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chicagoProMolded multicables at United Centre Chicago
Monday, 5 February 2018

USA - The celebrated home of the champion Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks now features a 190,000 sq.ft addition with power distribution and trussing installed by Upstaging. Opened to the public last fall, the new atrium features the stadium’s box office as well as an expansive team store, dining options, business offices, and the eternally popular Michael Jordan statue, now indoors and artfully lit. Six-circuit power for the addition’s creative lighting includes nearly 3,000ft of white ProMolded 12/14 multicable assemblies.
“For this job, the ProMolded overmold assemblies were perfect for several reasons,” says Upstaging’s Steve Wojda. “First, everything had to be white and ProMolded 12/14 cable assemblies are available in a variety of custom colours. Second, in order to pass municipal codes, the 19-pin connectors must be tamper-proof and the entire assemblies must be Listed.
“Finally, our confidence in TMB Pro Cables assemblies, connectors, and cables is borne out by experience. We’ve used ProCable multicables since their introduction almost 30 years ago. We maintain a large inventory and use them time and again, year after year.”
Located in Sycamore, Illinois, Upstaging is a recognised innovator in event production, signage and graphics, and custom displays. From concept to production, Upstaging’s experienced staff tailors and fabricates all their designs to the customer’s unique requirements. Steve Wojda was the project manager for the United Centre installation.
(Jim Evans)

asanda1The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Farewell Yellow Brick Road - Sir Elton John has declared he wants to "go out with a bang" as he revealed plans for a final world tour. The 70-year-old British musician - who has been touring for nearly 50 years - said he will no longer perform live following his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, which is due to start in September. Announcing his retirement plans, the singer said his "priorities have changed" as he and husband David Furnish care for their two sons
Sir Elton said the mammoth 300-date tour was a chance "to say thank you to all my fans around the world and then to say goodbye." He added, "I have had a good run and I want to go out with a bang."
Grammy Awards - Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar stole the show, and most of the awards, at the 2018 Grammys. Mars provided the night's big upset, taking the album of the year trophy that most critics assumed would go to Lamar's Damn. Alessia Cara won best new artist - making her the only female artist to win a major prize. Stars like Lady Gaga, Kesha, Lorde and SZA were overlooked, with only 17 awards (out of a total of 86) going to women or female-fronted bands.
Eurovision Hopefuls - The six acts and songs that will battle for the honour of representing the UK at this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Portugal have been unveiled. They include two former contestants on The Voice UK, a 16-year-old Britain's Got Talentfinalist and a two-time Eurovision backing singer. All will perform live on 7 February in Eurovision: You Decide, where one will be chos

hun1301188171-hr--lindsay-cave-loosplat-smlThe Hunna play O2 academies with MDG
Tuesday, 30 January 2018

UK - Formed only in 2015, The Hunna, a four-piece English rock band, kicked off 2018 by performing six back-to-back gigs in UK O2 Academy venues in early January.
Travelling with them was lighting designer, Tom Campbell, who chose MDG’s ICE FOG Compack low fog generator and an ATMe haze generator to provide the band with the right mix of atmospheric effects to guarantee they, and his lighting, would be seen to best advantage.
“Showcasing the lighting was especially important for this tour as the structure of the design forms the majority of the set,” says Campbell. “The backbone of the show design is centred around 108 lasers which are located on side towers. I use these to create various worlds, shapes and looks for the band to perform in, so I needed a hazer I could really rely on that would deliver a fine even haze day after day. MDG’s ATMe is ideal as it produces a haze that is very controllable, and so fine it never obscures what the lighting is doing.”
Campbell has worked as freelance lighting designer for ten years, starting out in theatre before moving to live music and lighting the likes of Zeds Dead and Bullet for My Valentine amongst many others. In 2015 he received a Knight of Illumination Award in the Club Category for his design for Anna Calvi and The London Heritage Orchestra. He joined Mirrad, a collective of like-minded designers, in September 2017.
Both MDG’s ICE FOG Compack and ATMe haze generator were supplied by London-based Colour Sound Experiment, under the project management of Alex Ryan, as part of the fu

