GLP fixtures add subtle nuances to the studio set (photo: Lloyd Bishop ©NBC)
USA - TV Lighting director, Kathleen Dobbins, has been involved with the popular NBC talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers since its launch in February 2014, working alongside lighting designer, Rick McGuinness and show producer Mike Shoemaker.

And although the sets remain largely the same, in September she started to adopt GLP's compact impression X4 S LED fixture for the subtle nuances that were required from show to show.

She explains, "I was looking for a fixture with a very small footprint, but which was still sufficiently versatile to add to my rig for guest bands. I also wanted to use the flexibility of the fixture as eye candy on the deck during a musical segment or to light a wall in a comedy sketch."

She had mentioned this to Drew DeCorleto [director of lighting production at New York rental / production company WorldStage Inc], and he arranged a demo of one of their newly acquired GLP impression X4 S. DeCorleto sensed that with its 7 x RGBW 15W LEDs and 7°-50° zoom optic it would also meet the LD's other needs. "It's our job to make sure WorldStage stocks products that the market requires," he says. "Often LD's come to us looking for a light with grand requirements and it's our job to research the best solution for them within their budget requirements.

"We were looking for a direct replacement for another fixture, and once we knew we were going to buy the X4 S, we brought it to the LD's to look at and see if this was a product they wanted on their show. In most cases I know the LDs' likes, needs and budgets."

In this instance, both parties agreed that the X4 S performs flawlessly under the requirements of filming a top talk show in high definition.

(Jim Evans)

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