The 43,544-seat Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium
South Korea - To outfit the Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium with the latest in sound system technology, TechDataPS Co selected and installed a range of Harman Professional audio solutions.
Built to host the 2002 FIFA World Cup, the Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium is a 43,544-seat venue at the heart of the Ulsan Sports Park. With three stories and two basement floors, the stadium features a roof covering 87% of the four-sided stands supported by steel trusses designed to emulate the whale skeleton found in the hemisphere petroglyphs at Daegok-ri, Ulju. Additional pillars allude to the Silla Gold Crown, which inspired the stadium’s nickname, Big Crown.
A spokesperson for TechDataPS Co reported that the client requested a comprehensive revamp of the stadium’s 20-year-old audio system, but the venue’s unique structure left the installation team with limited placement options. To meet these challenges, the installation team selected JBL Professional, Crown, BSS and Soundcraft audio solutions.
The installation team implemented JBL VTX A8 line array loudspeakers as the system’s primary solution. Additionally, the IP55-rated JBL AWC129 and VLA-C2100 durable loudspeakers reinforce the sound and coverage for the first floor and upper levels, respectively. Crown DCi 4|1250N and DCi 4|1250DA amplifiers offer efficient power for the second and third floors while the DCi 2|600N and DCi 4|600N models do the same for the ground floor.
For the central control area, Soundcraft Vi2000 audio mixers with Vi Stageboxes and a JBL 308P MKII monitor, powered by a Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD amplifier, offer controls and mixing tools for consistent, studio-quality sound. Finally, BSS BLU-100 and BLU-DAN signal processors ensure low-latency and responsive audio throughout the entire stadium.
"Apart from delivering world-class performance, the new audio setup at Munsu Football Stadium had to meet great standards of reliability, durability and safety," said Amar Subash, director, channel management and audio solutions, Harman Professional Solutions, APAC. "We would like to thank our partner TechData PS for delivering on all those fronts, meeting the unique demands of the space so articulately and creating an immersive space for the audience and visitors of the stadium.”

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