ron-bPLASA’s Ron Bonner announces retirement
Friday, 26 January 2018

UK - Ron Bonner, who has worked for PLASA for over 17 years, has announced that he will be retiring at the end of February.
Bonner has been an integral part of PLASA’s technical standards and resources department since early 2001, and has made a huge contribution to standards writing for the entertainment industry, both in the UK and internationally.
Under Bonner’s leadership, PLASA has instigated a wide range of standards which have contributed hugely to the safety of the industry.
Notable projects include the development of the European voluntary agreement for stage engineering that will shortly be converted to the first ever European stage engineering standard. He also led the way in guiding PLASA members on administrative compliance requirements for newly introduced European environmental legislation.
Bonner was instrumental in the creation of the electrical safety chapter of the Event Safety Guide and in creating new laser safety guidance for the industry when HSG95 was withdrawn by the Health and Safety Executive. He was also the sole driving force for a European engineering standard which ultimately led to the creation of a new Technical Standards Committee for the EU entertainment industry at CEN in Brussels.
Bonner has represented PLASA on a number of committees and was a founding member of the British Entertainment Industry Radio Group (BEIRG). Additionally, he worked closely with PLASA’s Skills department and assisted in the development of the National Rigging Certificate.
PLASA will continue to invest in

r-rentalscreen1ARAM launches automated rental platform
Friday, 26 January 2018

Poland - A new automatic rental platform for the video, audio, lighting and rigging sectors has just been launched.
This fully integrated system has just been established by ARAM, a member of PRG Alliance. Using the platform, companies who provide event production services can select the equipment they want to rent with a single click and send a request that will be automatically decoded by the A-RENTAL warehouse system. Then, after checking if the items are available and awarding the discount, the ARAM employee responsible for the rental process can quickly and easily send the relevant quote.
Apart from making the quoting process faster, this solution is designed to show the event industry the tremendous amount of equipment ARAM has at its disposal.
“Many of our customers are unaware of the number of items we have in stock, and they frequently happen to need another converter, remote control for a presentation or a non-standard mixer. We wanted to create a solution that would be fully integrated with our warehouse rather than a separate portal,” says Rafał Mrzygłocki.
The platform is designed only for registered partners; technical companies can now send requests at and, after verification, they will be given access to all functions and prices at the website.
(Jim Evans)

hotel-californiaThe Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Keeping Music Live - The music industry is hailing a major victory after ministers vowed to change planning rules in England to protect venues from complaints about noise. Stars including Sir Paul McCartney warned venues forced to pay for soundproofing neighbouring properties could be driven out of business.
Communities Secretary Sajid Javid said the rule, which applies to new housing schemes, was an "unfair burden". And he said the government would "right this wrong". Developers will now have to address noise issues if they opt to build homes near a long-established venue.
Industry bodies have said that under current laws, venues are facing "an avalanche of cases" in which residents of new developments were complaining about noise pollution after moving in. The Music Venue Trust said some venues, as well as other community and cultural organisations, were at risk of closure as a result of what it said was a legal anomaly allowing people to move next door to a premises and demand that noise generated by it be stopped. The problem, it has warned, was not confined to music, with complaints being made about the ringing of church bells as well as about noise emanating from speedway stadiums and even farms.
In response to a long campaign by the industry - backed by a cross-party group of MPs - ministers have agreed to reflect what is known as the Agent of Change of Principle in the National Planning Policy Framework - with which developers in England must comply. In future, if developers are given permission to build near an existing premises, the

penn-elcom-cross-standard-3-img0414Penn Elcom introduces Cross 3 cable protection
Monday, 22 January 2018

