Grammy winning engineer relies on A-T mics
Friday, 22 January 2021
chrislordalgeat5047Chris Lord-Alge has kept a busy schedule during the COVID-19 lockdown
Grammy Award-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Muse, Bruce Springsteen) has kept a busy schedule during the COVID-19 lockdown, taking on projects from a wide range of artists. In addition to applying his mixing skills to these recordings, in many cases he has been tracking artists’ vocals himself.
“In March 2020, I devised a makeshift vocal booth at my facility that we were able to disinfect after every use,” he explains, “and everything could stay properly distanced to adhere to the health guidelines of the situation. Originally I set this up just as a temporary solution for a project or two. But nine months later, this setup is still in use, right where we assembled it.”
Key to the success of this vocal recording setup is the Audio-Technica AT5047 cardioid condenser studio microphone.
“The AT5047 is a game-changing microphone in a lot of ways,” Chris notes. “For instance, I did some recent recording with Kiefer Sutherland. I’d mixed his records in the past but not recorded the vocals myself. But getting him on this AT5047 microphone - obviously I’d heard his voice before on recorded tracks, but he and I had never heard it sound this good just raw like that. It was so clear and in-your-face, and when I brought up the track on the desk to mix it, I barely had to do anything to it. I’m known for my processing techniques when I mix vocals, but I feel like the AT5047 gives me a head start.”
Equally successful were sessions with rock acts Tempt and Dorothy - both of whom appreciated the big, rich, clear tone that the AT5047 captured in the singers’ voices. Chris’s AT5047 vocal chain includes an Avantone Pro CLA-200 studio reference amplifier, a Heritage Audio HA73 mic pre, and a Black Lion Audio CLA Bluey limiter. “We have been really happy with the vocal chain, and it’s staying up,” he adds.
A crucial aspect of the Audio-Technica products that Lord-Alge values in particular is their dependability and consistency. “One thing that differentiates me from other studio pros is that I don’t have a lot of patience or love for ‘vintage’ gear,” he says. “I mean, its character can be great, but because of the units’ age and wear-and-tear, the performance is sometimes volatile and finicky and for me it’s usually not worth the hassle. Give me brand new mics, new cables, new outboard gear any day.
“In the last year I’ve really had the opportunity to put some of my Audio-Technica mics through their paces, and I have to say, they really perform just like they did out of the box, and that’s something I can really depend on them for.”

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