PL+S: Cadac promotes CDC developments
Thursday, 4 April 2019
cadacInternational sales manager Rob Hughes, senior software architect Peter Hearl, senior design engineer Emily Watson and marketing managerJames Godbehear
Germany - Cadac is showing a number of new developments at Prolight+Sound, including a console ‘sidecar’, and console mirroring and bus VCA features in a preview of v6.0 CDC OS.
The company’s booth features the full current range of CDC consoles, running on its MegaCOMMS dedicated music production audio network, which supports up to 3072 channels of the same ultra-high quality, fully time-aligned, phase-coherent, high-resolution audio, over distances of up to 2 kilometres.
A total of five networked consoles are live on the booth; two of the latest CDC five compact format consoles, two CDC six 80 input medium format consoles and a single CDC seven-s, the 128 input, dual-touch screen series flagship. CDC series consoles provide unparalleled operational simplicity, with a combination of 23.5 inch high contrast HD touchscreen based control and a highly evolved, high agility OS. The swipeable graphical operator experience – akin to the glass cockpit paradigm in aviation – presents a less challenging, rapid learning curve.
The MegaCOMMS digital audio protocol ‘powers’ the CDC series consoles, CDC MC I/O stage boxes and the MegaCOMMS audio network.
The new CDC five, is designed for smaller auditorium fixed installations, as well as corporate and smaller touring applications, with a power-to-form factor ratio, and levels of sonic performance and operational simplicity exceptional in a compact professional mix console.
Cadac marketing manager James Godbehear says, “CDC five is designed to appeal to a much wider customer base – the sub £10,000 console market. With all of the features, performance capabilities and familiar form factor of the CDC six and CDC seven-s – plus a number of design enhancements – it will appeal to multi-purpose entertainment production and house of worship applications; as well as to the touring, installation and event markets.”
(Jim Evans)

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