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skySky Studios Elstree streamlines with Xytech Systems
Friday, 12 August 2022

UK - First announced in 2019 and opening its doors fully later this year, Sky Studios Elstree is a joint project between Sky and NBCUniversal. The 27.5-acre, complex located just north of London houses 13 sound stages, with media operations provider Xytech Systems offering total operational and financial control by streamlining the new film and TV studio’s internal processes across quoting, resource scheduling, cost management and reporting.
“Not long after Sky Studios Elstree was given the go-ahead in 2019, we started searching for a media operations solution that would meet the strict demands of our cutting-edge studios catering for high-end TV shows and films,” said Tom Avison, director of operations at Sky Studios Elstree. “Sky already had an excellent, long-standing relationship with Xytech Systems through its Transmission solutions installed at the Sky facilities in Italy, Germany and the UK. We also knew Xytech was already servicing other major studios across the UK, so we naturally approached them to see what they could offer us.”
Avison notes how from the early discussions and right through to the implementation and go-live phase, they found both the solution and the expertise offered by the Xytech team to be “highly flexible and responsive to the requirements of our operation and our ambition to use the system from quote to invoice and at every point in between.”
Xytech’s Media Operations Platform now manages the studio’s scheduling requirements, including studios, ancillary room and equipment bookings.
“Xytech s

execspaceExecSpace targets further growth
Wednesday, 3 August 2022

UK - Venue-finding agency ExecSpace has reshaped its senior management team and hired a number of new recruits to facilitate further growth and focus on quality of service.
Founder and CEO Emma Little has appointed Louise Lowe as managing director to lead its expanding team.
Lowe, previously the agency’s commercial director, joined the Edinburgh-based company four years ago and has been promoted alongside Pamela McCaw who steps up from finance manager to head of finance and business operations.
The moves follow three hires of meetings and events executives: Logan Muir, Georgia Kinsella and Ellie McPhail.
The restructuring continues the agency’s recovery from the repercussions of COVID lockdowns with more than £5m worth of bookings already won this year. Last year it also launched the ExecTech platform, dedicated to supporting meeting and event planners manage their spend and streamline the process across their organisations.
Emma says: “Given everything the business went through over the past two years due to COVID, I am chuffed to bits to see ExecSpace back firmly in growth mode. Louise, Pamela and I worked extremely closely during incredibly difficult times and for me it was a no brainer to reward that loyalty and great work with these two promotions.
“We are a very different business post pandemic, focused on quality and profit over quantity and activity which the high calibre leadership and new hires very much reflects. I am very much looking forward to watching the impact Louise and Pamela have and seeing the bu

arts-and-culture-center-oskard2Konin arts centre upgrades with Chauvet
Thursday, 28 July 2022

Poland - In the city centres and main squares of many Polish towns and cities, visitors will come upon a multi-purpose building known locally as a ‘culture house’. Like many of these structures, which date back to the 1960s, Arts and Culture Centre Oskard in Konin was beginning to show its age.
A renaissance has now taken place in this centre thanks to a renovation project run by the Arts and Culture Centre Oskard's Arts Council and Committee. A key part of this rejuvenation was the installation of two all-new lighting rigs, one for each of the centre’s stages.
The council did careful research, visiting trades shows and consulting with local installation specialist, LTT, which distributes Chauvet Professional products in Poland.
In the end, Chauvet Professional fixtures were used for the new rig. To provide the foundation for a multitude of powerful looks on the main stage, LTT relied on a collection of 12 Maverick MK1 Hybrid, 12 Maverick MK2 Spot, 16 Maverick MK2 Wash and six Maverick MK2 Profile fixtures.
The MK2 Spot is on upstage truss; the MK2 Wash is arranged on the back of the stage as well as hung on upstage truss; the MK1 Hybrid is positioned on the back of the stage and the floor; and the MK2 Profile is flown on upstage truss. All the fixtures work together to provide an engaging mix of colours, prism effects and gobo patterns
From full-scale touring concert productions, to the education of youth through artistic workshops and lectures, the fixtures have already proven their ability to provide multifaceted lighting atmos

