Buddhists Association upgrades with Harman
Thursday, 7 May 2020
young-buddhists-association-2The YBAT Vipassana Meditation Headquarters in Bangkok hosts multiple meditation and Dhamma courses
Thailand - To provide good quality sound for speakers and performers, Mahajak Development Co recently equipped the Young Buddhists Association of Thailand headquarters with a Harman Professional Solutions audio system featuring solutions from JBL, Crown, Soundcraft and BSS.
Young Buddhists Association of Thailand (YBAT) is a youth organisation dedicated to educating youths who are interested in Theravadan Tripitaka. Opened in 2006, the YBAT Vipassana Meditation Headquarters in Bangkok is home to the Mind and Wisdom Development Institute and hosts multiple meditation and Dhamma courses. To ensure clear, intelligible sound during classes and special events, YBAT hired distributor Mahajak Development Co to upgrade their existing audio solution.
“The YBAT management wanted to upgrade their existing sound system with a robust audio solution that would enable them to spread their message powerfully, stirring every member in the practice room,” explains Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, director of project, Mahajak Development Co. “We selected the JBL line array column loudspeakers for their powerful output, versatility and sleek design.”
Mahajak equipped the venue with JBL CBT 200LA-1 and CBT 100LA-1 line array column speakers throughout the venue. Mahajak selected JBL Control 28-1 loudspeakers as stage monitors for their high output and sleek appearance. The system is powered by Crown XLS 2502 and XLS 1502 amplifiers.
To provide staff with a simple and intuitive means of controlling the sound, Mahajak selected a Soundcraft Si Expression 1 digital mixing console.
Signals are routed throughout the venue using a BSS BLU-100 processor, which offers up to 48 channels of low-latency audio over traditional Cat 5e cabling. In the control room, Mahajak selected JBL 305P MKII studio monitors.
"We put our trust in Mahajak to renovate our existing audio system and they delivered exactly what we asked for,” says a spokesperson of YBAT. “We needed a system that would give us world-class sound quality, as well as the flexibility for future upgrades. Harman’s audio systems, with their advanced technology and level of sophistication, have transformed our way of engaging with the larger community.”

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