Europe - Cross 3 is a new high-performance cable protection product launched by Penn Elcom. Described as tough, durable and fire-retardant, the product is suitable for festivals, concerts, shows, events or exhibitions.
Cross 3, the first product in this new series, was revealed to the public earlier this week at the CUE 2018 expo in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It’s a three channel ‘crossover’ product manufactured from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), chosen for its strength, high resistance to abrasion, flexibility and recyclability.
All elements of the Cross 3 product - top and base - are fire retardant and compliant to DIN EN 13501-1.
Penn Elcom has been developing Cross 3 over the last year based on extensive research and communication related to event industry demands for portable cable protection.
(Jim Evans)

dua-lipaThe Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Actor-Musicianship - Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance is to launch a master’s in actor-musicianship. It will be rolled out in October this year and will add to the school’s existing BA (hons) in actor-musicianship. The drama school claims the course is the first of its kind in the world. It is being designed by Jeremy Harrison, author of the book Actor-Musicianship.
Following an initial year, the students will have the opportunity to progress to a master of fine arts qualification. This will be followed by an optional second year of study. “With actor-musicianship very much part of the established theatre scene, in the UK and America, it’s a natural step for professional theatre makers. They will see an intensive and in-depth exploration of how musical and acting processes can interrelate and feed each other,” Harrison said. Rose Bruford is holding information days about the course on 20 February and 6 March.
Fame on the Road - Fame – The Musical has announced a 30th anniversary UK tour. After opening at the Manchester Palace Theatre on 26 July, Fame will visit locations including Glasgow, Blackpool, Bradford, Sheffield and Birmingham. The tour runs until February 2019, with the final date at the Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury. Fame the Musical has seen seven West End runs since opening in Miami 1988.
Brit Award Nominees - Dua Lipa, the breakthrough pop star who scored a huge summer hit with New Rules, has earned the most nominations at the 2018 Brit awards – even beating Ed Sheera

tungstenHelp wanted to save tungsten
Monday, 15 January 2018

Europe - In response to the news that the EU is once again contemplating banning the use of tungsten halogen light bulbs in entertainment lighting, the Association of Lighting Designers (ALD) is co-ordinating a high-speed effort to gather reasons as to why this ban should not move forward, particularly from those who would be materially affected by such a ban, in time to create a formal response before the end of the proposal’s consultation period on 26th January 2018.
“The ban is not strictly new,” notes acclaimed, award-winning lighting designer Michael Hulls, who is leading the effort as a continuation of his earlier ‘Save Tungsten’ campaign. “The EU has been moving towards banning the use of all tungsten light sources for some years. However, theatre lighting has, until now, had an exemption from this ban. This exemption is what the EU is now proposing to end. Were that to happen, it would mean that by 2020 we would no longer be able to obtain bulbs to keep our stocks of familiar, reliable tungsten theatre lighting fixtures, from the Source Four all the way back to the Patt 23, working.”
“What the EU are proposing is a ban on ‘placing in the market,” notes architectural lighting design Kevan Shaw, who has been involved with these regulations for some years, keeping an eye out on behalf of the theatrical as well as the architectural lighting community. “The intent is that product in the supply chain can be sold, but that no new product can be manufactured or imported, and new product cannot legitimately be CE Marked, which can pre

dream-setsDream Sets invests in Vectorworks 2018
Monday, 15 January 2018

South Africa - Staging and set company Dream Sets has purchased the Vectorworks 2018 design software from DWR Distribution.
Mauritz Jacobs, lighting designer at Dream Sets, reports: “As a lighting designer, I have been using Vectorworks since 2014. Vectorworks has all the needed built-in features that I need to create and manipulate plans from start to finish (set and technical wise).”
Jacobs continues: “As you know, our industry is very fast-paced and time is not always on our side. With the new Vectorworks 2018 they have really gone out of their way to make it as easy and quick as possible to get designs out in limited time. Once you know your way around it, it’s easy to do large designs in a limited time period. Also, the set side of the programme has many new features like the event design which speeds designing up on another level.”
(Jim Evans)