sslTallowood Baptist Church acquires SSL Live
Thursday, 28 July 2022

USA - Tallowood Baptist Church, in the Memorial City neighbourhood of West Houston, replaced an aging mixing console at front-of-house with a Solid State Logic Live L350 in recent months. The installation was part of ongoing upgrades at the church that also includes construction of a new video and audio control room, new audio and video equipment and wider implementation of a network infrastructure.
When the choir and the musicians returned to the church after the initial lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, they all wore masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and, not surprisingly, it sounded like it. “It was really hard to get intelligibility and clarity,” Tallowood’s director of technology, Miguel Ortiz, says. Then the church replaced the old desk with a new SSL Live L350. “The choir was still wearing masks when we switched the console - and it sounded as if they had taken their masks off. We were so shocked.”
The previous console was 12 years old, Ortiz reports, so obviously there was going to be some improvement in sound quality. “But I didn’t think it was going to be that dramatic,” he says. “It was so surprising.”
The 1,750-seat church hosts two different Sunday services with two different styles of music, Ortiz says. The first service is a traditional presentation with choir and orchestra and requires just a handful of microphones. “We mic the choir. And we have high-level musicians with high expectations who want it to sound just like it sounds coming out of their instruments. They still need to hear everything,

tv-studiosMajor new film and TV studios plans approved
Friday, 22 July 2022

UK - Permission has been granted to build a £700m film and TV studios facility just outside London. Construction on Sunset Waltham Cross Studios is due to begin next year on a 91-acre site just off the M25 in Hertfordshire.
Sunset Studios in Los Angeles and an investment firm bought land for £120m last year. Lewis Cocking, leader of Broxbourne Borough Council, said it was "a fantastic opportunity" for the area. A meeting of the council's planning and regulatory committee granted the development outline planning permission.
Studio owner and operator Hudson Pacific, also based in Los Angeles, has joined with investment company Blackstone and they hoped to transform the site into a hub for UK and international productions. The companies anticipated it would "contribute £300m annually to the local economy" and could create up to 4,500 jobs.
Preliminary site work is expected to start later this year with construction beginning in 2023 with the aim of opening the studio complex in 2025.
James Seppala, head of Blackstone Real Estate Europe, said the studio "will be a world-renowned hub for content creation and creativity that will help assert the UK's role as a premier destination for creating entertainment".

hagiusspaprimage3Genelec brings RAW solution to Berlin’s Hagius
Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Germany - Hagius in Berlin is staffed by young professionals that offer classes for various disciplines such as yoga and boxing with the intention of strengthening and conditioning both body and mind, incorporating the spectrum of senses in neuro-athletic training.
Hagius has chosen a complete Genelec loudspeaker solution, supplied by local distributor Audio Pro and integrated by the Berlin acoustic design studio, Studio SPC.
"We wanted to create a space in Berlin where we could offer a different kind of training experience," explains co-founder Timothy Hagius. "Physical performance starts in the mind. Movement is regulated by the central nervous system and sensory input plays a significant role in this process."
For this reason, staff opt to work primarily with smaller groups, placing more of the emphasis on the individual’s multi-sensory journey, following the theory that everyone should be attuned with their own biorhythm. There are several rooms, each of which use a combination of the senses to help simulate a certain state. Sound plays an essential role in all of them, which is why a premium audio solution was required.
"The guys from Hagius asked me to offer them something high-end, functional and aesthetically appealing," says Kenan Jan Ibar, from Studio SPC. "After I introduced them to Genelec’s RAW recycled aluminium loudspeakers they immediately fell in love with the aesthetic, as it blends so seamlessly with their existing interior, based on greys and stainless-steel elements."
The room that received the most attention w

