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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Serious Impacts - Theatre figures have condemned the "catastrophic" reduction of arts education in schools, claiming it is having serious impacts on the diversity of the theatre industry. Curve artistic director Nikolai Foster led criticisms of the shrinking emphasis on creative education, claiming that "pathways" in place several decades ago have now disappeared. "Twenty-five or 30 years ago . . . in schools there were teachers who were encouraged, because of a curriculum, to share these great plays, these great stories. There were drama clubs, dance classes. Drama GCSEs and A Levels, theatre studies - these were subjects that the teachers were able to teach freely and speak about passionately, and have value for the students," Foster said. He was speaking as part of a panel on training opportunities at a diversity conference held in Leicester, at Curve. Foster continued, "It seems more and more nowadays that, apart from the syllabus being shrunk, a lot of students are channelled into a more academic route . . . Because of funding being squeezed, fewer young people can know that there is a drama club, or know that there's a youth theatre. That's the very first seed, and there's a barrier." Reality Cheque - Harry Shearer is taking legal action against entertainment group Vivendi, claiming it has denied him and others profits from 1984's This is Spinal Tap. Shearer accuses Vivendi, which acquired the film in 1989, of conducting a "fraudulent campaign" to hide revenues. According to Vivendi, the actor claims he and his co-creators were entitled to just

Rupert Neve Designs debuts Shelford ChannelRupert Neve Designs debuts Shelford Channel
Thursday, 29 September 2016

USA - New for AES 2016, Rupert Neve Designs has announced the Shelford Channel.

The Shelford Channel is built around Rupert Neve's first new transformer-gain, class A mic preamp in over 40 years. This new preamp design is complemented by the "best-of-the-classics" 1073- and 1064-inspired inductor EQ section from Rupert Neve Designs' existing Shelford 5051 and 5052 modules, a bold and powerful new diode bridge compressor inspired by the 2254 with additional functionality, a new dual-tap transformer output with high- and low-headroom outputs, variable Silk/Texture transformer saturation, and twice the operating voltage of Rupert Neve's vintage modules.

Says the company, "For decades, Rupert has often been asked to create a new design based around the same mic pre, EQ and compressor technologies that comprised his classic console modules. With the Shelford Channel, he and his team have not only recaptured the magic of those original designs, but have elevated these circuits with new levels of versatility and precision for the modern era. This unit delivers what can only be described as the combined essence of fifty years of Rupert Neve's designs."

(Jim Evans)

Community meets acoustic challenge of IKEACommunity meets acoustic challenge of IKEA
Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Canada - The landmark stores of leading home furnishings retailer IKEA are located in more than 50 countries worldwide. In Canada, IKEA has 12 stores which are visited by over 25m people every year. The company has just completed a new Distribution Centre warehouse in Mississauga, Ontario to fulfill customer orders from its four Toronto area stores as well as e-commerce purchases. The new facility will also support the growth plans for IKEA Canada in new and existing markets.

At 397,000sq.ft, the Distribution Centre presented an interesting acoustic challenge for the paging system, which covers both warehousing and offices. Now complete, the system was designed by Don Friesen of Stantec and installed by Genesis Integration.

Stantec chose Community R SeriesS to meet its criteria for a robust loudspeaker that could be implemented both indoors and out, providing high intelligibility and well controlled dispersion. A total of ninety-four Community R.25-94TZ loudspeakers were designated for optimum coverage.

A Mackenzie MiniMac was specified for digital voice recordings, and Lab.gruppen amplifiers were used to power the loudspeakers. Genesis decided that a Biamp TesiraFORTÉ VI with EX-OUT expanders would be the best choice for the management of all signals, as well as TrippLite for UPS backup.

Steve Eckensweiler, Genesis Integration's technical account manager, commented, "Acoustics in this space were definitely a challenge. With the loudspeakers 30ft up in the air and row after row of racking, the placement of the loudspeakers was critical. Through

Old Fort Church builds with CommunityOld Fort Church builds with Community
Tuesday, 27 September 2016

USA - Describing itself as "a real-life community on the move," Old Fort Church, Old Fort, OH completed its new building in time for Easter services in 2016. The church's 300-seat worship centre features modern video and lighting systems and a high-performance audio system with Community I Series loudspeakers.

