UK - The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)’s next free-to-attend webinar is entitled Temporary Power Distribution.
Temporary electrical systems are often a source of confusion. Questions such as ‘Does BS 7671 apply?’, ‘How long can a temporary system be installed for before it needs to be considered permanent?’, or ‘Do the rules for construction sites apply to systems used for an event?’ are frequent issues for electrical technicians and designers.
Another common discussion point with temporary systems is that of generators and their earthing requirements. Do they need to be earthed? Is a reference earth required? What is a floating generator? Should generators have RCD protection? This is an area that has undergone a significant amount of work in recent years, the latest guidance is explored in this seminar.
This seminar will explore these issues and detail: how to approach the design of temporary systems; appropriate standards and legislation; how to manage temporary systems effectively; the latest guidance on generator earthing arrangements; earth electrode requirements and practices.
The webinar is essential watching for anyone who has a responsibility for or interest in temporary systems, says IET.The session will also cover the design of temporary systems and earth electrode requirements and practices.
Speaker for this webinar is James Eade, author of two IET publications on the topic of Temporary Power Systems and the 5th Edition of the Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment. James has 30 years' experience in the events and entertainment industry and is an expert in temporary power systems. The webinar will be chaired by Jamie Holmes.

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