ProPlex Ethernet cables adopted by new markets
Friday, 25 September 2020
tmb-proplex-ethernet-cables-adopted-by-new-marketsProPlex Ethernet cables have earned a reputation for durability
USA - If you have seen recent Olympics Ceremonies, Super Bowl Half Time shows, The Academy or Brit Awards broadcasts, concerts by artists from Beyonce to the Rolling Stones, or limitless other technically driven live performances and events around the world, you will have witnessed TMB’s ProPlex Ethernet cables in action.
In an industry where stakes are high, failure cannot be tolerated, and technical performance must be flawless, ProPlex is the default standard for portable network cabling. In entertainment staging and live production, where cables are handled every day and are routinely subject to abuses of all kinds, ProPlex Ethernet cables have earned a reputation for durability.
Now, engineers and technicians in a variety of other fields are recognizing the unique capabilities and many benefits of ProPlex Ethernet cables. They provide the assurance of unsurpassed data transmission integrity, even after years of heavy use, indoors and outdoors, says TMB.
“Anywhere high quality, reliable portable network cabling is required; from portable testing and exploration to research, from communications systems to automation control, aerospace, municipal and military applications, proven ProPlex Ethernet cables deliver your critical data without worry. When your reputation and livelihood are on the line, trust the best,” notes Colin Waters, TMB co-founder, CEO, cable pioneer and inventor.
Unlike solid and bonded conductor Ethernet cables, ProPlex’s Kevlar reinforced, stranded conductor design provides flexibility with a very low risk of mechanical failure. The proven performance advantages of ProPlex Ethernet cables are clear: Flawless data transmission with minimal signal degradation, class-leading noise protection, extremely low skew, reduced DC resistance and attenuation, improved N.E.X.T. (near-end crosstalk loss), high tensile strength, cut and tear-resistant outer jacket, and much more.
The flagship of the range - ProPlex Cat6a Extended - is an easy handling, super durable S/FTP cable that, uniquely in a stranded cable, delivers fully verified 10 Gigabit performance, up to a remarkable full 100m.
Other models include S/FTP ProPlex CAT5e Ultra and ProPlex Cat6a, an SF/UTP 26AWG Cat5e and a UTP Cat5e. These cables offer all the ProPlex advantages; durability, easy handling, and the highest quality verified electronic specifications.
ProPlex Cat6a is also available in a dual cable, figure 8 configuration. ProPlex CAT5e Ultra is also available in dual figure 8, and quad “snake” configurations. In addition to raw cable, all ProPlex Ethernet cables are available from TMB fully assembled and tested, to customer specifications, with a wide range of common connectors. Also unique from TMB are patented ProShells - a heavy duty backshell strain relief and latch protector, with optional protective cap, for standard RJ45 connectors.

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