The projectors saw action during the Allgäuer Festival 2023 in Kempten
Germany - Harmonic Sound has chosen to expand its inventory by investing in Prolights' Astra Hybrid330.
Matthias Führer, head of the lighting technology team at Harmonic Sound, had clear ideas about the projector: "We were looking for a compact and lightweight moving light that still offered high brightness and precise optics; of course, it also had to be silent," he explains. "Furthermore, the projector was not only intended for illuminating performances but also for projections. Additionally, the quality of craftsmanship and ergonomics are important aspects that should always be considered."
The specifications set by Harmonic Sound were met by the Astra Hybrid330 from Prolights. After delivery, the company immediately put the projectors into action during the Allgäuer Festival 2023 in Kempten.
"The Astra Hybrid330 impressed us from the start," Matthias stated. "They are incredibly high-performing, fast, and bright, allowing for the creation of wonderful backlight effects. The Astra Hybrid330 is a projector that anyone seeking versatility and performance should consider."

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