LIPA Sixth Form College adds Audient
Tuesday, 9 October 2018
lipaThe Audient ASP8024 Heritage Edition is now installed in the new recording studio
UK - An Audient ASP8024 Heritage Edition is now installed at the new recording studio in LIPA Sixth Form College, Liverpool, where sound technician, John Kershaw - a LIPA graduate himself, therefore fully conversant with Audient products - is very pleased at its arrival. “It is our hope that tech students from LIPA Sixth Form will graduate and gain a place at LIPA HE to study on the Sound Tech degree programme. Having already used the ASP8024-HE in college, they should feel right at home with LIPA’s studios housing two original ASP8024s,” he says.
With a variety of courses on offer including Sound Technology and Music, the studio is already enjoying heavy footfall. “We take in around 15 sound technology students every academic year, who will spend most of their time between the recording studio, Mac lab and theatre. All our music students will complete a recording module during their time here too,” he explains.
“We also have a couple of Audient iD4 audio interfaces dotted around the college. These little boxes are great for recording vocals, dialogue and for re-recording individual tracks on studio projects. They look and feel like the master section of an analogue desk,” concludes Kershaw.
(Jim Evans)

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