cavatinahall-audioplus-7Poland’s Cavatina Hall opens with Optocore
Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Poland - Cavatina Hall, which opened at the beginning of the year in the city of Bielsko-Biała, is the first concert hall in the country to be built and managed entirely from private funds.
This multi-functional building, combining office and cultural spaces, is set over six storeys on more than 9,000sq.m and includes a recording studio as well as a 1,000-seat concert hall.
Its AV infrastructure is woven into a sophisticated digital/analogue network, designed around an Optocore backbone, feeding a multiplicity of signals to an L-Acoustics L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal sound system from a pair of roving DiGiCo Quantum 338 consoles, operating from four different locations.
These were specified and delivered by system integrators Audio Plus, along with the latest stage mechanics and AV technologies, including sound and light tracking, variable acoustics and visual information systems.
Warsaw-based Audio Plus were heavily involved from the outset. One of the key aims was the successful distribution of signals between the FOH stations to the stage, the recording studio and third party OB vans. This has been carried out using integrated high-performance Optocore digital network devices and third-party converters, which can handle up to 1,856 digital signals.
While the analogue signals delivered to the consoles are have already passed through a 96-channel analogue splitter, deployment of the Optocore devices enables a further 96 analogue signals to be processed via more than 40 connection boxes. This creates maximum versatility, enabling a myria

danleySan Marcos church upgrades to Danley Sound
Friday, 17 June 2022

USA - First Baptist Church of San Marcos is a diverse and multi-generational church based in San Marcos, Texas. In 2012, the church reached out to sound designer Curt Taipale of Taipale Media Systems to evaluate and re-tune their existing system.
Over the years, the church had considered replacing their sound system, however the situation became urgent after their existing digital signal processor (DSP) started to fail. Following a long relationship with Curt, he was asked in June 2020 to assist in a possible new design of their sound system. The primary goal of the new installation was improved coverage and intelligibility.
“At the time, they considered a handful of companies to design the new system and completed due diligence by listening to some of my projects in Texas,” said Taipale. “They were very pleased with one system in particular that utilized Danley Sound Labs equipment. I asked Kim Comeaux to do a demonstration in their sanctuary of Danley products so that others on the team could hear them in person.”
Following the demonstration, Scott Davis, worship pastor at First Baptist Church of San Marcos, agreed with Curt’s recommendation.
Curt’s design utilised four Danley SH-50 loudspeakers arranged in an exploded arc as mains, with an SH-95 suspended below each as down-fill speakers and two SH-95HO loudspeakers as delays. In addition, two Danley TH118 subwoofers were flown as an end-fire subwoofer array.
The new installation also featured choir monitors, Powersoft amplifiers, a Symetrix Prism DSP and Allen & Heath

dublinIreland’s largest church installs DiGiCo Quantum
Friday, 17 June 2022

Ireland - Three years in construction, the new Romanian Pentecostal Betania Church in Dublin is now ranked the largest church in Ireland. Accommodating 1,500 worshippers in its main sanctuary as well as an online following, the ambitious design required a sound system, resulting in the installation of the latest technology from DiGiCo’s recently launched compact, Quantum 225 digital mixing console.
The €8m development comprises a 2800sq.m building with large sanctuary, stage, choir and orchestra space, media pod, fellowship halls, a conference room, eight community rooms, pastoral areas, and a youth worship area. The building design and framework were established by a professional team of architects and construction specialists, but the majority of the building work was completed by skilled volunteers from the Church’s Romanian community during evenings and weekends.
Requiring specialist expertise, Betania’s project leaders turned to Wigwam Acoustics which has many years of experience in houses of worship installations.
“Betania Church needed to invest in an audio system and infrastructure with capacity to manage not only the size of the sanctuary and congregation but also a versatile roster of events from worship services and musical performancesto conferences and broadcasts,” says Tim Mortimer, system integration project manager at Wigwam. “Further, during COVID-19 lockdown, the Betania team responded to the challenge of an online worship environment, hosting live streaming events for the congregation. Their efforts were so successf

etc-arcsystem-ctcrm-3ETC ArcSystem on duty at commando centre
Wednesday, 15 June 2022

