Hendrik-Jan Gielis and Paul Van Hees
Belgium - Paul Van Hees, former director and founder of Apex Audio NV, has joined forces with Hendrik-Jan Gielis, an electronics engineer who was formerly in charge hardware at Apex, to create GiVa Audiovisual Technologies BVBA. The new company has purchased all the assets and IP rights of the Apex brand as well as the production facilities and all the stock, and has already started shipping.

"We created GiVa with the sole intention of continuing the Apex brand," declared Van Hees. "Whilst the collapse of Apex as a distribution/integration company was a devastating time for us all, it was no reflection on the Apex product line itself, and I really wanted to find a way to save the brand."

Apex has a 20-year history of manufacturing high quality signal processing and system control devices with the most recent being the Intelli-Series range of digital system management processors.

The recent ProLight + Sound show in Frankfurt proved to be decisive. "I was able to meet with most of our distributors, and almost all of them want to continue with the brand," continued Van Hees. "Some had even continued to market it during our absence on the market in the firm conviction that a solution would be found sooner or later. I'm glad to say that we have found a solution and we will be able to repay their confidence."

Van Hees is clear about GiVa's intentions. "We have very ambitious plans for the Apex brand. We will continue to maintain and develop the current product range and our dedication to the live market, but our plans for the future include a new range of digital products for the fixed installation market as well. Our projects are purely those of a manufacturer. GiVa is neither a distributor nor an integration company, nor will it be."

GiVa is located in the former premises of Apex and is already shipping.

(Jim Evans)

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