Old Fort Church holds two worship services each Sunday. The first is a "blended experience" with a mix of traditional and contemporary worship styles. The second is a "modern experience" featuring videos and contemporary Christian music led by a praise band.

According to worship arts leader Mike Sooy, music plays a very important part in both services, and great sound was therefore a priority for the new facility. "We wanted to take things to the next level," he said. Sooy also emphasized the importance of speech clarity. "If they can't hear the message," he continued, "what's the point?"

Sound Solutions of Ohio designed and installed Old Fort Church's new audio system along with its video and environmental projection systems. To meet the church's goals, Sound Solutions' Dennis Cimo designed a split cluster loudspeaker system using two Community IP6-1122/64 two-way, 12-inch loudspeakers per side supplemented by a pair of IS6-215 subwoofers located beneath the stage.

Computer modelling showed this design would cover the sanctuary evenly with little or no "spill" onto the stage. Cimo also recommended that the church install acoustic panels in strategic locations to reduce unwanted echoes and optimize the room's reverberation time.

Crown XTI am

Community-based Fermaten trends with RobeCommunity-based Fermaten trends with Robe
Monday, 26 September 2016

Denmark - Fermaten is a busy community-based live music and performance venue in Herning, central Denmark, which has a lively entertainment programme encompassing around 140 shows a year and a capacity of 700 - expanded from 500 eight years ago following extensive refurbishment.

The venue has been running for 26 years and recently invested in new Robe moving lights, with four DLS Profiles, eight DL4X Spots, and 16 x LEDBeam 100s, all supplied by Robe's Danish distributor, Light Partner.

Currently one of the top music venues in the country for technical production, Fermaten has also built a reputation as a training ground and inspirational stepping-stone for future industry professionals.

Technical manager Daniel Friis specified the Robe kit together with Light Partner's technical sales specialist Johan Kvartborg, himself an ex-Fermaten volunteer. Dan and venue manager Alex Nielson are full-time and on the board of directors, but most of the regular crew and staff are volunteers who either love the environment or appreciate the chance to enhance their technical knowledge and experience.

Fermaten owns its own sound and lighting kit and is well equipped thanks to an ongoing commitment to funding from the city and also by being self-funding through running at a profit. From this, money is allocated each year to spend on new kit.

The majority of the live shows at Fermaten are either lit by staff using the house system, with some artists bringing in their own LDs and floor packages. They have WYSIWYG facilities, allowing them to work in advance with LDs

Theatre Projects-designed Iowa theatre opensTheatre Projects-designed Iowa theatre opens
Friday, 23 September 2016

USA - In 2008, when the Iowa River flooded and destroyed Hancher Auditorium and 12 other buildings at the University of Iowa, the loss to the community was far greater than the physical loss of those structures.

Hancher Auditorium was one of the most popular venues for touring groups in the region, and the flood forced the student and traveling groups that normally used the venue to move into nearby facilities.

But this week, with the grand opening of the new Hancher Auditorium, the University of Iowa and the people of Iowa City once again have a magnetic cultural centre to call their own.

Only months after the flood, Theatre Projects began working with the university to determine how they would recover, rebuild, and move forward - not only regarding the 40-plus-year-old Hancher Auditorium, but also the Voxman School of Music and Clapp Recital Hall, which were attached to auditorium.

Working with the university and Hancher staff, Theatre Projects conducted a series of studies to sketch out a path forward. It was determined that Hancher Auditorium would be demolished and in its place, a new auditorium would be built.

As the project progressed, Theatre Projects joined a team that included Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects (design architect), OPN Architects (executive architect), and Kirkegaard Associates (acoustician), to design and build a new facility. The design team placed the new building on a 500-year floodplain and determined that the School of Music would be separated from the facility cluster and moved across campus.

