Europe - Berlin-based Holoplot returned to this year’s ISE to reveal the beta version of its new design and simulation software Holoplot Plan as well as the new rigging system for its X1 product series - once again winning Best in Show in the process.
The X1 series - consisting of the Modul 96 full-range speaker and the Modul 80-S loudspeaker with built in sub - is a fully integrated system which combines sophisticated software and IoT capabilities. By combining 3D Audio-Beamforming and Wavefield Synthesis sound can be steered vertically and horizontally, directly to a listener’s precise location.
Holoplot brought these capabilities closer to the end user than ever before, delivering an open demo and seminar program, showcasing and explaining the effects of 3D Audio-Beamforming, coverage zones, virtual source localization and multi-zones on systems designs for some of its latest projects.
Workstations on the Holoplot Booth gave visitors the opportunity to get hands on with the Beta version of Holoplot Plan, the company’s newly developed sound system design software.
“We’re currently running an early access programme for Holoplot Plan, onboarding users via a tailored programme that provides a thorough understanding of Matrix Array technology,” says Michael Kastner, head of product at Holoplot. “Our programme allows designers to realise creative and effective Holoplot systems.
“At ISE we used Plan as a vehicle to explain X1’s capabilities. It’s been a great opportunity to visually illustrate what our technology can do before sending people to our demo room. The combination of both experiences created a comprehensive overview of the audio technology for the visitor and resulted in packed demo sessions and plenty of interesting conversations.”.
Another first for ISE was the launch of the company’s new X1 rigging system, which could be seen in action inside the Holoplot demo room.

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