The Golden Isles Church of God serves the greater community of Brunswick, Georgia
USA - Bringing together faith, family and friends, the Golden Isles Church of God serves the greater community of Brunswick, Georgia, and the outlying barrier islands. Spanish explorers seeking gold descended upon the territory more than 400 years ago, only to find golden isles rather than gold, hence the region’s name.
The traditional styling of the church’s mid-sized sanctuary - with hardwood pews, high lofty ceilings and a raised central dais - hampered the speech intelligibility of events and services. To better serve the congregation’s evolving worship needs, the church decided to modernise the sanctuary’s decor and functionality. Renkus-Heinz’s expertise in taming acoustically challenging spaces greatly benefitted the retrofit.
The church turned to Brian Bush, co-owner of All Seasons Audio, to redesign and retrofit the sanctuary’s audio system. All Seasons Audio contacted independent manufacturer’s representative Richard Hembree of Griffith Sales Associates to assist with the design.
“The old audio system didn’t cover the room evenly,” said Bush. “But we had to reuse the original loudspeaker mounting points due to limited access above the ceiling. To help overcome the layout limitations, we recommended Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers for their acoustic performance.”
All Seasons Audio deployed a centre array of four Varia VX101 loudspeakers with individual VX101s used for side-fills and a choir monitor. Varia’s configurable enclosures and ingenious hardware made it easy to custom design an array for the sanctuary.
Finishing out the system were two DRS18-2 subwoofers and two TX82 point source loudspeakers used as floor wedges next to the pulpit.
The church and congregation were thrilled with the new audio system, commenting: “Now it sounds amazing in there.”
“The Varia line arrays were the perfect solution for Golden Isles’ sanctuary,” says Bush. “The wide range of vertical and horizontal dispersion angles they support made it easy for us to design a custom solution that could be mounted from the original hang points and fill the space with great audio everywhere.”

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