Spectacular views across the River Inn in Schärding
Austria - The city of Schärding on the Inn River on the border with Germany, had the whole city illuminated with a multimedia spectacular over the winter season. The bridge crossing the Inn was illuminated as well as the monastery and the water front.

However, it was not only conventional illumination effects that lit up Schärding. The whole city centre was covered with a multimedia projection, the facades of the buildings were covered with video mapping and video projections and the orchard was covered with laser projections.

Additionally, multiple information projections were displayed alongside the ring road in the city centre. HB-Laser, a company that specializes in multimedia and laser projects, set up the whole show installation. The video projections in the city centre were created with six video projectors, all controlled with two special Titan multimedia workstations. To be able to cover the whole area, a small tower was custom built for this project.

The multimedia project was titled Winterzauber in Schärding am Inn and Lichtspiele Schärding / Neuhaus and was organized by the Schärding tourist agency.

HB-Laser was the contracted partner for the whole multimedia project. The next Lichtspiele has already been announced for November 2015.

(Jim Evans)

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