UK - The Falklands Hall primary presentation auditorium at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM) required an urgent replacement for their original tungsten lights, and ETC ArcSystem was chosen to upgrade the space.
The tungsten lights had come to the end of production and spare parts and bulbs were unavailable which led to a health and safety issue as they fell below the legal level required. ETC dealer, Stage Electrics, selected ArcSystem fixtures and drivers to transform the space with LED.
CTCRM, is based in Lympstone, Devon, and is the official training base for the Royal Marines. The auditorium space previously had 66 150-watt tungsten lamps which repeatedly failed and caused issues with maintenance as they were mounted over the seating rake. These luminaires were all replaced with ETC’s ArcSystem Pro One-Cell fixtures and ArcSystem Pro D4 CC Drivers.
The Pro One-Cell luminaires were selected for their high quality of light, and together with the D4 drivers, their smooth and superior dimming. The upgrade to ETC’s LED products led to over 80% reduction in power consumption at the CTCRM as well as a much-improved quality of lighting.
Martin Woodage, technical solutions engineer at Stage Electrics, comments: “It was fantastic project to work on, seeing the dimly lit space transformed into a beautifully lit space was amazing to see. The team at Stage Electrics worked hard to make sure the project was a success and brought the customer exactly what they wanted, with only a week’s downtime for the venue.”

rcfRCF Arena opens with Ligabue concert
Monday, 13 June 2022

Italy - The RCF Arena, billed as the largest outdoor music venue in Europe is equipped with a total of 410 high-end loudspeakers and approximately two megawatts of sound power.
The inauguration of the arena took place with a concert-event that celebrated Ligabue's 30-year career. In 2015, the Italian rock artist set a European record with 150,000 paying admissions for a single artist, already amplified by an RCF audio system. The space, covered mainly by grass, includes all the services and amenities for event production, including a proper lawn slope of 5% and a "guitar pick" configuration divided into five main areas to ensure optimal visibility and acoustics.
The stage is located in the lowest part of the Arena in a central position with a viewing angle of 110° - an optimal value for the audience to fully enjoy any event. The venue is centrally located, with airports nearby, a high-speed train station - connecting Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome, and Naples, and has a large parking area.
“RCF was born in 1949 in Reggio Emilia. From our Emilian town we have brought the excellence of Italian sound to an international level and today we are among the major players in the market,” states Arturo Vicari, CEO of RCF Group. “Giving our name to RCF Arena is a source of pride for us, but also a mission, and a commitment. We have a strong bond with this region and we intend to take care of it in the best possible way. With the completion of this wonderful project, we bring innovation, technology, and our sound to our home in Reggio Emilia. It is a

chileL-Acoustics reinforces restored Garden City theatre
Thursday, 9 June 2022

Chile - The city of Viña del Mar is renowned for its colonial architecture, vibrant nightlife, and the annual Festival Internacional de la Canción de Viña del Mar (Viña del Mar International Song Festival).
Coupled with a Mediterranean climate and beautiful, abundant greenery, the city, nicknamed Jardín Ciudad (Garden City), is one of the country’s most-visited spots. In 2010, a devastating 8.8 magnitude earthquake severely damaged some of the city’s best-known buildings, including the heritage site Teatro Municipal of Viña del Mar.
Today, the Teatro been fully restored and fitted with the most advanced L-Acoustics Kara sound system in the country, delivered by L-Acoustics certified provider distributor for Chile, VGL.
Built between 1925 and 1930 by famous architects Renato Schiavon and Aquiles Landoff, the Teatro Municipal de Viña del Mar features a façade decorated with friezes, cornices, and columns and an interior filled with sculptures and decorations of carved and moulded plaster. Following the earthquake damage, a painstaking restoration using the original designs was also the opportunity to install a modern technical infrastructure.
“Our team first became involved in the tender process for the entire technical installation in 2013 when the local municipality approved the renovation works,” recalls Cristian Osorio, live audio solutions and installations at VGL. “We worked with Alex Soto from L-Acoustics to create initial pre-designs for a new sound system for the theatre’s auditorium.”
Unfortunately, the eart

