DW Windsor revives Bridlington seafront
Monday, 25 October 2021
bridlingtonOn the Bridlington waterfront
UK - On the East coast of Yorkshire, Bridlington is a popular seaside destination for days out and family holidays.
Lacking any major redevelopment for almost three decades, the seafront’s public spaces were in need of regeneration. So in 2019, East Riding of Yorkshire Council embarked on an ambitious £4m project to transform an area between Garrison Square and Regent Gardens, reinvigorating the space with a new, colourful look.
Crucial to the revitalisation plan was the installation of new lighting elements within the communal areas. Lighting design practice, Sutton Vane Associates, was appointed by engineering consultants Sweco to design a lighting scheme that added vibrancy to the site whilst also providing a practical benefit after dark.
To help realise their creative vision for the location, Sutton Vane Associates commissioned outdoor lighting specialist, DW Windsor, to develop a custom lighting solution to fulfil the new design.
DW Windsor worked with Sutton Vane Associates to create several bespoke, illuminated totems that formed the centrepiece of the new lighting scheme. The totems are lit from top to bottom and incorporate colour-changing functionality, which can be set for different purposes, such as celebrating holidays and calendar events.
In addition, Sutton Vane Associated specified DW Windsor’s inground linear lighting solution, Vaio, to further enhance the walkways along the seafront. Given the coastal location, the lighting needed to withstand highly variable weather conditions. Vaio is a fully encapsulated IP67 LED system, ensuring its robustness even in these extremities.
Guy Bolton, special projects co-ordinator at DW Windsor, comments, “Seaside locations are always a joy to work on, whilst bringing some unique challenges. Thanks to our extensive portfolio, we were able to offer robust lighting that can withstand the elements and vehicle traffic.”
Edward Sutton-Vane from Sutton Vane Associates adds, “Bridlington is a much-loved seaside resort that needed rejuvenating. The seafront area has been completely brought to life by Sweco’s excellent landscape engineering, complemented by a range of lighting elements specified by Sutton Vane Associates, including the coloured light totems produced by DW Windsor.
“By working closely with DW Windsor, we achieved a fantastic result that both the local council and residents are delighted with. The seafront now has a new lease of life as a fun, vibrant space in the day and an attractive, colourful location at night.”

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