The audio element is centred around a DiGiCo S21 mixing console
Serbia - The Kulturni Centar Zrenjanina (KCZR), or the Cultural Centre of Zrenjanin, stands as a multifaceted institution dedicated to the promotion of culture and is actively involved in curating concerts, thematic forums, exhibitions, film shows, and professional gatherings in the vibrant city of Zrenjanin.
The centre takes pride in its own artistic endeavours for compelling productions. Such diverse activities demand the integration of top-notch, professional audio-visual equipment for the main stage. Through successful participation in a public procurement process initiated by the City of Zrenjanin, AVL Projekt, DiGiCo products Serbian distributor, was granted the opportunity to deliver, install, and commission a complete AV system, tailored to fulfil KCZR's requirements.
The audio element is centred around a DiGiCo S21 mixing console which offers significant enhancements for the performance of music and stage programmes, as well as film screenings, and provides exciting potential for artistic creation and expression.
The 48-channel DiGiCo S21 is equipped with a DMI card, plus two portable 16 input, eight output IO expander DiGiCo A168 Stages to handle live sound, recording, playback, and FX. “Additionally, the centre has a selection of dynamic and condenser instrumental microphones, as well as microphones dedicated to choir and speech reinforcement,” says Dragoslav Beljin, audio engineer at AVL Projekt.
Following the installation, Beljin provided a two-day in-depth training to AV technicians Bojan Stanulov, and Srdjan Devic, both part of KCZR’s technical crew.

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