Infinity impresses at Soenda WSK 2022
Tuesday, 2 May 2023
soendaindoor-stefvanoosterhout-album-hr-58‘Elevation Events teamed up with T.Y.S Productions and Stagelight to create an unforgettable night’ (photo: Stef van Oosterhout)
The Netherlands - Impressive visuals from over 200 Infinity fixtures contributed to the success of the Soenda Indoor Werkspoorkathedraal 2022 in Utrecht.
Elevation Events teamed up with T.Y.S Productions and Stagelight to create an unforgettable night at the Soenda Indoor Werkspoorkathedraal 2022, where over 6000 electronic music lovers made their way to the Werkspoorkathedraal location in Utrecht to enjoy their favourite music and dance the night away.
Fitting the industrial look of the venue and Soenda’s signature theme of minimalist geometric shapes, light designer Lars Aarts of T.Y.S Productions created a customised design of five large geometric truss squares that housed 180 Infinity iB-2R moving heads supplied by Stagelight. With their fat beam and long focal length, the iB-2Rs provided exactly the features required for the intended lighting design.
For lighting the DJ booth, two powerful Infinity Furion S601 Profiles were used as side lights. To accentuate the industrial characteristics of the venue, a further 28 Infinity Furion S401 Spot moving heads were chosen for their deep colours and beautiful gobos with razor-sharp images.
The number of moving heads posed a challenge for the two light operators, but the sheer number of possibilities to create the most remarkable dynamic effects and jaw-dropping depth perceptions made it all worthwhile. By timing the lights, huge, dizzyingly fast-moving tunnel effects could be created as well, all the way from the stage to the back of the hall.

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