Brompton Technology powers car chase stage
Friday, 24 June 2022
bromptonOn the set of Anka
Turkey - Pioneering virtual production house MGX Studio recently delivered the country’s first film with car chase action scenes, enabled by a LED stage powered by Brompton Technology processing.
Owned by MGX Film and based in Istanbul, MGX Studio is Turkey’s first virtual production (VP) studio and, since its inception in 2021, has already delivered a number of high-profile productions, including projects with Netflix and award-winning Turkish production company, Autonomy.
The studio set up comprises a 9,600×1,536 pixels resolution 100sq.m curved LED wall, along with 125sq.m of LED ceiling panels, which are used for lighting and reflections. This configuration is powered using three Brompton Tessera SX40 processors and five Tessera XD 10G data distribution units to provide a 10-bit colour depth image.
Entitled Anka, the film’s plot concerns the rising career of a racing car driver. Investor and owner of MGX Film, Müşvik Guluzade, was a pivotal figure in the realisation of the project. His commitment included personal involvement at ground level in driving training of the actors and staging action and special effects scenes.
“We were very proud last year when MGX completed a feature film project called A Better Tomorrow, where 85% of material was shot using virtual production. The fact that this technology has led to Turkey's first action car chase film has roused great excitement,” says Guluzade. “MGX’s virtual production technology enables directors and filmmakers to create enriched interactive environments for a wealth of film and TV projects. It’s a huge leap forward for the Turkish film industry, which, thanks to MGX Studio, is making a valid contribution to global cinema.”
Using Brompton Technology's ShutterSync and 14-way CC features, the Anka production team was able to manage both colour consistency and control, as well as the FPS value of the camera and the refresh rate of the LED screens, offering a reliable foundation for the virtual production.
“The Tessera SX40 has offered the team reliability, as well as outstanding performance when it comes to image and colour quality,” says Mete Mümtaz, MGX’s Virtual Production specialist. “By placing the car in the right position and mapping the video content to the LED screen, we got the perspective required, as well as consistent and accurate colour.”

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