After eight years, the

Chauvet DJ Freedom Par stars in Ride Along 2Chauvet DJ Freedom Par stars in Ride Along 2
Wednesday, 10 August 2016

USA - A recent building makeover for Ride Along 2 turned the second-floor rotunda of Georgia's historic and stately capital building into an edgy Miami nightclub, complete with a well-stocked bar, chic guests, VIP sofas and lavish mood lighting, provided by Freedom Par Quad-5 fixtures from Chauvet DJ.

"You would have had a hard time recognizing the rotunda if you saw it during filming; the transformation was amazing," said Noah Hammer, owner of Full Circle Lighting & Productions (Atlanta), which supplied the club lighting for the Ice Cube and Kevin Hart comedy. "The colourizing that was done with the Freedom Par Quad-5s was instrumental in creating the scene."

Hammer, who has supplied lighting for numerous movie and TV projects, got involved in Ride Along 2 after receiving a phone call from the film's gaffer. "We're known for the work we've done on film, so when they decided to do this in Atlanta, the gaffer called us," he said. "When the Ride Along 2 team showed us their diagrams and explained what they wanted to do in the rotunda, the Freedom Pars immediately came to mind because of their colour rendering capabilities and their battery-powered operation."

A total of 111 Freedom Par Quad-5 fixtures were rented to the production company for the Georgia capital filming. Most of these fixtures were used to light scenic elements in the Classic Renaissance-style capital building, accenting walls, staircases and the props used to create the bar. However, just before filming began, the production team also began using the fixture in key lig

Avolites in control at new Las Vegas nightclubAvolites in control at new Las Vegas nightclub
Monday, 8 August 2016

USA - The latest addition to the Hakkasan Group, JEWEL Nightclub inside ARIA Resort & Casino, has raised the Las Vegas entertainment bar once again, with an interactive lighting design controlled by a custom Avolites system of integrated control desks and Ai media servers.

JEWEL opened in May with a superstar-studded launch hosted by Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx, hip-hop heavyweight Drake, electro turntable stars The Chainsmokers and reality television sensation Kourtney Kardashian. To reinforce the luxury party vibe, Hakkasan Group commissioned international sound, lighting and visual design company AudioTek to "push the boundaries of technology" and create the ultimate nightclub environment for Sin City's elite.

The result is a high-impact, multi-sourced display based around the DJ's moving back wall of Ayrton Dream Panels, with both video and DMX surfaces, and Magic Dot fixtures. This works alongside five ribbons of ROE Hybrid LED which circle the main room and a video-mapped staircase leading to a mezzanine floor. AudioTek lighting designer Andy Taylor chose Avolites' Sapphire Touch, Tiger Touch II and Quartz lighting consoles with Titan Net Processors and Ai Infinity R8 and S4 media servers to control the complex set up.

"Due to the selection of fixtures, it was imperative to implement a control system that seamlessly integrated both lighting and video," Taylor explains. "Once suggested, everyone agreed Avolites was the natural choice."

Avolites' lead software developer Oliver Waits helped design the custom system, which links the video content, power

Adelaide Convention Centre expands Hog fleetAdelaide Convention Centre expands Hog fleet
Thursday, 28 July 2016

Australia - The Adelaide Convention Centre has expanded its already impressive fleet of High End Systems consoles with the purchase of two Full Boar 4's and six Road Hog 4's, bringing their inventory to four Full Boar 4's and 10 Road Hog 4's in total.

The purchase is part of the plan for the anticipated mid-2017 opening of their new Plenary Building, a multi-purpose venue built on the site of the original 1987 Convention Centre, with a capacity of up to 3,500 seats. Local production and installation company AJS were selected to fulfil this government tender, and have developed a close working relationship with the ACC.

"This was all part of the Convention Centre's tender process for stock replenishment and the new Plenary Building," relates AJS's Luke Hattam. "We contacted Australian High End Systems distributor Lexair Entertainment for guidance. We were successful in our bid, which included the consoles and flight cases, as well as on-site training by our Head of Lighting, Justin Accatino. While most of the ACC's staff are very familiar with the Hog platform, we offer ongoing support and service for things like firmware updates or any unexpected difficulties."