esplanade-esplanade-theatres-on-the-baySingapore’s Esplanade upgrades with grandMA3
Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Singapore - Twelve MA Lighting grandMA3 consoles have been specified as part of a technical upgrade at Singapore’s national performing arts centre, Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay.
Instrumental in the decision to replace the older consoles with new grandMA3s - delivered by MA’s Singaporean distributor, Total Solution Marketing - were Heryadi Yusof (head of lighting) and Ismahadie Putra (technical manager).
The lighting team underwent a thorough procurement process explained Heryadi, which included exploring the various industry consoles that could replace the ageing lighting desks.
“All consoles were vetted based on the criteria we set, which included having the flexibility to support the diverse range of productions across different genres that are presented at Esplanade,” he explains. In tune with the latest industry trends, they also took note of the new technologies that the various consoles could offer, as well as the after-sales and technical support expected from the local distributor.
“An open tender was conducted and grandMA3 ranked highest in our quality-to-cost assessment,” comments Heryadi.
The sale comprised four grandMA3 lights, four grandMA3 compact XTs, two grandMA3 compacts and two grandMA3 onPC command wing XTs.
Esplanade still has its original grandMA1 and 10 grandMA2s, the latter purchased in two batches in 2006 and 2010, but these will be phased out after the grandMA3s are commissioned in the various venues.
Currently, venues running on grandMA include the Concert Hall, the Theatre, Recit

etc-bildmulhouse-2ETC lighting in Columbia's Mulehouse
Wednesday, 1 June 2022

USA - The Mulehouse in Columbia, Tennessee sets a new standard for live and streaming events; this multi-function venue brings together many different aspects of making and listening to music - from workshops, to exhibitions, to multi-media interviews and, of course, live shows. The venue, which can accommodate more than 500 spectators, meets all the requirements for high-quality streaming. The lighting package from ETC ensures balanced lighting in the architecturally impressive venue, using over 50 spotlights from the ColorSource family, a HedgeHog console, and an ETCNet streaming network.
Prominent entertainment professional Blair Garner is behind the concept of the new location. The award-winning radio DJ has shaped the American country radio landscape for over two decades; he is a member of the National Radio Hall of Fame and Country Radio Hall of Fame. Garner says, “I worked on the Mulehouse concept for several years. I had something completely new in mind," he says of the multi-purpose location, which has been furnished with many loving details. A lot of time was also invested in research. “We asked artists, managers, record company executives, and sound and lighting technicians what - in their opinion - constitutes the ultimate venue. Their answers gave rise to the Mulehouse.” The plan seems to have worked, as the artist's signing board in the backstage area, inscribed with many hymns of praise, suggests.
No compromises were made in terms of qualitthe live stage. In the former place of worship, for example, more than 50 ColorSource fixtures a

artnovionmake-me-a-dj-Artnovion transforms acoustics at Make Me A DJ
Tuesday, 31 May 2022

UK - Manchester-based DJ training facility Make Me A DJ recently refitted one of its trio of studios with Artnovion acoustic treatment panels as part of an upgrade to transform the space into a fully-featured teaching and music production resource. Originally situated above Sankeys nightclub, Make Me A DJ is now located in the Ancoats district of the city, with its three studios commercially available outside of teaching sessions.
A variety of Artnovion products featured in the refit, including Orion W wooden and Andes fabric absorbers to control excessive reverberation and reflections and Myron E diffusers to tune the room’s sweet spot. Orion bass traps were also employed for their fine-tuning capabilities, ensuring an accurate, highly-controlled low end even at high monitoring or mixing levels.
MMADJ founder Mark Bradbury (known as Rudosa in the international techno scene) has released tracks on some of the most venerated techno labels including Moments In Time, Soma, We Are The Brave and Second State over the last 10 years.
“It has always been important to me to have industry-standard equipment in our studios,” he explains, “so that alongside our highly experienced teaching staff - all of whom have professional backgrounds in music production - students get a feel for real world facilities.
“I first became aware of Artnovion when our room designer, Jan Morel (acoustician who numbers David Guetta and Martin Garrix among his clients), introduced the range to me a few years ago and we used the products in one of our downstairs studi

yaamava-theaterL-Acoustics enhances audio at Yaamava’ Theatre
Tuesday, 31 May 2022

