Noise Nest pumps up the volume with PMC
Friday, 29 January 2021
noise-nest-internal-2‘Noise Nest is now a multi-purpose content factory’
USA - Noise Nest, a production complex owned by drummer, producer and entrepreneur Nick Gross, has undergone significant expansion over the last 12 months and now boasts five recording studios - all of which feature PMC monitoring.
Based in Los Angeles, this facility chose PMC’s flagship QB1-A in-wall main monitors for its recently opened Studio A, while its remaining four studios use a mixture of PMC IB1S-A, twotwo.6 and twotwo.8 monitors for nearfield duties.
“Choosing a PMC QB1 system for Studio A was a no- brainer because they are simply amazing,” Nick Gross says. “They sound clean and rounded, even at very high volumes. They reproduce the audio in such a pure way that you get to hear exactly what you are recording with no compromises.”
He adds that everyone who has used the studio has been equally impressed, especially Noise Nest’s HipHop customers who like to crank the monitors up as loud as possible and blast their music through them.
“I was introduced to PMC speakers by my friend and mentor, Dr. Luke,” Gross says. “He has an even bigger QB1 set up in his studio and when I heard them, I was literally blown away. I also loved the aesthetic of them - they look incredibly cool, and for someone like me who is a very visual person, this was an important consideration.”
Located in Hollywood’s media district, Noise Nest started out 10 years ago as a songwriting and recording space for Nick Gross’ own projects. It quickly gained a reputation for being a highly creative space to work and soon other artists were booking in, attracted by its vibe, which is the antithesis of corporate.
Gross, who still records and performs with a variety of bands, now uses the complex as a base for Gross Labs, his entertainment, media and investment company. Launched in 2018, Gross Labs encompasses Big Noise Music Group, a record label and music publishing company that he set up with Vagrant Records’ co-founders Jon Cohen and John “Feldy” Feldmann; Noise Nest Animation; eSports organization Team Rogue, and an education platform called Find Your Grind.
“Noise Nest is now a multi-purpose, multi-use content factory,” Gross says. “While music remains at the core of what we do, we also create content for many of the other projects we are involved in, and we host a lot of our internal publishing and label clients who get to use the space for free.”

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