dreamforceDreamforce delivers with Professional Wireless
Friday, 12 January 2018

USA - Dreamforce, Salesforce's tech conference that recently drew more than 170,000 people to San Francisco, took place on 6-9 November at the Moscone North, South and West.
The scope of the event – of which many parts were recorded, live-streamed, and broadcast – necessitated the use of a tremendous amount of wireless equipment including microphones, IEMs, IFBs, and wireless intercom.
The conference planners called on Orlando-based Professional Wireless Systems (PWS) to provide wireless frequency coordination for the multi-day event. This year there were six film crews covering the convention centre halls and other buildings in addition to all the wireless RF devices that were in use for each show segment in the Moscone Centre and hotels.
“We decided to coordinate the film crews first, since they would be roaming throughout every room and building, and then coordinate everything else around them,” explains Gary Trenda, PWS lead frequency coordinator for the event. “Anyone who wanted to use wireless devices had to clear their frequencies through us. We had nine coordinators on site for 10 days. This was a large-scale coordination effort – exactly what Professional Wireless excels at.”
San Francisco has 23 TV stations broadcasting in the downtown area, making available RF bandwidth very limited, especially given the large number of wireless frequencies required for an event of this type. Some of the halls had three different floors, with multiple systems set up on each floor. Trenda’s team coordinated over 200 frequencies for

hg-lighting-design-presentation-to-btsHG Lighting Design makes Pledge-a-Service donation
Wednesday, 10 January 2018

USA - Lighting designer Herrick Goldman, principal of HG Lighting Design, announced last summer that he would be donating a portion of his design fees throughout the year to Behind the Scenes and he recently presented his first cheque to the charity.
HG Lighting Design is the first firm to make an ongoing pledge of a portion of design fees to the charity and Behind the Scenes applauds Herrick for his leadership. HG Lighting Design provides lighting services for a wide variety of markets including theatre, dance, and corporate events, as well as for permanent installations and museums.
Herrick Goldman stated, “HG Lighting Design is thrilled to be a Behind the Scenes Pledge-a-Service Partner and we are proud to be the first design team to do so. We hope that many other designers will choose to join us in this worthy cause. As HGLD grows and adds team members and collaborators we expect our contributions to grow as well. BTS is more important than ever in these times of uncertainty in the ‘gig industry’, supporting our brothers and sisters in all disciplines is a mandate we must embrace.”
Dawn Chiang, a BTS Foundation Board member, commented, “Herrick sets an exemplary precedent by creating an ongoing donation to the Behind the Scenes charity through his design work. He demonstrates that each individual has the capacity to make a difference in supporting their fellow professionals in need.”
For more information about Behind the Scenes, to donate, or to apply for a grant, visit
(Jim Evans)

legally-blondILS chooses MDG for Legally Blonde The Musical
Tuesday, 9 January 2018

China - Legally Blonde - The Musical opened in December to glowing reviews in Shanghai’s Culture Square Theatre at the start of its China National tour. From China it will move to Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre in May, before returning to the USA in October 2018. Produced by Big League and directed by Jeff Moss, with choreography by Grinch veteran, Bob Richard, Legally Blonde the Musical is a celebration of pop culture.
Responsible for the smooth running of the technology on tour is the team from Intelligent Lighting Services (ILS), led by lighting engineer and company founder, Paul Gould. As part of the tour’s lighting inventory Gould’s team supplied two MDG ATMe haze generators to provide the haze with which to show off Kirk Bookman’s fun and vibrant lighting design.
The two ATMe units were purchased specifically for the tour, but Gould admits, “they have been on our wish list for some time, so when this tour came about we knew it was time to make the investment.”
ILS’s choice was based on sound reasoning: “We have always been impressed with MDG’s haze quality particularly when we have lit shows at Niagara Falls View Casino, as well as at various arena shows,” says Gould. “The evenness of the haze is second to none in my opinion.
“With our tours taking place across many of the largest theatres across China, and with the strong air handling systems that exist in many of these venues, we need a haze generator that can fight the often too-powerful AC systems and be able to give us that fine,

ald2017michaelnorthenawardwinnershectormurrayjessbernbergjackcoleman2017 Michael Northen Bursary Award winners
Tuesday, 9 January 2018

