TSL provided the lighting package for the three-day event
France - The much-anticipated League of Legends EMEA Championships (LEC) took place 8-10 September at the Sud de France Arena in Montpellier.
The popular e-sports tournament took place in front of a packed arena and was streamed live online, reaching peak viewing figures of over 650,000 during the final matchup between G2 Esports and Fnatic, which saw G2 take the win.
TSL provided the lighting package for the three-day event, working with head of production Ben Vignola from 1 Up Productions and lighting designer Mat Stovall on behalf of ConCom inc.
A broad range of TSL’s fixtures were utilised from manufacturers such as Ayrton, SGM, Robe, GLP, Martin and more. Over one hundred Ayrton Perseo Profiles were used to provide audience illumination as well as effect lighting.
TSL’s ever popular Robe Spiider enabled programmers Eric Barth and Zach Matusow to ensure that all players had strong keylight as well as provide eye candy effects via the fixture’s in-built flower effect.
Acting as backlight behind the players’ platforms and used to dramatically shape the stage were SGM Q8 DualSource Strobe / Flood / Blinders. Additionally, 50 Robe MegaPointe made sure that all beams in the show were razor sharp, punchy and crystal clear.
TSL also provided the control system, consisting entirely of grandMA3 Full Size consoles utilising data distribution via a network of Luminex Luminode 12 and Gigacore 16xt switches. Taking advantage of the Luminode’s “DMX Redundancy” feature alongside a dual redundancy fibre optic loop made sure that the system was fully backed up to protect even issues with individual data cables as well as a full network fail-over.
TSL account director, Dom Sheerman comments: “As always, the equipment was prepared and rigged to TSL’s high standards but a special mention has to go to our crew on these shows. This core team have worked together on many high-profile e-sports events for a number of years and with experience and teamwork built up over that time, they really do shine through. I am proud to have such a trusted team of professionals working for us.”

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