This is the latest phase of a long relationship the ACC have with the Hog family, whose ease of operation and touring tech friendliness make them a welcome sight in any venue. One of the ACC's new Full Boar 4's and three of the Road Hog 4's will eventually be installed in the new Plenary Building when it opens next year, while the other Full Boar 4 and three Road Hog 4's will be floating to cover o

L-Acoustics delivers ultimate audio at Zero GravityL-Acoustics delivers ultimate audio at Zero Gravity
Friday, 22 July 2016

UAE - Zero Gravity, a popular beach club, bar and restaurant situated on the perimeter of Skydive Dubai, unveiled its much-anticipated 2,000sq.m expansion in March, including a 39m glass-fronted infinity swimming pool, 75sq.m multi-use stage and one of the world's first permanent installations of L-Acoustics' X Series, along with L-Acoustics K2 and ARCS Wide loudspeaker systems, which is part of an overall audio-visual system that uses the highest quality equipment currently available.

The expansion - which comprises of 50 sun loungers, 30 x 3m diameter day beds, changing facilities, bar and stage - represents a new instalment in the evolution of Dubai's most-talked-about beach-side spot. "Everything has been custom-made to ensure it fitted our very specific brief," says general manager Peter Skudutis. From top-of-the-range Spanish marble, to the 60cm x 60cm rain showers in our incredible bathrooms and a 22m acrylic panel for the pool, which was shipped, in one piece, from the Netherlands. If it wasn't perfect, it went back. As an example, I can tell you we went through eight bathroom designs before going ahead.

"The pool expansion reveals another layer to Zero Gravity, as a complete lifestyle destination. This second phase has been a year in the making. And it is worth the wait."

With the intended end result never wavering from creating "the best that money can buy" Zero Gravity cherry-picked its partners for this project. For audiovisuals, Dubai-based Delta Solutions have installed an L-Acoustics sound system that quite literally jumps off the map.

Universal Parks and Christie in agreementUniversal Parks and Christie in agreement
Friday, 22 July 2016

USA - Universal Parks & Resorts has entered into a corporate partnership agreement with Christie, which will see Christie delivering the latest projection technologies to Universal Parks & Resorts as the official projection system provider. The agreement includes Universal Parks & Resorts' Theme Parks and CityWalk complexes throughout the United States.

As a Universal Parks & Resorts corporate partner, Christie will be the preferred partner for projectors ordered, purchased, and installed by Universal Parks & Resorts at all domestic controlled venues. Christie will also supply software and professional services in addition to projection technology to Universal Parks & Resorts, helping create customized projection solutions for future attractions.

"Universal Parks & Resorts continues to push the limits of technology and innovation, and Christie is honoured to have this long-term opportunity to bring its extensive technology and service resources to bear to support the Universal Parks & Resorts' Theme Parks and CityWalk venues," said Jeff Klaas, Christie's vice-president of sales - Americas.

(Jim Evans)

Penn Elcom gets wired for new studioPenn Elcom gets wired for new studio
Friday, 22 July 2016

UK - Penn Elcom completed the design and installation of a wiring infrastructure for a new recording studio in Hastings, housed in an old Methodist Church building in the heart of the town. The studio is owned by Paul Godfrey, songwriter / producer and well known as creator of the popular trip hop trio, Morcheeba.

The installation entailed delivering all the multicores, cables, stage boxes, patch bays, wall racks plus associated metalwork, and was overseen by Penn's Leon Whipp who heads the company's specialist wiring division.

Every centimetre of space in the characterful building has been utilised meaningfully in the conversion to serve as a busy and proactive recording environment offering a large control room, main space and mezzanine floor chamber.

Cat 5 connectors have been used throughout. A 48-way line system from the control room connects the recording spaces (Main Room and Mezzanine) via two stages, with a third stage box for the drum riser. Video monitor screens linking all three areas are also run via Cat 5 lines.

Leon completed the installation over the course of about a month, but the end-to-end time frame for the installation on site was around three days.

