Julian Rees, technical director at Production Plus, at their warehouse facility in Hertfordshire with the Inspired Audio Axis AX12 wedges
UK - Hertfordshire-based production, entertainment and event-management company Production Plus, recently put an Inspired Audio Axis AX12 loudspeaker system through its paces.

The system, supplied by LMC Audio, was used on a high profile event with a contemporary artist who had minimal staging and space for technical equipment.

Julian Rees, technical director of Production Plus, comments: "With Axis AX12 our client's expectations were met with limited visual impact, allowing clean sight lines whilst also keeping the artist/engineers happy in terms of performance."

He continues: "A large section of our work is to supply artiste technical specs to meet riders, however, these need to be acceptable to our corporate clients - not always an easy trade off! A problem we have long had is artistes wanting large wedges on stage. Axis AX12 gave us the solution of bi-amp wedges in a small format whilst delivering the level and quality expected by the artist."

The wedges delivered in terms of audio performance, with Rees noting: "The AX12 gave excellent feedback rejection with a sound that really cut through on the stage." With trucking space and weight becoming a premium these days, the wedges and amps brought added benefits in overcoming these issues, meaning that for Production Plus they ticked all of the boxes.

JP Cavaco, sales manager at LMC London, comments: "Production Plus's need for a compact bi-amp monitor that would satisfy the client's requirements (minimum visual impact) as well as the artist's (maximum audio quality) was perfectly met by the Axis AX12. In terms of quality, Inspired Audio's dedication to delivering premium audio solutions is evident throughout their range, from the components and materials they use to the design and manufacturing processes they employ. A fine example of British engineering at its best."

Rees notes: "We wanted to demo the Axis monitors from Inspired Audio because they had the pedigree and legacy from Chris Scott we knew and understood. The amplifier is a known quantity and just reinforced the brand as a serious contender on our shortlist. In terms of service and supply, the usual excellent LMC service was included. JP ensured we had all the kit in good time for prep and, as always, was happy to listen to our requirements and feedback on products."

Chris Scott, design director of Inspired Audio comments: "I have great respect for Julian and his team at Production Plus, they are just consummate professionals. I'm so proud to be working with them and delighted that AX12 are being specified on this kind of project. Corporate A/V is a strong growth area for Inspired, so this just helps to build upon that momentum."

(Claire Beeson)

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