TMB is the exclusive distributor for Hippotizer in the Americas
USA - Over 80,000 fans became animated pixels at the Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show featuring Bruno Mars. Five outputs from four Hippo HD Genlock machines controlled the wireless audience LED 'display', plus 220 LED Ayrton MagicPanel 602s on the stage. PixMob technology made the audience participation possible, alternatively managed by the lighting desk and Hippotizer control.

"The biggest challenge of the show was handling 80 universes of DMX," says programmer Jason Rudolph. "But everything went according to plan. We chose the Hippotizer HDs with Genlock because of their pixel-mapping capabilities, as well as their live inputs and broadcast compatibility. TMB and Green Hippo are always a big help with their 24/7 tech support." Bob Barnhart of Los Angeles based Full Flood was the show's LD.

(Jim Evans)

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