The Eon One MkII is a portable column-style speaker system that can support a wide range of activities
Vietnam - To support the music and arts programmes at the Bilingual Canadian International School (BCIS) in Ho Chi Minh City, AV integrator PGI and Harman Professional Solutions equipped the campus with versatile JBL Professional Eon One Mk2 battery-powered column speakers.
Founded in 2009, BCIS was the first international school in Vietnam to use a Canadian-based curriculum and has since built a reputation of strong academic excellence. Learning in both English and Vietnamese, the school’s 1,500 students enjoy a conducive environment for learning, critical thinking and collaboration supported by the latest classroom technology.
To reinforce strong communication and creativity for the music and arts programme, the school required a dynamic and easy-to-use sound solution that accommodated students and teacher’s various needs. PGI met these requests with a solution that included JBL Eon One MK2 column speakers, a powerful all-in-one PA system suited for a wide range of uses.
With output up to 123 dB, smooth coverage and sonic clarity down to 37 Hz, the Eon One MkII is a portable and comprehensive column-style speaker system that can support a wide range of activities for BCIS students and faculty, from performances and presentations to seminars and sporting events. The system features a triple-tier DSP that allows users to choose between beginner, intermediate or advanced controls for quickly finding the ideal sound for users of any experience level. Along with the on-board controls, students and faculty can also wirelessly control the systems from their smart device thanks to the JBL Pro Connect app.
On campus, students can easily arrange multi-input musical performances using the Eon One MK2’s XLR combo or Hi-Z inputs with optional 48V phantom power connected to a robust 1,500-watt amplifier for clean, distortion-free sound. Additionally, the Eon One Mk2 runs on both AC power and battery power for up to six hours, ensuring that the system will deliver optimal performance even in mobile or long-running events.
“Providing BCIS with a multi-purpose system that delivers optimum performance, versatility and being able to facilitate and nurture the next generation of music talents makes working with BCIS a very rewarding experience,” said Amar Subash, director, channel management and audio solutions, Harman Professional Solutions, APAC. “We would like to thank our partner PGI for giving us this opportunity to make a difference with JBL’s world class products.”

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