L-Acoustics reinforces Russian Palaces of Culture
Tuesday, 4 January 2022
larussian-palaces-of-culture1Moscow’s Palace of Culture Kapotnya features mains hangs of L-Acoustics A15 Focus and A15 Wide
Russia - Art and culture are central to Russia’s heritage, and the country’s cultural institutions play an integral role in its citizens’ lives. Two such institutions are the multifunctional Palace of Culture ‘Kapotnya’ in Moscow and the Polyarnye Zori Palace of Culture in the far north city of Polyarnye Zori. Both were opened in the 1970s, and both organise leisure activities, introduce residents to creativity and art, and work to preserve national and cultural traditions that support the development of social initiatives of their respective local populations.
L-Acoustics certified provider distributor for Russia, Sonoruss, recently installed L-Acoustics A Series in both cultural centres.
“All Palace of Culture venues are by nature multifunctional, therefore the systems that we propose need to accommodate anything from theatre shows, festivals and music concerts to masterclasses, lectures, and citizen gatherings,” says Sonoruss CEO Igor Verkholat. “While the mission may be the same, each of these two venues has its own unique challenges and objectives. Using Soundvision, an essential part of any L-Acoustics design workflow, we did electro-acoustic simulations and mechanical calculations to develop a sound system that met both design targets.”
For the Polyarnye Zori Palace of Culture, the main requirement was to provide uniform coverage across the entire hall, considering its specific architectural structure, which includes a low stage and boxes that accommodate lighting along each side of the auditorium. A left/right system with no front-fill was deemed the optimum solution. Therefore, the main system comprises three A15 topped with two KS21 subs with four X12 cabinets used as floor monitors for the artists on stage. “Panflex allowed us to adjust the sound directivity of A15 to exclude the lighter boxes from the coverage areas,” adds Igor Novikov, Sonoruss technical director.
Working together with integrator Matrix Engineering, Sonoruss performed electro-acoustical calculations and final tuning of the system. Both teams developed a complete audio solution perfectly matched to the venue’s specific architectural attributes, delivering flexibility for any type of show or event.
“In February, a grand opening concert took place with both artists and audience enjoying uniform, crystal clear sound, which reached every seat in the hall,” says Verkholat. “We received amazing feedback from the technical team of the City Palace, and the audience and the artists. The Head of the Regional Ministry of Culture was also impressed by the audio upgrade, stating it would be instrumental in helping to bring more high-level shows into the venue.”
Similarly, a full-scale renovation of the stage was completed at the theatre and concert hall of the Palace of Culture ‘Kapotnya’ in Moscow, where Sonoruss worked together with TTTPro (Theatre Techniques and Technologies) to install a new L-Acoustics system.
“Here, we were also tasked with designing a comprehensive and reliable sound reinforcement system that would provide uniform coverage for a wide range of activities for the 530-capacity hall,” explains Verkholat. “Once again, we used Soundvision to determine the exact location of each cabinet to ensure uniform coverage and imaging.”
The final system comprises left/right hangs of three A15 Focus and one A15 Wide, each flanked by a hang of three KS21 subs in a cardioid configuration. Six 5XT are integrated into the stage lip for front-fill. Eight X15HiQ stage floor monitors provide clear sound and speech reproduction during rehearsals and shows for the performers.
“Together with our partners, our team has once again been able to bring the renowned L-Acoustics sound quality to these two amazing institutions of culture, education, and entertainment,” concludes Verkholat.

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