The fact that I don’t have to worry about domes gives me an edge but it’s not just the IP65 rating that clients appreciate,” he says, “it’s what the light delivers that is impressive - the lumens, the gobos and effects, the movement. I like to wow clients with it. Once people see the concept, they reconsider using non-IP rated lights.”
(Jim Evans)

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