USA - In April, Yaamava’ Resort & Casino, owned by the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, opened its new 2,600-seat entertainment venue, the Yaamava’ Theatre, topping off the property’s four-year, $760m expansion.
Meaning “spring” in Serrano, the Band’s native language, Yaamava’ is located in the L.A. exurb of Highland, an area already loaded with entertainment options. With that in mind, the Band sought to distinguish its new theatre - part of one of the largest casino properties on the West Coast with eight restaurants and eight bars, plus an onsite hotel opened last December - from the competition.
That mission was accomplished with the installation of an L-Acoustics K Series sound system designed by L-Acoustics senior Applications Engineer for Installations André Pichette and integrated by the Escondido office of Sound Image. “Clarity, coverage, and sound quality were the keys to what the clients were looking to accomplish with the theatre’s sound,” says Scott Coyle, business development manager for Sound Image's contracting division. “K Series components met all of those criteria, and more.”
The new L-Acoustics system in the Yaamava’ Theater, which opened with a VIP command performance by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, is substantial, underscoring the venue’s scale.
The main PA system comprises a dozen K2 flown per side, each backed by four flown K1-SB subs, and complemented by four stage-stacked KS28 subs per side. Nine coaxial X8 are used to provide stage-lip front-fill, plus two more as out-fills, while ni

temple-eastWPC solution for Accra’s Central Gospel Church
Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Ghana - A new 4,400-seat, three-storey church in the Ghanaian capital of Accra has been equipped with Martin Audio’s new Wavefront Precision line array system.
Part of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) - with a global outreach overseen by founder, Rev. Dr. Mensa Otabil - sound consultancy and installation were undertaken by London-based Ghanaian production engineer and integrator, Eben Awuah of Amson Audio.
Awuah has been working with professional sound systems since the age of 13, having been associated with the Dominion Centre, Wood Green, and specified many world leading brands along the way. He first became aware of Martin Audio four or five years ago while working as production engineer for another company. “But the time came when I wanted to set up my own AV operation to serve the whole of West Africa, including Nigeria and the Ivory Coast. I needed to go back there with a recognised system and Martin Audio was one of the premier brands I was looking at.”
The big turning point came when he attended a Martin Audio open day three years ago - just as the plan for Christ Temple East was being outlined - and heard the scalable Wavefront Precision Compact optimised array for the first time. “It coincided with just having finished an installation in Nigeria [with another leading system]. Although that sounded great, what I heard from WPC gave me the headroom I needed for this project.”
This was very much foremost in his mind when he was brought in as a consultant by the ICGC for their new project, described as a ‘Pentec

madisonWiscosin church turns to Dante based system
Friday, 27 May 2022

USA - Established in 1932, City Church of Madison, Wisconsin, has a striking modernist exterior and a spacious, 800-seat, modern sanctuary with complete stage and AV production capabilities.
For years, City Church has relied on live stage productions supported by multiple large video projection screens, professional lighting and a full pro-audio-quality sound system to engage the congregation. But faced with the expanding scope and vision of the church's AV productions, City Church recently did a substantial systems upgrade by engineering and installing a completely new production workflow built upon Dante audio and the new Dante AV networked video platform.
“We have always believed in using technology to eliminate distractions and deliver our message in a clear, compelling and engaging way,” says Nathan Rohde, worship pastor, City Church. “We basically just did a complete overhaul of the entire sanctuary so we can now integrate audio and video seamlessly throughout our church, our education facilities and online.”
Rohde explained that the church needed to advance its capabilities on several fronts. The production quality in the sanctuary needed improving, and full AV content needed to be shared more extensively throughout the church facility. Leadership also wanted a better way to bring the same quality of their live productions to their streaming media services.
“As we researched potential network solutions, we learned about Dante AV and the Dante AV-enabled encoders from Patton. This looked like the direction we needed to go,” s