The physical proximity of Penn Elcom's HQ and factory facilities being just up the road on an industrial estate on the edge of Hastings was a great advantage, and this was where the multicores 1 x 16-way and two 12-way multicores were pre-built and prepped, all using Syntax connectors. Neutrik connectors were also utilized throughout the installation for the other terminations. "T

Chauvet and Iluminarc on Fort Walden Beach
Thursday, 21 July 2016

USA - Anyone wanting to take a look inside Al's Beach Club, doesn't have to try too hard. That's because for all practical purposes, this new live music venue has no 'inside'. The only club in Fort Walden Beach, Florida, located directly on the city's famed Emerald Coast beach, Al's is almost all open air, with no walls or barriers separating it from its surroundings.

This breezy configuration makes for good times, but it also creates a challenging environment for a lighting system. Aside from contending with wind and sand, any fixtures installed at this club have to stand up to the rain. (Averaging 69 inches of precipitation a year, Fort Walden is the rainiest city in Florida.).

Sohail e. Najafi and his team at Najafi Design Group (Los Angeles, Las Vegas) were well aware of this challenge, which is why they designed the lighting rig at Al's around a collection of IP-rated fixtures from Chauvet Professional and its sister company Iluminarc.

"This is an incredibly beautiful site, located directly on 500ft of pristine white sand beach," said Najafi. "The open air structure contributes to the overall beauty of the venue, but our client was having a hard time finding fixtures that could last in their harsh marine environment.

"We specified fixtures that we knew were engineered to withstand the conditions that would be encountered here. Everyone involved in this project - the client, the contractors, as well as the electrical and integration teams - were all impressed with the solid feel of the Chauvet and Iluminarc fixtures."

Najafi and his team insta

Seoul church installs dLiveSeoul church installs dLive
Thursday, 21 July 2016

Korea - Located in the heart of Seoul, South Korea's Dongshin Presbyterian Church recently installed Allen & Heath's dLive digital mixing system as part of the Church's developing digital-based AV system.

Dongshin Church celebrated its 60th anniversary this year, and the building was named as a 'Seoul Legacy for the Future' by the city in 2014.

Comprising a S5000 Control Surface and a DM48 MixRack, the new system replaces the incumbent GL3800 analogue mixer.

"The relationship between A&H and Dongshin Church started with the GL3800, and we also installed a Qu-32 in the Education Centre last year. Migrating from analogue to digital is a big step but we knew we could trust A&H products," said Seongyeon Won, who is in charge of A/V system at the church.

"We did evaluate other brands for the main FOH console but dLive won hands down on product specifications, such as the dual 12" touch screen, easy navigation and expandability options."

The dLive surface and Mixrack are installed in the A/V control room, with a DX32 I/O expansion rack installed at the front corner of the chapel.

(Jim Evans)

Theatreplan continues to reinforce expansion
Wednesday, 6 July 2016

UK - As part of their ongoing growth and expansion into new territories, international theatre consultancy practice, Theatreplan, has recently welcomed several new members to the team: practice manager for the London office, Wioletta Ziemba; compliance and training consultant, John Young; and Revit technicians, Paolo Ribichesu and Andrea Martin Gonzalez.

Wioletta Ziemba joined the team earlier this year to replace Paul Connolly who is now managing the Theatreplan's Hong Kong office. An experienced office manager and passionate about the performing arts, Ziemba is also a gifted linguist fluent in six languages. Her enthusiasm and attention to detail are much appreciated in the London office which is home to the biggest of Theatreplan's three teams.

"Keeping track of all the projects we have on the go at any one time and providing the necessary support to our consultants out in the field is a mammoth task at the best of times," says Hong Kong business manager, Paul Connolly. "As well as being extremely organised, you need to be able to keep a level head and a sense of humour! It's an absolutely pivotal position, and I'm pleased to say that Wioletta has proved herself to be equal to the task and is now an essential member of the team."

John Young joined Theatreplan in March in the role of compliance and training consultant. A hugely experienced theatre professional with a 30-year career in the industry to date, Young provides a range of specialist services including fire risk management, staff training and project management.

"Having spent well over 15 g

Straightpoint Load Cells make debut at Rose Theatre Kingston
Monday, 4 July 2016

UK - The Rose Theatre Kingston in South West London has added to its rigging inventory four 1t Loadlink Plus units from Straightpoint, which were most recently used during installation of sets for a production of Shakespeare's King John.

