The Netherlands - Hitachi Digital Media Group has announced the launch of an entire new range of Ultra-Short and Interactive Ultra-Short LCD projectors. All of the new projectors offer exceptional usability and easy access to powerful features while the Interactive models feature multi-pen and PCless drawing as well as the option of finger operation.

"Through continual innovation and by listening to the voice of customers, Hitachi has delivered a whole range of Ultra-Short Throw projectors that dispense with the need to compromise performance for convenience," said Axel Kutschke, senior manager, presentation products for Hitachi Digital Media Group. "Despite the adoption of a fixed mirror, which is just one of the features that ensure exceptional image quality, these bright, high performance models are still the smallest and lightest Ultra-Short Throw projectors on the market."

While all models in the range offer a headline contrast ratio of 5000:1, they also have the built-in High Dynamic Contrast Range or HDCR function that restores the brightness and clarity of images negatively impacted by bright ambient lighting. With a click of the remote control, previously blurred or dulled images are displayed with their original detail creating the impression of a 50% increase in projector brightness. Another innovation unique to Hitachi is the Accentualizer that further enhances sharpness, gloss and shade to deliver crisp but lifelike images and video.

Hitachi innovations extend to installation and operation features that ensure quick, easy and flexible setup. The powered focus and the eight point Perfect Fit function, both of which can be operated via the remote control, not only enable rapid installation but also easy post-installation adjustment of settings. Two HDMI inputs support high picture and sound quality from multiple input devices including PC's, DVD/Blue-Ray players, document cameras, the Hitachi switcher or even Apple TV. To further facilitate easy installation the models can be walled mounted using the improved Hitachi wall mount or desk mounted for table top projection.

The Interactive models include a built-in camera that provides fully interactive capability when used with up to four interactive pens. The optional finger-touch unit in conjunction with any flat surface opens up the possibility of interactivity with finger drawing or any other instrument. Calibration and synchronisation of the interactive models are achieved in approximately six seconds with the push of a button on the remote control. PC driver software is automatically downloaded, ready for installation, via a USB cable to avoid the inconvenience of manual searches. These models also allow users with touch-enabled Windows 8 systems to operate the PC directly from the interactive screen. For larger applications, two projectors can be combined via a single PC for continuous drawing over extended screens.

The range is made up of seven network-enabled models. The CP-AX2503, CP-AX3003 and the CP-AX3503 are XGA models that offer 2,700, 3,300 and 3,600 Lumens respectively. Two WXGA models, the CP-AW2503 and the CP-AW3003 also deliver 2,700 and 3,300 Lumens as do the two WXGA Interactive models designated CP-TW2503 and CP-TW3003. The three XGA models have a throw distance of 52cm for an 80inch screen while the widescreen WXGA projectors produce this screen at 55cm. All seven variants measure 377mmx136mmx361mm and weigh in at less than 4.5Kg. Each is available with optional wireless connectivity.

(Jim Evans)

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