Collective Sessions launch COVID-safe facility
Wednesday, 24 June 2020
tcspresslogo-The Collective Sessions offer artists ‘a return to high quality plug & play production’

UK - A cooperative of top-flight crew and suppliers have come together to launch The Collective Sessions to provide a cost-effective, ‘stream worthy’, fully functional live space, equipped with a full-scale production and adhering to COVID safety guidelines.
Offering adaptable space at Millennium Studios for rehearsals, live-streaming or the recording of live performances, the initiative is the brainchild of Simon Schofield, who has coordinated video teams for the likes of The Rolling Stones, Metallica and Arcade Fire, along with Suzi Green, tour manager for clients such as PJ Harvey, The Chemical Brothers and Marina. Having watched their livelihoods disappear overnight due to the pandemic, they felt strongly there must be a way to help both themselves and colleagues in the same situation and provide an economical platform that would benefit others. 
Completing the partnership are Really Creative Media (RCM) providing a significant video package, plus GLS Lighting and Urban Audio Productions providing substantial lighting and audio packages. With this in-house core production setup already in place, costs to artists are minimised, with COVID safety guidelines adhered to.
Having all worked together across various tours and festivals, the team behind The Collective Sessions are putting their time, expertise and equipment into this on a cost and profit share basis. "Because we're all in this together, we're able to offer a significantly reduced rate for a fully resourced facility and it also means anyone hiring the space will be directly helping support industry freelancers and small businesses in these tough times," say Schofield and Green.
RCM will provide a comprehensive base camera package, allowing remote camera management, so that all bands capture their rehearsals and performances in HD and safely. Bands can opt for upgrades such as a roving steady cam, with additional camera options available to expand their broadcast options. A vision gallery and live-streaming technology will also be installed on-site. Projection and LED screen options will also be available, with RCM video-directors giving bands wide ranging options of visual creativity.
RCM’s Nick Dew states: “If bands and fans can’t come together for a live show, we’re taking the approach that ‘all the world is a stage’ and we are the players to make that stage a creative, professionally exciting virtual platform. It’s very exciting to be working with Millennium Studios and other partners to deliver The Collective Sessions. The live music industry is in a tough place, so we’re happy to be giving artists the chance to connect with their audiences with high quality live-streaming, creativity, tech production and recording possibilities at a reasonable cost.”
Having developed Virtual Stage, to bring bands together through live-streaming, to perform ‘as a virtual band’ from remote locations, this further expands RCM’s offering to artists. The Collective Sessions introduces a ‘hybrid’ model, to turn a studio performance into a thrilling spectacle, with the kind of creative output you’d expect to see from a live band at a concert.
Dew continues: “Our in-house technology, alongside Millennium Studio’s new dedicated performance space, means we can combine live-streaming broadcast technology, alongside creative content generation and performance capture, to enable professionally produced live streaming performances and presentations.”
Digital ticketing partners will be announced shortly, enabling artists to sell tickets to fans and fund their production costs should they wish to ticket their session.
(LSi Online)

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