The famous play, directed by Trevor Nunn, was performed during a three-week run at the theatre. It required an elaborate set that included a large raised floor with an automated lift, two 9m-high towers and three platforms connected via numerous staircases and walkways. Any remaining empty space between those towers and walkways was finished with wooden cladding. Elsewhere on set, two large sliders concealed a throne.

Wayne Parry, head of production at the Rose Theatre Kingston, explained that the load cells were used only for set installation, not during performances. He said: "Large steel sections were lifted using several motors (hoists) and, although the safe working load was well within the point capacity, we set the load cells to sound an alarm if any weight transfer came close to that capacity."

The theatre will utilise the load cells for upcoming performances, including its next production - Good Canary, directed by John Malkovich, opens in mid-September - where three LED-based video displays are the centrepiece to performances. The screens will be moved on tracks, while furniture moves on and off stage using floor tracks. The load cells will be used to monitor the loads distributed to the front of the overhead structure where the forces are greatest.

Parry explained that the theatre has a spider

American School opens new auditoriumAmerican School opens new auditorium
Monday, 4 July 2016

South Africa - A new auditorium, which will serve as both a theatre and meeting point for assemblies and award evenings, has been built at The American International School of Johannesburg (AISJ). Theatre consultant Denis Hutchinson was on board both architecturally and for the technical specifications.

On the theatre lighting side, DWR Distribution was responsible for the supply of all the cabling and the data network for the equipment which includes an MA Lighting dot2 console, Philips Strand Lighting 6 Pack dimmer, two Strand Relay Racks and 10 Robe Robin DLX Spots. Further, DWR's Rob Young and his team designed and installed a flying system, retractable seating for the Orchestra Pit and two hand operated curtain tracks.

Whilst in the United States on another project, Denis came across something that triggered the idea of making the theatre a completely LED lighting installation. "There are many advantages to going the LED route including not having to change lamps, lower power requirements, no gels, all things schools often struggle with," he says. "Until now, the quality of LED units has not really been good enough for facial light, but with the arrival of a new generation of units which have good colour rendering, decent fade curves and affordability, that situation has totally changed." The school was totally behind him.

LED changes the cable infrastructure. "One of the things I suddenly realized, because of the way the better LED lamps are designed, is that I don't need a single 16Amp BS socket anywhere in the building. I can do everything on Powe

New auditorium for Glasgow's Royal Concert HallNew auditorium for Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall
Monday, 27 June 2016

UK - A new state-of-the-art, 600 seat auditorium at Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall opened in October 2015 alongside the new Royal Scottish National Orchestra (RSNO) Centre. Both were designed by Glasgow City Council's in-house team of architects led by Kerr Robertson - also responsible for city projects such as the refurbishment of much lauded Glasgow City Halls - and world-renowned acoustic specialists ARUP.

The new auditorium at Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall exhibits a number of design features implemented to optimise the acoustic qualities of the venue, for both rehearsal and performance situations. Fixed sound absorption is distributed throughout the hall, controlling excessive loudness whilst also reducing reverberance. The large scale (risers, ceiling and upper wall elements) and small scale (lower side walls) articulation throughout the hall scatters sound at different frequencies, providing an even sound and avoiding harsh reflections.

In rehearsal mode and full orchestral performance mode the side balconies fold up against the walls, realising the maximum available hall volume and floor space for the orchestra. For recitals the balconies are deployed, narrowing the room, providing desirable lateral sound reflections to listeners, increasing acoustical intimacy and clarity. They also increase theatricality and visual intimacy, with the audience wrapped around the performers, and can be used artistically for camera positions, video screens and surround sound loudspeakers.

Adjustable acoustic banners vary the sound absorption in the space, depending on

Modern solutions for ancient St Mary's
Wednesday, 22 June 2016

UK - Built on the site of a Benedictine monastery founded in 792AD, St Mary's Church in Hitchin dates back to the 14th century in its current form. But despite its long history, the building's sound system is required to perform to modern standards, and a recent improvement program (carried out by church audio specialists DM Music) saw an array of Audio-Technica microphones and an Allen & Heath Qu-Pac digital mixer installed in place of an outdated radio mic set-up.

