Titans light Kamaz birthday celebrations
Friday, 21 May 2021
astera-kamaz-trucks-16-10-38Astera Titan Tubes proved to be the right solution (photo: Artem Sagaidak)
Russia - Truck brand Kamaz - Dakar Rally Truck category winners 18 times and lknown for their rally, drift, and stunt driver teams - celebrated its 45th anniversary with a spectacular live show, presentation and special event featuring jazz band Denis Matsuev & Friends, staged at its main factory in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan.
When Denis Matsuev suggested opening the event to the strains of orchestral suite Time Forward! by Georgy Sviridov, event director Irina Karimova had the idea of a video intro that would combine the movement of trucks with the rhythm and mood of the music. So, the event’s creative team decided to involve seven of the newest Kamaz-54901 tractor units in a ‘dance’ routine in the snow.
This challenged lighting designer Artem Sagaidak to produce some practical illuminative solutions for the video shoot and he turned to Astera Titan Tubes.
The video shoot site chosen was the factory’s helipad. Artem assessed the various lighting challenges including the erratic February weather and Astera Titan Tubes proved to be the right solution.
“I knew I needed to adopt an overall cinematic approach to lighting, and also that I required very flexible lights with onboard power, long battery life and wireless control,” explains Artem.
With no Titan Tubes in the vicinity and only four day before the shoot, he made a late-night call to Anton Anufriev from B-Right, Astera’s exclusive Russia and the CIS countries distribution, and the next day the fixtures were on their way from Moscow via rental company C-light.
Mugenov was the company responsible for the full technical support on the filming project.

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