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Wednesday, 11 December 2019
litegear-btsLiteGear’s Mike Bauman, Al DeMayo, Mike Wagner and Paul Royalty presenting the cheque to Lori Rubinstein and Rick Rudolph form Behind the Scenes
USA - Every time someone buys one of LiteGear’s popular LiteMat fixtures they are helping an industry colleague who is seriously ill or injured. That’s because LiteGear has pledged a portion of the profits of the sales of all LiteMat fixtures to Behind the Scenes and at the recent LDI show they presented a cheque to the charity for $10,000.
LiteGear are designers and builders of LED lighting products for professionals in the ccinema, TV, and HD video industries and are pioneers behind the popularisation of flexible LED lighting for use in cinema and TV lighting applications. The LiteMat fixtures are designed to offer soft yet controllable light for location or studio work. Available in six sizes, these bi-color LED fixtures are made of a composite of polypropylene and sheet aluminum making Series 2 LiteMat and LiteMat+ one of the thinnest and lightest luminaires in its category.
On presenting the cheque, LiteGear CEO, Mike Wagner, stated, “Many of our customers are like family to LiteGear. As the company was started by a group of filmmakers, we take great pride in supporting charities like Behind the Scenes, which directly supports those in the field.”
Lori Rubinstein, executive director of Behind the Scenes, commented, “Once again LiteGear has demonstrated their heartfelt commitment to ensuring those in need won’t be evicted from their homes or have their heat and water turned off, that they’ll be able to afford medications and doctor visits. Their inclusion of information about Behind the Scenes in every shipment of LiteMat fixtures lets customers know the impact of their purchase and spreads the word that help is available to those in need.”
(Jim Evans)

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