UK - The Association of Lighting Designers (ALD) announced the winners of its Michael Northen Award at the Annual Lighting Lunch on 18 December 2017 in London.
The Michael Northen Award is supported by a further two awards: the Francis Reid Award and the ETC Lighting Award; and is awarded annually to students studying in the UK, who have demonstrated strong, imaginative and creative lighting design.
Underlining its commitment to the nurturing of new talent in lighting design, the ALD placed the organisation and management of this year’s award into the hands of those closest to its effect; the ALD Student Committee. Head of the committee, Rory Beaton explains, “We have taken some time this year to implement improvements to the structure and processes of the award. As an example, to ensure greater consistency in the marking of the award we created more judges this year, all marking separately, to a standardised set of criteria.”
The broader judging panel is comprised of ALD-member lighting designers, as well as programmers and technicians, video designers and Industry professionals from a variety of different disciplines and backgrounds.
Incoming chair of the ALD, Johanna Town, presented The Michael Northen Bursary to Jack Coleman (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) who demonstrated a collaborative approach to design using WYSIWYG to communicate his ideas well. His ‘arresting and atmospheric’ lighting design was the result of detailed research.
The Francis Reid Award went to finalist Jess Bernberg (Guildhall School of Mus

adamplasaPLASA appoints new chair and board members
Tuesday, 9 January 2018

PLASA has announced changes to its elected board including the appointment of Adam Blaxill as the new chair.
Blaxill joined the PLASA Board as the Professional Services Representative in 2012 and was elected as vice-chair in 2014. He has been voted as the new chair of PLASA through a simple majority vote.
Blaxill takes over from Ed Pagett who has served as chair for an extended seven years. During this time Pagett oversaw the de-merger with ESTA with the support of an executive committee which included Blaxill as vice-chair and Martin Hawthorn as treasurer. This valuable work enabled the survival and growth of PLASA.
Pagett will continue to serve as a non-executive director, contributing his extensive knowledge and expertise to advise and support the association as it continues its work in the industry.
As a director of Stage Electrics - one of the UK’s leading integrators and suppliers for entertainment technology - Blaxill’s far-reaching expertise includes hire, sales, events, and installation, as well as testing and servicing operations at regional and national levels.
Peter Heath, managing director of PLASA, says: “We are very much looking forward to having Adam as our Chair and have faith in his knowledge and guidance. I would like to extend my thanks to Ed, who has been an extremely valuable Chair since 2011 - we are delighted he will continue to work with us in his new role as non-executive director.
“PLASA has gone from strength to strength in recent years. We have made internal changes to ensure teams are all working fr

lesley-harmer-retiredSprand new beginnings as Lesley Harmer retires
Tuesday, 9 January 2018

UK - Lesley Harmer, a well-known face in the world of entertainment technology PR, has taken a step back from the industry to embrace retirement this year. The move sees the business change to the new name of Sprand Communications, under the management of Lesley’s colleague Sarah Thomas, and the closure of Harmer PR, the business which Lesley started almost 40 years ago.
Sarah says: “Harmer PR gave me my first job in the industry in 2002, where I stayed for three years, leaving to gain experience in the world of consumer PR. Lesley and I got back together in early 2012, when she closed the London office and I began to work for her again, this time on a freelance basis.”
Lesley comments: “Over the past six years, Sarah and I have known the end goal was my retirement. When I moved to the country a few years back, we began a gradual handover, so there has been no impact on our clients or the quality of our service.”
Sprand’s clients include Doughty Engineering and Unusual Rigging.
The handover will continue smoothly, as Lesley will be supporting Sarah on a consultancy basis. “It’s the perfect balance,” said Lesley. “The time is right to hand over the baton, but equally I’m not sure I could ever tear myself away from this wonderful industry completely.”
(Jim Evans)

currentrmsplasaglasgowCurrent RMS updates roadmap revealed at PLASA Focus Glasgow
Friday, 5 January 2018

UK - Current RMS representatives are looking to meet new faces and catch up with existing customers at PLASA Focus Glasgow on 17-18 January at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC). The company will be sharing its latest feature releases for its rental management system and provide more information on the upcoming ones.
Current added over 14 updates to its cloud rental management system, including the well-received Serialised Containers feature that allows users to create permanent kits of serialised assets sent out together, and add them to a job with one scan.
In September, the company also launched Global Check-in, giving users the ability to scan in various assets across multiple jobs from one screen.
Current RMS already has a number of additional features in the development pipeline for 2018. With users of the system invited to submit and vote for their favourite ideas on Current’s online customer wish list.
The Current RMS team will occupy stand D18 at PLASA Focus Glasgow.
(Jim Evans)

