Realtime power monitoring from Power Logistics
Tuesday, 5 March 2019
power-logisticsPower Logistics’ managing director, Mike Whitehouse and engineer Dafydd Hirst
UK - Power Logistics has vowed to provide power monitoring equipment and post-show energy breakdown reports to all of its 2019 projects as part of a sustainability initiative.
The monitoring will provide clients with realtime data on energy consumption and help drive power and fuel efficiencies, acting to minimise carbon footprint at live events.
Monitoring will be ‘live’ during events, with adjustments made where necessary. Once the event comes to an end, the data collected will be used to produce a report that will provide event organisers with a breakdown of the energy usage.
Mike Whitehouse, Power Logistics’ managing director explains: “Offering an effective power monitoring solution to clients has been a key objective for the last few years. Having realtime information on energy usage across all areas of an event site is a powerful tool for event organisers. Until now, this has been something that we’ve only carried out on a limited scale and we’ve been able to provide clients and projects with detailed information about energy consumption for main stages, catering concessions and attractions.”
To spearhead the project, Dafydd Hirst is joining Power Logistics’ research and development team as a support engineer. He will head up the team and travel to event sites during 2019, installing the power monitoring equipment.
Whitehouse adds: “We’re absolutely thrilled to have Dafydd onboard to oversee the implementation of our power monitoring scheme. His experience in event-based technology is well documented and being a recognisable face at many of the events where we deliver projects, make him a real asset to the team.”
(Jim Evans)

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