clubjolieprimage1Genelec enhances Jolie’s club experience
Wednesday, 25 May 2022

India - Mumbai’s luxury private members-only club, Jolie’s sprawls over an impressive 20,000sq.ft. To elevate the customer experience, the club features a premium Genelec loudspeaker solution, which was integrated by Genelec’s local AV distribution partner Pandam Professional Audio.
Abhishek Bindal, the senior vice president of Jolie’s, approached Pandam’s owner Prashant Damle for consultation. In response, Abhishek and his team were invited to Pandam’s Genelec Experience Centre located in Mahim, Mumbai, where they decided to go with Genelec.
Under the guidance of Prashant, the project was planned over a two-month period. However, the actual integration was carried out in a tight 20-day period, leaving no room for error. In total, over 40 loudspeakers were deployed, with the assistance of Pandam Audio’s installation engineer, Sunil Jambhale. This includes a relatively even split of Genelec S360A and 8010A models, complemented by four 7382A subwoofers to handle low frequency duties.
Any questions or further support that Club Jolie required would be directed towards Nikhil Pagedar, Pandam’s customer support engineer.
Prashant explains the key decisions: “In the event space area we installed the S360As paired with a 7382A subwoofer. This combination delivers a class-leading balance of extraordinary SPL output, wide dynamic range and an intensely detailed, transparent performance." It was important to equip this room with the capacity to satisfy a wide range of different functions, which is precisely what this Genelec pairing a

knoxvilleKnoxville church connects with L-ISA technology
Wednesday, 25 May 2022

USA - First established in 1891, First Baptist Concord (FBC) is a Knoxville-area church that has witnessed considerable change over its 130 years. When FBC took on the renovation of its 25-year-old main Worship Centre last year, it chose to install L-ISA immersive technology using an L-Acoustics A Series-based loudspeaker system to further deepen and enrich the worship experience for its congregation.
Following several successful one-off projects with Solotech, the church approached the company’s Nashville team again to help it design and integrate new audio, video, and lighting systems for the space. Solotech integrated systems designer Luke Lasater reports: “We worked closely with L-Acoustics to design two PA options for the church - a standard left/right system and an L-ISA option. After reviewing the designs with the church, all agreed L-ISA was the way to go for many reasons.”
Solotech brought in Design Technik to create an acoustics solution that would both help resolve the room’s acoustical issues and complement a new loudspeaker setup. L-Acoustics then worked with both Solotech and Design Technik using Soundvision modelling software to design the optimum system for the space, which is based on an A Series loudspeaker design.
FBC’s new system comprises five Scene arrays of four A15i Focus and one A15i Wide flanked by left and right extension arrays of one A10i Focus and two A10i Wide. Two hangs of three A15i Focus and one A15i Wide horizontally flown deliver out-fill coverage, while four KS28 subs flown in a cardioid configuration b

singaporeClear-Com helps Singapore celebrate New Year
Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Singapore - The Singapore community had every reason to celebrate in a big way at this year’s Chingay Parade. The annual event honouring the Chinese New Year was not only celebrating its 50th anniversary, it was also returning to a live extravaganza format after the pandemic minimised the festivities for the past two years.
CSP Productions, a Clear-Com global rental group partner in Singapore, provided intercom support for the 2022 Chingay show, deploying a Clear-Com Eclipse HX Digital Matrix solution with FreeSpeak II Digital Wireless systems. The equipment’s flexibility and performance were a match for the challenging production requirements, scope and timeline of this year’s festival.
The Chingay Parade started in 1973 as a street parade and has evolved into an event showcasing Singapore’s multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan cultures. This year, more than 500 performers from Singapore and around the world performed at the 90-minute event, held at the Jewel Changi Airport's HSBC Rain Vortex atrium.
CSP Productions configured the Clear-Com systems for compatibility with the walkie-talkies used by crews and in-ear monitors used by hosts and talent. An added challenge was the need to link panels for the video team over a distance of several hundred meters, accomplished by using a BroaMan MUX22, a fibre multiplexer for audio, video and data transport device that converts 4-wire signals to fibre and back to four-wire signals.
According to Jaymie Foo, project manager and crew chief at CSP Productions, the 2022 event was the largest combination

robe-wonder-of-the-seas1645410473wn22-photo-courtesy-rccl-pressRoboSpots solution on Wonder of the Seas
Wednesday, 25 May 2022

