Martin solution for Seoul Dragon City
Monday, 14 January 2019
seoulThe venue hosts a wide range of upscale events
South Korea - Seoul Dragon City is Seoul features upscale accommodations, fine dining and world-class entertainment. The hotel complex wanted its luxurious facilities to benefit from a new lighting solution suitable for a wide range of upscale events.
To achieve this, Seoul Dragon City hired lighting specialists Hansam System, who deployed a comprehensive Martin lighting solution comprised of RUSH MH 5 Profile, RUSH MH 6 Wash, RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom, RUSH PAR 2 RBGW Zoom, MAC Aura XB, MAC Quantum Profile, MAC Quantum Wash and MAC Axiom Hybrid fixtures.
“Seoul Dragon City wanted to build their facilities with cutting-edge LED fixtures to create more versatile and dynamic lighting effects,” says Sun-Gyun Kim, sales manager at Hansam System. “The biggest challenge was protecting the Mac Axiom Hybrid and Quantum Wash fixtures on the Sky Beach’s rooftop lounge from external weather conditions - we had to install a specialised dome housing for their performance outside.”
Hansam System outfitted both ballrooms at the Seoul Dragon City with RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom and RUSH PAR 2 RBGW Zoom fixtures capable of creating bright, colorful lighting displays with minimal heat output. New MAC Aura XB fixtures were installed for their superior colour mixing and tight, powerful beams. MAC Quantum Profile fixtures provide fast, smooth CMY color mixing, crisp gobo projection and unique beam animations for creating immersive lighting effects.
Hansam System equipped the top-floor Sky Kingdom facilities with MAC Aura XB and MAC Quantum Profile fixtures, as well as RUSH MH 5 Profile and RUSH MH 6 Wash fixtures to provide bright, punchy lighting effects. For the Sky Beach lounge, Hansam deployed the MAC Axiom Hybrid and MAC Quantum Wash fixtures, which offer diffused wash functionality and create exceptional lighting effects for flat landscapes such as beaches.
“At Seoul Dragon City we want to offer a one-of-a-kind experience for our guests,” said Jong-Young, Lee, Seobu T&D (system integrator). “Seoul Dragon City Hotel often host elite events such as corporate launch parties and weddings in our ballrooms, Sky Kingdom and Sky Beach facilities. For that reason, our client needed a versatile lighting solution capable of creating unique displays and stunning backdrops during these events.”
(Jim Evans)

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