Bose ArenaMatch debuts at Philips Stadion
Friday, 2 August 2019
philipsstadionphoto3The installation features ArenaMatch Utility loudspeakers
The Netherlands - Philips Stadion, home to PSV in Eindhoven, is the first venue in the world to install ArenaMatch DeltaQ loudspeaker line arrays and ArenaMatch Utility loudspeakers from Bose Professional.
Audio, video and lighting sales and rental firm Bazelmans AV completed the installation of the Bose loudspeakers at the 35,000-capacity stadium in time for kick off of the team’s first game of the second half of the season early this year.
"The design of the sound system was made especially for Philips Stadion,” says Wiljan Bazelmans, commercial director for Bazelmans AV, which is headquartered in Veldhoven. The combination of the latest Bose Professional loudspeakers, power amplifiers and signal processors enables Philips Stadion to play high-quality music via loudspeaker arrays while at the same time delivering clearly audible voice announcements to every seat in the venue.
The new Bose Professional ArenaMatch line of loudspeakers is designed to deliver improved sound quality, consistency, vocal clarity and flexibility to outdoor venues such as sports stadiums, arenas, outdoor entertainment centres and elsewhere. Bose Professional announced the launch of ArenaMatch to coincide with the unveiling of the installation at Philips Stadion. The one-off collaboration with Bose Professional was made possible by an alliance between Heijmans, ABC Finance, Bazelmans AV and PSV.
Philips Stadion commercial director Frans Janssen remarks, "The design of the sound system was made especially for the Philips Stadion. The sound boxes and equipment are of the highest quality. This increases the perception of the PSV matches held here to Champions League level – the level at which we want to be."
The system includes the following Bose Professional components: 128 ArenaMatch outdoor line array modules, 56 ArenaMatch Utility AMU206 and 24 ArenaMatch Utility AMU108 speakers, as well as more than two dozen RoomMatch Utility RMU105 and RMU208 speakers.
Over 50 PowerMatch PM8500N and PM4250N networked amplifiers drive the Philips Stadion system, which is managed and optimized by a dozen ControlSpace EX-1280C processors.
(Jim Evans)

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