From the outset, the clergy at St Mary's requested a solution that moved towards more fixed, hard-wired microphones for ease of use, with six Audio-Technica ES195S cardioid condenser gooseneck microphones and a pair of U891RX cardioid condenser boundary mics employed to enable the clergy to conduct services from a number of different locations, with each microphone having a simple, illuminated on/off switch.

With choral music a big part of weekly life at St Mary's, ensuring the delivery of excellent sound quality from the choir was key to the new installation. Six Audio-Technica AT897 shotgun condenser microphones were specified to provide reinforcement and balance against the church's powerful pipe organ, and to allow for high-quality recordings of choral events.

The church's new audio complement also includes a four channel Audio-Technica System 10 Pro wireless set-up, operating outside UHF frequencies and delivering simple plug-and play operation for its non-professional users.

At the heart of the new installation is an Allen & Heath Qu-Pac digital mixer and a pair of AB168 portable Aud

First PLASA Show 2016 seminars announcedFirst PLASA Show 2016 seminars announced
Tuesday, 21 June 2016

UK - Bringing a wide range of global experts together to share their insight and experience, the renowned programme of seminars will again be a feature of the 2016 PLASA Show, which takes place from 18-20 September at London's Olympia. The first tranche of seminar sessions has just been announced, featuring a diverse array of fascinating and thought-provoking subjects.

PLASA Show's first year at Olympia sees the show showcasing the latest technology in Olympia's National Hall and the Gallery floor above, with the two seminar theatres, product demos and interactive showcases also situated on the Gallery floor.

As always, every session at the PLASA 2016 Seminar Programme is free-to-attend, with subjects including audio, lighting, AV, staging and business skills being covered. The first 15 have been confirmed and include the return of LSI journalist Phil Ward's popular panel sessions. As always they include a variety of interesting new topics, including immersive sound technologies, managing perimeter sound and mixing on tablet computers.

"I've chosen this year's panel discussions based on a handful of topics that have really caught my eye as LSi magazine reports, month-in month-out, on the industry's activities," says Phil. "Some keep coming round every time, but there are always new voices to join the conversation. I'm sure that the panels will once again represent the most authoritative of these voices."

Zoe Milton from the Association of Sound Designers (ASD) is another returning presenter, with a session titled Pin The Mic On The Actor. This

Bose App controls audio at The LightermanBose App controls audio at The Lighterman
Tuesday, 21 June 2016

UK - The Lighterman, a new pub, dining room and bar on Granary Square in London's Kings Cross offers relaxed all day dining and drinking, with views over the square as well as Regent's Canal. To capture the mood of the day and to create a vibrant evening atmosphere, the venue has installed a high quality Bose sound system, with discreet Bose FreeSpace 3 cube speakers offering music over all three floors.

With music being a key factor in the overall customer experience, the system was installed by Bose pro partner Tateside to offer managers on each of the floors overall control of the source music and volume. There are four iPads, each loaded with the Bose ControlSpace Remote app, which is designed specifically to give intuitive wireless control across multiple devices to end users wherever networked Bose system electronics are installed.

At The Lighterman, a Bose ControlSpace ESP-1240 processor delivers audio via ESPLink to two Bose PowerMatch amplifiers to provide a 12 zone music experience via Bose FreeSpace 3 cubes and subs on each floor. All zones can be controlled using the iPad app, and there is a fixed CC-16 wall mounted zone controller on each floor.

Tateside were able to use CSR Builder to personalise the app for The Lighterman, creating a custom layout, and inserting images and branding. The app can be used to adjust volume levels and mute the system, select music source, set tone EQ and recall parameter sets.

