Fenix Stage provided the trusses for the booth assembly
Portugal - The Intermunicipal Community of the Coimbra Region (CIM/RC) attracted much interest at BTL 2023 with its innovative and immersive booth.
CIM/RC was the only booth at the fair to replace promotional paper with digital screens, emphasising sustainability and quick and easy access to information. The booth was composed of a municipal counter, an auditorium for presentations and a total of 240m² that invited visitors to live a unique experience with the projections on its LED screens.
“The CIM/RC booth was the result of many months of preparation, idea development, concept and project design,” says Gaspar Magarreiro, director of Creative LED. “It culminated in four days of intense work by 38 technicians from different areas who carried out another successful project. The immersive experience of the booth was made possible thanks to a 100m², circular screen, lighting and special effects that took visitors on a sensory journey to feel the Coimbra Region. This magnificent work was designed and installed by the Creative LED team, using Fenix Stage structures and lifting towers”
CIM/RC's innovative approach to promoting their region and attracting tourism is a testament to the power of creativity and improvisation. The success of the booth would not have been possible without the commitment, dedication and hard work of the CIM/RC technicians and team.
For its part, Creative LED, a regular client of Fenix Stage and a leading company in the area of event production and content creation in Portugal, is a creative agency in the multimedia and audiovisual area, aimed at events, stages, shows and booths.
Alex Bryan, international sales director comments: "At Fenix Stage we have a great relationship with Creative LED and we are proud every time they do a rig with our products. It's always a pleasure to have professionals of such experience and size make use of our towers, stages, etc., not only for serial products, but also for projects that require customised products.”

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