DAS Audio helps Orlando outdoor worship
Thursday, 7 May 2020
das-distancingOutdoor worship in Orlando
USA - While some churches have ignored the shelter-in-place orders - to the disdain of many - Orlando’s Experience Christian Centre took a decidedly different approach. By taking their Good Friday worship service outdoors to a parking lot, church officials were able to satisfy their congregation’s desire for spiritual guidance while maintaining social distancing. It proved to be both an uplifting and responsible approach for everyone. To ensure the congregation could hear the message clearly, sound was delivered by a healthy assortment of loudspeaker enclosures from DAS Audio.
Orlando, FL-based MTI Sound, Lighting, and Staging, an event production services company that addresses a wide range of projects, was contracted to provide sound, staging, and lighting for Experience Christian Centre’s outdoor worship service.
Utilising loudspeakers drawn from DAS Audio’s Aero and Road Series catalogues, the MTI team delivered a robust sound system that provided the power, clarity, and music reproduction characteristics essential to maintain pace with the contemporary worship style characteristic of Experience Christian Centre. Scott Shryock, MTI’s President and CEO, discussed the project and his reason for selecting DAS Audio.
“Guided by Pastor Derrick McRae, Experience Christian Centre offers a contemporary worship experience that is both spiritually and musically uplifting,” Shryock reports. “In order to ensure suitable coverage while providing both a high level of speech intelligibility and the music reproduction capability essential for their services, we elected to ground stack a healthy assortment of DAS Audio loudspeakers.”
“Ultimately, the setup included eight DAS Aero-20A 2-way powered line array enclosures, four LX-218 subwoofers, six Road-12A 2-way powered stage monitors, and two Road-15A 2-way powered stage monitors,” Shryock continues. “For both the left and right mains, we placed four Aero-20A enclosures atop two LX-218 subwoofers. Four Road-12A stage monitors provided the monitor setup for the pastor and the accompanying praise vocal team while the remaining two Road-12A enclosures and the two Road-15A monitors provided the praise band with their monitor setup.”
Reflecting on the outcome of the Good Friday service, Shryock notes: “The service went very well, and everyone was appreciative of the sound quality. With the necessity to maintain the required six feet of separation among everyone, the congregation was spread over a sizeable area. The DAS setup delivered exceptional sound quality - with every spoken word coming through crystal clear while the accompanying music was vibrant and uplifting. Presently, services are videotaped and provided online for the congregation, but Pastor McRae wanted to make their Good Friday service special - and without any doubt, it was!”
(Jim Evans)

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