Seoul church installs dLive
Thursday, 21 July 2016
Seoul church installs dLiveThe newly-installed dLive at FOH with Mr. Won in Dongshin Church
Korea - Located in the heart of Seoul, South Korea's Dongshin Presbyterian Church recently installed Allen & Heath's dLive digital mixing system as part of the Church's developing digital-based AV system.

Dongshin Church celebrated its 60th anniversary this year, and the building was named as a 'Seoul Legacy for the Future' by the city in 2014.

Comprising a S5000 Control Surface and a DM48 MixRack, the new system replaces the incumbent GL3800 analogue mixer.

"The relationship between A&H and Dongshin Church started with the GL3800, and we also installed a Qu-32 in the Education Centre last year. Migrating from analogue to digital is a big step but we knew we could trust A&H products," said Seongyeon Won, who is in charge of A/V system at the church.

"We did evaluate other brands for the main FOH console but dLive won hands down on product specifications, such as the dual 12" touch screen, easy navigation and expandability options."

The dLive surface and Mixrack are installed in the A/V control room, with a DX32 I/O expansion rack installed at the front corner of the chapel.

(Jim Evans)

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