National Football Stadium
Saturday, 18 August 2001
David Atkinson Lighting Design has just completed an extensive design for the National Football Museum in Preston on behalf of Land Design Studio.

The museum was split into two areas, the first being ‘Finney’ - an area which covered the invention of the game, its development over the last 150 years, and what the future is likely to hold for both players and supporters.

Finney was designed with a high proportion of complex graphic panels which were either flat or multi-layered. Atkinson spec’d a light from Commercial Lighting Systems, which utilized twin 36W compact fluorescent lamps. To this he added barndoors and a filter holder to wash the various graphic panels. To add definition and depth to some of the multi-layered panels, he fitted T5 encapsulite tubes to the reverse of the panels. The exhibits were lit with low voltage profiles, floods and fibre optic sources.

The contrasting second area of the exhibition , ‘Shankley’ is much more of an interactive space. Ross Hopcraft the designer wanted to create a strong aesthetical lighting feature to the exhibition, which Atkinson achieved using the Targetti F1 system. From this, strong ambient washes of green filtered light were projected with accent lighting to the various interactive features. In addition to the F1, Atkinson also added Strand SL architectural (HID) fixtures to project gobo images of netting across the floor and graphics.

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