Nexo on track for Deauville races
Thursday, 10 November 2022
deauvilleThe Hippodrome Deauville-La-Touques
France - Another French horse racing course has installed a Nexo sound system, this time at the famous Hippodrome Deauville-La-Touques located in Deauville in the Calvados department, in the Normandy region.
A system installed by French AV technology specialists Manganelli and designed using Nexo’s NS-1 configuration and prediction software consists of 10 x Nexo P8 point source speakers covering the stands and a similar number the larger P10 cabinets addressing the lawned areas in front of the stand up to the edge of the track. Cabinets and mounting brackets are finished in a custom paint colour to match the underside of the roof, allowing the system to blend in seamlessly with the design of the stand.
“There are a number of reasons why we choose Nexo P+ Series for Deauville,” reports Manganelli directeur général François Gazagnes. “First, we needed an IP54-rated speaker that can withstand the weather in an exposed coastal location. Then, the variable horn directivity gave us the 100° X 100° HF coverage we needed for the bleachers and 110° X 60° for the track. Finally, the speakers fitted perfectly into the design of the stand and were very easy to install, thanks to the quality and versatility of the mounting hardware.
“In the end, we achieved an optimal and uniform coverage of the space thanks to the power, frequency range and directivity of the P+ Series speakers, along with excellent intelligibility.”
Commenting on behalf of the course operators France Galop, operational director of races head of technical design office Thierry Migeon says, “I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Manganelli and Nexo teams for the quality of work and the quality of sound. We are really satisfied with the result.”

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