Green Hippo is bringing AViary Video Tools to market
USA - Green Hippo technical director and AViary product manager Sean Westgate will be holding a special seminar at InfoComm, discussing the capabilities of 4K+ in the real world, new mapping solutions and the challenges of displaying video in environments such as corporate AV, Retail and Installation.

The session will be taking an overview of the challenges faced in the world of high resolution digital displays, tackling both its problems and the solutions, including a presentation of Par4Keet, the flagship player of the AViary Video Tools range. We will also discuss our FlexRes codec, the new approach to media encoding focusing on non-standard aspect ratios and unconventional pixel counts.

"4K+ demands attention and at the Green Hippo's manufacturers training, we aim to deliver you the best in digital display solutions," says the company.

As the AV world continues to focus heavily on 4K resolution and unconventional display configurations Green Hippo is bringing AViary Video Tools to market. This new range of high-resolution players comprises three new products, Par4Keet, 2Kan and Magpi.

Flagship player Par4Keet calls on Green Hippo's pedigree in solving the issues of video in challenging environments. Par4Keet is the first video player to combine playback at 4K resolutions and beyond with the benefits of true realtime media manipulation and multi-screen configurability, all over standard display cabling and in a robust rackmount casing.

With its front mounted jog shuttle, touch screen and comprehensive media transport buttons Par4Keet makes real-time changes a breeze. The system carries a set of output mapping tools to produce creative visual setups swiftly and easily even in standard form with the option to add additional functionality at time of purchase or at a later date.

Par4Keet's sibling, the 2Kan player, sports a similar array of tools to Par4Keet in the same chassis but with an output of up to 3 megapixels for applications requiring full functionality and control but at lower video resolutions.

Both Par4Keet and 2Kan bring "new levels of innovation" to markets such as permanent installation, retail, digital display and beyond enabling the use of video in environments that require content playback and management on a large scale in single device, all configured and controlled from the player itself or via remote management software.

The third product in the AViary Video Tools range is Magpi Player. For installation professionals who need up to 4 independent streams of high-definition video or up to six streams of standard definition media, Magpi is a playback device that provides highly configurable media feeds, realtime correction and trimming of clips along with a host of tools to tackle the most challenging display setups.

Magpi not only provides realtime playback control, but uniquely, it delivers control for parameters such as speed, in and out points and geometry along with colour and contrast correction for each of its multiple players individually. All changes can be stored inside the timeline controller with the option to trigger playback and configurations via external protocols such as SMPTE timecode, MIDI and many more.

(Jim Evans)

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