Orchard Theatre reaps fruit of Nexo sound
Friday, 5 October 2001
Theatre specialist Stagetec UK Ltd has recently completed the installation of a brand new Nexo sound system at the Orchard theatre in Dartford, complete with Crown amplification and signal processing from Sabine, all supplied by UK distributor Fuzion plc. Stagetec’s managing director Andy Stone explained that the Orchard approached them with a basic specification around which Stagetec could suggest some options. As a result, Stagetec proposed three different systems, which were modelled on the acoustical modelling package EASE to provide an indication of sound pressure levels and coverage, of which two were demo'd on site. After hearing the results of the shoot-out, Orchard's project manager, Bob Clutterham, chief electrician Andy Coleman, and stage manager Lee Edmundson decided to go with the Nexo system.

Stone said: "Apart from the obvious audio quality of the Nexo, one of the factors that swayed the decision was built-in protection that the system offers. The Orchard is a big regional theatre with a huge variety of acts passing through from rock concerts to touring plays and musicals to opera and ballet, and even conferences. With the usual mix of professional and amateur companies, the Orchard staff specifically wanted a system that was very difficult to blow up! As well as delivering high quality audio and being extremely compact, that's exactly what the Nexo offers."

The system comprises eight Nexo PS-15s, two of which are flown to form a central cluster and a further pair are situated either side of the proscenium arch. The remaining pair offers additional reinforcement should it be required. Four Nexo LS-1200s cater for sub bass requirements, two of which are flown and two of which remain in reserve for more demanding productions, and three Nexo PS-8s serve as balcony delays. The PS-15s and subs are driven by Crown MA Series amplifiers while a Crown CE2000 looks after the PS-8s. System processing comes courtesy of a Crown IQ USM-810 digital processor whilst equalisation remains the domain of three Sabine GRAPHI-Qs. The desk is a Soundcraft K2.

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