France - The world’s largest cruise ship, Royal Caribbean International’s Wonder of the Seas will have four Robe RoboSpot systems installed in its 1,600-seat capacity Main Theatre, and two more in Studio B, which is the Royal Caribbean ice rink.
The four RoboSpot BaseStations in the Main Theatre will be controlling eight Forte moving lights from Robe, each running in conjunction with four motion cameras. Meanwhile, the two BaseStations in the ice rink will be used with four Esprite LED Profiles.
This installation builds on the success of RoboSpots installed as a remote follow spotting solution in the Two70 venue aboard Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas, which commenced service in 2021.
The Wonder Main Theatre show will be an all-singing, all-dancing Broadway-style production, complete with aerialists, drones, and complex automated scenery, with lighting designed by Rui Rita.
Project managing the vessel’s show lighting installations for Royal Caribbean was Ben Couling, who worked closely on Wonder of the Seas with Gaëtan Mornet of cruise AV integration specialist, Videlio-HMS from St. Nazaire which completed the installation.
The relationship between Royal Caribbean and Robe started when Miami-based Christopher Vlassopulos, Royal Caribbean’s sound, light, and AV systems manager for new build projects, and Amir El Yordi from Control AV Miami visited the Robe booth at LDI 2019, whilst Odyssey was already under construction.
For the Wonder Main Theatre, the RoboSpot BaseStations and operators are concealed from view on

eunpachurch1Eun-pa Church installs JBL and Crown system
Tuesday, 24 May 2022

South Korea - To provide intelligible sound throughout Busan’s Eun-pa Church, TechDataPS Co outfitted the worship space with advanced JBL Professional loudspeakers and Crown amplifiers.
Established in 1971, Eun-pa Church has been providing worship services for more than 50 years. The church’s current facility was built in 2004 and required renovation after almost 20 years of use, including structural reinforcements to increase safety as well as a new sound reinforcement system for improved sound quality and flexibility.
TechDataPS reports that their client wanted the highest quality-audio system within their budget and was not satisfied after receiving quotes from multiple brands. They added that after visiting TechDataPS' showroom, the church’s pastor personally selected the JBL VTX A8 loudspeakers because he was satisfied with their performance.
For primary sound reinforcement, TechDataPS decided an 8-inch loudspeaker was the right choice for the size of the space, deploying a total of 12 JBL VTX A8 line array loudspeakers (six per side). While the church had previously used a number of delay speakers to cover the area under its balcony, the VTX A8s provided more than enough coverage on their own, eliminating the need for additional speakers.
To meet the church’s request for powerful bass output, TechDataPS supplemented the main line arrays with two JBL VTX B18 subwoofers per side
To power the system, TechDataPS equipped the church with Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD amplifiers.
Eun-pa Church described the new audio system as simp

casacarmen1-9900000000079e3cCasa Carmen installs Martin Audio CDD system
Tuesday, 24 May 2022

USA - Following a successful installation at La Grande Boucherie in Midtown Manhattan last year, Bond Applied Technology has again installed Martin Audio’s CDD speaker series in another top New York restaurant.
This time, the action moved to the TriBeCa district of Lower Manhattan, and a new boutique Mexican restaurant called Casa Carmen, which has been equipped with 10 ultra-compact CDD6 enclosures and four concealed SX110 subwoofers.
Collaborating once again with interior designer Julien Legeard (of Legeard Studio) -as at La Grande Boucherie - Bond director, Christopher Mayes-Wright, once again adopted the coaxial differential dispersion technology of Martin Audio’s tried and trusted CDD.
“My experience with CDD speakers has been nothing but amazing every time,” says Mayes-Wright. “I’ve been able to compare them in situ with other similar speakers and the clarity and accuracy of imaging and voicing is noticeably miles better.
“Some folks think this is irrelevant in an installation environment where there are so many factors affecting acoustic performance - asymmetrical rooms, a mixture of often highly reflective materials such as tiles and glass. But I believe that in these circumstances it’s even more important to have a perfectly tight and controlled sound coming from your loudspeakers, to avoid what I call the ‘shopping mall effect’, which you find in lots of spaces where the sound comes from above.
“What tends to happen is that the sound energy just floats around untamed in a vast layer above the heads of the


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