GoboPlus.com puts clients first at PLASA 2019
Tuesday, 1 October 2019
goboplus-mandy-bullock-paul-de-ville-vicky-fairall-smlGoboPlus.com's Mandy Bullock, Paul de Ville and Vicky Fairall
UK - GoboPlus.com and its sister companies FollowSpotPlus.com, CutColourPlus and Inluster enjoyed a very successful PLASA 2019, showing off the latest products in its range.
The company presented the Rosco Image Spot Mini. A scaled-down, weatherproof version of the Rosco Image Spot, Image Spot Mini is a compact 13W LED gobo projector with a 1,050lm output, three colour temperatures (3000K, 5500K and UV) and a weight of 1kg (2.2lb). Image Spot Mini offers a choice of three interchangeable lenses (11°, 17° and 25°) and promises crisp, clean image projection across its flat field for a distance of up to 8m. Available in black, silver and white, Rosco Image Spot Mini comes with an onboard manual dimmer and a range of optional accessories including an iris and framing shutter. Rosco Image Spot Mini is ideal for projecting with GoboPlus.com’s extremely high resolution glass gobos.
A 0-10V and a DMX-controlled version of the projector will be available soon, says the company.
Meanwhile, FollowSpotPlus.com showcased a range of profiles, Fresnels and followspots from Italian lighting manufacturer LDR. This included the newly released architectural Fresnel lantern, Tondo F, a 80W LED 10°-55° Fresnel with non-dimmable LED source that produces a warm white (3200K) beam which can be focused with a slide control. Optional barndoor accessories can be added, and colour filter fitted beneath the removable front ring or with the addition of an optional colour frame.
GoboPlus.com also reported its most successful promotional items to date - etched ‘emoji’ earrings, designed by Vicky Fairall, which were seen adorning visitors around the show. GoboPlus.com was also responsible for the coffee stencils made to order for ETC at the show as an example of the bespoke etched services the company can offer. Another highlight was a demonstration by acrobat Miriam Wolanski.
“I think we will stick to producing the best gobos in the industry with our top-notch customer service!” comments GoboPlus.com CEO, Paul de Ville. “This has been an excellent show for us with plenty of excitement and positive responses to our new launches that will keep us busy well into the future.”
(LSi Online)

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