RMG’s Korbyt platform breaks new ground
Wednesday, 3 January 2018

The Netherlands - RMG Networks will launch its content management system (CMS) Korbyt at ISE 2018.
The platform enables organisations to communicate to multiple users on different formats from a single platform, whether via AV LED displays, regular screens, desktop computers or mobile devices.
Supported by the most popular web technologies and able to run on any JavaScript-based technology, Korbyt can be integrated into any IT infrastructure, with a mobile application available on iOS and Android.
The platform is flexible enough though to be tailored to individual users, making it ideal for delivering personal messages, whether that’s a bolt-on promotion to a retail customer for a recent purchase, a tailored message about performance to an employee, or news about what is available to a hotel visitor.
The scalability and flexibility of Korbyt means that it can be used effectively by all sizes of organisations needing to communicate and engage with an audience. Customers can use the platform on premise or from the Cloud, suiting the needs of SMEs up to multi-destination international businesses.
Speaking about the launch, Robert Michelson, president and chief executive officer of RMG says: “We are very proud of the work we have done to bring Korbyt to our customers. This launch marks a genuine step forward when it comes to managing a digital signage network and we believe Korbyt is the leading visual CMS platform on the market today. The digital signage industry is evolving rapidly, and leading technology packages such as Korby

chuck-berryThe Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Film on Hold - A controversial French film about the 2015 terror attack at the Bataclan theatre in Paris, in which 89 people died, has been put on hold. Broadcaster France 2 said the love story Ce soir-la (That Night), would be postponed until victims' associations had been "widely consulted". Claire Peltier, whose partner David was among those killed, has called for the "scandalous" film to be shelved. She has started a petition to block the film, attracting 39,000 signatures. She said it was too soon for "such a painful" story.
France 2 said the film was still being edited, adding: "No transmission date had been fixed for the film..., which has not yet been seen by the station's management." Arthur Denouveaux, from the victims' group Life For Paris, told the Agence France Presse news agency: "Even if we have never asked for censorship, we are glad that modesty and restraint have prevailed."
Northern Lights - An 80m (260ft) long water fountain on the River Tyne will form the centrepiece of the launch of the Great Exhibition of the North, it has been announced. The attraction will be situated between the Tyne and Millennium bridges, which span Newcastle and Gateshead quaysides, with the first display on 22 June. It will be sound-tracked by three specially-commissioned pieces of music. Organisers hope three million people will visit the £5m exhibition. It aims to highlight art, design and innovation from the north of England and will run for 80 days.
On The Strip - Lady Gaga has announced a two-year residency in Las Vegas

esta-logoESTA announces new executive director
Tuesday, 2 January 2018

USA - ESTA has named Erin Grabe to succeed executive director Lori Rubinstein in what is expected to be a year-long transition. Erin is currently ESTA’s assistant technical standards manager and part of the transition involves replacing her in that role.
Erin has been working in technical production in live events since the age of 15, including nine years working for Grand Stage Company as a sales associate, purchasing agent, and project manager. Following that, Erin worked as a freelance lighting technician and board operator for corporate and private events while pursuing a Bachelor of Technology degree in Entertainment Technology at New York City College of Technology.
Erin began as an intern with ESTA's Technical Standards Program in October of 2012, working as a scribe for some of the task groups writing American National Standards. In early 2013, Erin joined the staff as assistant technical standards manager, working very closely with manager Karl Ruling. Shortly thereafter, she incorporated administration of ESTA’s association management database into her daily responsibilities. Through these duties she has interfaced with ESTA’s staff on all of the association's key programmes and initiatives.
ESTA president, Jules Lauve, states, “Erin has the full support of ESTA’s Board of Directors. We have total faith and confidence in Erin and her capacity to shoulder these new responsibilities.”
Lori Rubinstein reflects, “Thirty years after helping to found the organisation and 28 years after becoming the first employee, it’s tim

xmasblahSeason's greetings from LSi
Friday, 22 December 2017

UK - Our daily online news service is taking a short break over the holiday season and will resume on 2 January 2018 (Tuesday).
Thank you for reading and supporting LSi both online and in print throughout 2017. From the entire LSi team, we wish you a Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all good things for 2018!
(LSi Online)

abttfellow-2017photo-credit-etnowcomDavid Wilmore receives ABTT fellowship
Wednesday, 20 December 2017