"As part of the overall hospitality experience, music is an integral part of the customer's enjoyment. It is fundamental that the sou

Swingers goes crazy for Martin Audio CDDSwingers goes crazy for Martin Audio CDD
Tuesday, 21 June 2016

UK - More than 70 of Martin Audio's new CDD installation loudspeakers, featuring patented Coaxial Differential Dispersion driver technology, have been installed by Middlesex Sound & Light (MSL) in a London based leisure hospitality venue, called Swingers. Built around two nine-hole crazy golf courses, Swingers also features a dining area with street food, a two-tier clubhouse and five bars.

Run by the Institute of Competitive Socialising (ICS), it not only hosts corporate crazy golf sessions for the business world - bringing the outside indoors - but then transforms the 16,000sq.ft of space into a more upbeat vibe after dark, with nightly DJs. It is described as an environment of "competitive socialising".

MSL are just one of a number of integrators who have made the CDD their 'go to' solution since its launch in Frankfurt 15 months ago. Director Darrel Olivier says that after seeing the Swingers operation, run by Jeremy Simmonds and his business partner Matt Grech-Smith, prototyped at a short-term pop-up in Shoreditch, he was excited by the prospect of equipping the quirky underground venue opposite the Gherkin in Leadenhall Street with a full AV integration.

"We were asked to provide very high quality and evenly distributed audio system which could be ramped up for the night time trade," states Olivier. While MSL have fitted 24 CDD8 (8") speakers and a total of five CSX112 (1 x 12") subs around the two golf courses it is for the clubhouses that Olivier has reserved the most potent sound. Here he has placed four CDD8 and a powerful CSX212 (2 x 12") sub f

TiMax install for New National Theatre TokyoTiMax install for New National Theatre Tokyo
Thursday, 9 June 2016

Japan - Tokyo's New National Theatre (NNTT) has recently installed a 32-channel TiMax2 SoundHub-S32 and TiMax Tracker system with six TT Sensors and 32 TT Tags, for adaptable provision of automated vocal localisation and audio showcontrol in both the main Playhouse auditorium and also the smaller 'Pit' theatre.

The multi-tasking system was specified by Kunio Watanabe, manager of the NNTT's audio division, who contacted SCA Sound Solutions in search of effective and natural vocal tracking and immersive audio spatialisation.

Watanabe commented, "We now have a very natural and smooth sound imaging for the actors' voices, without the feeling of it being a sound 'effect', by which I mean, the audience could feel the individual voice at the exact position of the individual singer, not from left, right and centre speakers. This may sound obvious, but other systems do not give this."

Tracked by TiMax Tracker tags, the individual output of each performer's radio-mic channel routes from the mixing console channel direct outs through to the TiMax2 SoundHub dsp which dynamically delay-matrixes it to the distributed loudspeaker setup for both venues - templates for which are stored in the TiMax unit.

The installation was completed in time for Stephen Sondheim's Tony Award-winning Passion. Sound designer for the production, Mr. Yoshio Ueda, said, "I could easily adjust the level of each speaker precisely in the process of creating image definitions and there was no sense of incongruity in the sound images created. Additionally, transition from image definiti

GDS SM Console - performing on the world stage
Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Singapore / UK - The following global locations all have something in common and when the list is considered it is safe to say it's not the weather. The Esplanade, Singapore and The Everyman Theatre in Liverpool both offer their fair share of cultural enrichment but those in attendance in south-east Asia are unlikely to have battled their way through anything like a cold, damp Merseyside night before taking their seat. York's Theatre Royal and Salford University are white and red rose rivals respectively and certainly would recognise thick fog and drizzle but Istanbul's Zorlu Centre is used to an altogether different climate. The world famous Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London might enjoy a mad-dog English summer or two but that doesn't compare to the heat at The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts...

Rather than a climatic connection, what is common to every one of these diverse settings is a GDS Stage Manager's Console. Every production must be steered with absolute precision by a stage management team in whose hands can rest a show's success or failure. The audience sees only the plain sailing of the entertainment, whilst behind the scenes, the unseen hand on the tiller executes the cues that steer the ship. GDS SM Console has become the first choice of many of the world's leading performing arts institutions. The quoted examples are just some of the latest destinations for this custom-built product that was developed with the direct involvement of leading practitioners, for the wider benefit of their high-pressure profession.

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