TOA Network for RS
Wednesday, 4 July 2001
An elaborate TOA networked system forms the core of the new tone and voice signalling system at the head office and distribution centre of RS Components (UK) Ltd at Corby. Retrofitted by Provoice, the audio division of Burnley-based fire protection and voice evacuation specialists, Protec, the system is based around a centrally-sited, 32-zone SX-1000 audio management digital matrix, powered by a combination of TOA VP240, VP120 and VP60 amplifiers, housed within a suite of five ‘Access Series’ drive racks, manufactured by Wilshire & Quick.

There are 48 amplifiers in total, and since the system is plugging into a pre-existing PA set-up, using branched circuits, Provoice opted to use an impedance monitoring system, specially designed by TOA Germany, and featured for the first time in the UK. Prosound’s Jan Hawrot explained that the system contained four automatic messages and a computer signal indicator and test diagnostic.

The SX-1000 is ideal for both routing of simultaneous audio channels and fault monitoring and logging. It can be configured as a 64-audio input/128-audio output device, with 128 x 128 control inputs. The 16 audio busses enable simultaneous processing of up to 16 audio signals, while the software-driven operation makes complicated wiring set-ups unnecessary. Two SX1200 microphones have been installed - one located in the security control room and the other, which is integral to the main panel, in a dedicated system room. These will be used for paging to all zones. There are 59 wired speaker circuits and the system is interfaced with the existing Honeywell fire alarm system. The entire set-up is connected to one of RS’s onsite three-phase UPS systems.

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