Spice Girls Rigger Dies at Earls Court
Thursday, 16 December 1999
A 25-year-old freelance lighting crewman was killed in the early hours of Thursday 16 December when he fell more than 80ft during the breakdown of the after-show party for the Spice Girls following their recent sell-out performances at Earl's Court. PLASA Publishing has learnt that the technician, one of the crew working for lighting supplier Spot Co, was not de-rigging the stage in the main arena, but working on the second level where the after-show party had been held. He was taken to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. A spokesman for Earls Court confirmed that the fatality had occurred at 3.50am Thursday morning. Earls Court management, in conjunction with the relevant authorities, is in the process of a thorough investigation of the incident. A further statement is expected shortly.

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