UK - The Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABTT) awarded Dr David Wilmore an ABTT fellowship at an event backed by ETC and Really Useful Theatres Group and held at the New London Theatre on 8 December.
ABTT fellow Iain Mackintosh paid tribute to Wilmore, who is a leading consultant for historic theatres and the only person in the UK to hold a PhD in 18th & 19th century Stage Machinery.
On receiving his fellowship, Wilmore said: “This is fantastic. It’s been an extraordinary journey from geology to being here today, being involved and meeting so many fantastic people in theatre. Words fail me and I’m really moved to have this honour - and thank you, ABTT.”
The other ABTT fellows are David Adams, Ian Albery, Peter Angier, Jason Barnes, David Blyth, Tony Bond, William Dudley, John Faulkner, Tim Foster, Roger Fox, Chris Higgs, Geoffrey Joyce, Iain Mackintosh, Richard Pilbrow, Peter Roberts, Paul Sadler, John Simpson, David Spink and Mark White.
Originally educated as a geologist at Newcastle University, Wilmore was involved in the restoration of the 19th century stage machinery at the Tyne Theatre & Opera House, which fuelled his fascination for old theatres. The three-year project also provided research material used towards his PhD at Hull University.
Completion of his thesis was marred by the news on Christmas Day 1985 that a fire at the venue had resulted in severe damage to the fly tower and the historic stage machinery. Wilmore later formed consultancy practice Theatresearch and its first project was to once

ed-sheeranThe Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Live in London - The first live acts for The BRITs 2018 have been confirmed: Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, Sam Smith and Dua Lipa will perform at the BRITs show on 21 February.
BRITs chairman Jason Iley said: “I’m very excited to confirm such a strong British line-up as our first four live acts for the main show in 2018: Ed Sheeran has had an exceptional year, across the world and we are thrilled to have him back on the show. Then we have previous Critics’ Choice winner Sam Smith returning to our stage following the incredible success of yet another No.1 album this year. Stormzy has had a phenomenal 2017, putting grime firmly on the map with his No. 1 album Gang Signs & Prayer and Dua Lipa has been the biggest British female breakthrough story of the year.”
West End Return - Chicago is to return to the West End next year following a five-year absence. The Kander and Ebb musical will run at the Phoenix Theatre from 26 March, and is booking until 30 June.
Chicago originally ran in London for 15 years, closing in 2012. It has been presented in London, New York and on international and UK tours, produced by Barry and Fran Weissler. They said: “This year we celebrated the production’s 21st anniversary and had our most successful year to date. Chicago is as relevant and timely as the day we opened. After spending the last several years touring throughout the UK it feels like we never really left, but we are thrilled to bring the razzle dazzle back to the West End.”
Northern Lights - The Scottish Gov

hughston-presentation-to-btsHughston Engineering backs Behind the Scenes
Friday, 15 December 2017

USA - Hughston Engineering, a provider of full-service solutions for events, trade shows, conventions and out-door events, presented its second cheque to Behind the Scenes at LDI, reflecting sales over the past year of their Male and Female SOCAPEX Cable Testers.
The Female Tester features an Edison input, rotary dial for each circuit, 20A circuit breaker, and 6 indicator lights. The Male Tester includes a continuity tester and 6 indicator lights. These products are made in-house by IATSE Local 16 employees and are rigorously tested to ensure the utmost quality.
Eddie Raymond of the BTS Foundation Board of Directors, stated upon accepting the cheque, “Hughston Engineering is one of the more generous companies in the business. Whether it’s supporting family, employees or the union, Lance can always be counted on to lend a hand when needed. Hughston Engineering’s support of Behind the Scenes is further evidence of this generosity.”
(Jim Evans)


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