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Nexo enjoys a Long Island Iced TeaNexo enjoys a Long Island Iced Tea
Wednesday, 27 November 2002

Following the success of their established venues in London's Covent Garden, and more recently in Nottingham, Scottish and Newcastle have recently opened their third Long Island Iced Tea shop in Sutton which has been furnished with a significant Nexo/Crown audio system. TTL Music in Nottingham was responsible for the installation, specified by Birmingham-based consultancy, TASC.

In the style of many current venues, the Long Island Iced Tea shop is designed to cater for comfortable eating and drinking throughout the day before turning up the energy for the night time crowd with a DJ and a dance floor. The system therefore needs to be capable of providing high quality background music during the day, whilst still having the power and the poise to deliver the same high quality at levels required by club system at night. A Nexo PS system was specified both for the inherent quality of the product combined with the amount of built-in protection offered by the dedicated controllers. As TTL Music's Andy Hague points out, reliability in an installation like this is paramount. "For a start, there is a fair amount of equipment in this place, but the other factor to bear in mind is that TTL is based in Nottingham, and we don't want to be having to send engineers down to Sutton every week to replace blown drivers! Installing a quality product like Nexo and Crown ensures that our maintenance will be minimal."

The installation at the Long Island Iced Tea shop is zoned into three areas; the dance floor area is served by four Nexo PS-10 cabinets, and two LS-500 subs plus a PS-

The New Marquee
Friday, 22 November 2002

The Marquee Club, one of London’s most high profile live music venues, has re-opened at a new location in Islington, North London. After a £4 million fit-out, the club has been transformed into a 1,200-capacity club/live music and entertainment venue. The Marquee brand is now owned by former Eurythmics star Dave Stewart of the Artist Network, and entrepreneur Mark Fuller.

The lighting and visual elements for the new Marquee have been designed and co-ordinated by Dan Cook, who vacated his post as technical manager of the Ocean Music Centre in Hackney to take up the role of lighting manager. Cook designed a flexible lighting rig to cater for a diverse range of artists.

For its rock and roll credentials, Entec Sound & Light was asked onboard by Gary McGovern, Dave Stewart’s studio maintenance manager and the club’s technical consultant. Entec supplied the lighting equipment on a long-term rental basis to facilitate regular updates. Moving fixtures include Martin MAC 600s, High End Cyberlight SVs and Clay Paky Golden Scan HPEs. Added to that are Martin Atomic Strobes and a large variety of conventional fixtures, all controlled by an Avolites Pearl console, working in tandem with Avolites dimmers. Entec has also designed, built and supplied customized power distribution units.

Entec’s Adam Stevenson co-ordinated the supply, which also includes two legs of Tomcat ground support and two flown points for the lighting rig. Entec produced the rigging design and co-ordinated the installation of the hybrid flown/ground support system - a solution to the

Liberty sprung floor panels from HarlequinLiberty sprung floor panels from Harlequin
Wednesday, 20 November 2002

Liberty, from Harlequin, is a new sprung floor panel system intended either for permanent installation in dance studios, or portable use for touring. Other applications include gymnastics and aerobics, stage floor, or rehearsal room floor. Liberty sprung floors are generally used in conjunction with a non-slip vinyl dance surface selected from the well-known Harlequin range of Cascade, Reversible, Studio, Tempo or Fiesta.

The floor panels themselves are formed from multiple layers of birch, bonded with waterproof phenolic resins to form an 18mm thick and stable substructure for the vinyl surface. Each full size panel has 45 dual density elastomer blocks, spaced at regular centres. These absorb impact and give a consistently even energy return over the entire surface of the floor. Harlequin Liberty sprung floor panels combine consistent shock absorption and uniform suspension across the whole floor, with no hard spots at the joints. Flexing is limited to avoid disturbing neighbouring performers. The floor achieving the right degree of elasticity demanded of dancers, but without excessive rebound - sometimes referred to as the ‘trampoline effect’. Consistent shock absorption has been shown to reduce the risk of injury and enhance performance, making Liberty a very user-friendly and quiet floor.

Liberty panels are ideally suited for permanent installations, but thanks to the flexibility of the system, should circumstances change, panels can be removed and re-laid elsewhere - something that cannot be achieved with traditional permanently-installed sprung floors

JBL Control Contractor in Bora Bora
Monday, 18 November 2002

The new Sheraton Hotel on the French Polynesian island of Bora Bora has just completed the installation of 60 JBL Control Contractor Series speakers. The picturesque, five-star resort features a total of 120 rooms, 70 of which are private, over-water bungalows. The hotel needed a sound system for ambient music throughout the entire resort, including the reception area, hotel restaurant, beachside restaurant grill and banquet room.

The technical team of Total Video Distribution, the JBL distributor in French Polynesia, collaborated with an architect to design the system. A total of 50 Control 25T surface-mount speakers and 10 Control 26CT ceiling speakers were installed on the property. The entire system is controlled from the reception desk, which features a 400-disc CD player and a CT210 Crown Amplifier. In addition to this main control station, each separate room has its own music system with a five-disc CD player and Crown CT210. This allows each room to switch from the general system to its own choice of music.

The Control Contractor speakers with silver stainless-steel grilles are an ideal choice for the venue, allowing the speakers to withstand high tropical humidity levels and salty-air environment.

(Lee Baldock)

Cold cathode lighting system for The Gate
Wednesday, 13 November 2002

ACDC Lighting Systems of Barrowford, Lancashire has been awarded the cold cathode lighting contract for The Gate in Newcastle. The company will manufacture over 700m of cold cathode lighting for the new retail complex located in the heart of the city. The design incorporates ACDC’s Covelite, Contour Interior, as well as their new ‘Colorise DMX’ colour changing cold cathode lighting.

Working closely with lighting designers BDP to develop the ideal scheme, ACDC were chosen for their DMX and 1-10 volt dimming systems - a first in the cold cathode lighting industry. The company’s cold cathode was chosen for its long life and low maintenance characteristics, as the installation is in very high, difficult to reach areas. The project uses high frequency control gears resulting in higher efficiency when compared to traditional control systems and their Covelite ‘Plug and Socket’ system, offered a cost-effective solution.

(Lee Baldock)

Charlton Athletic calls on QSCCharlton Athletic calls on QSC
Tuesday, 12 November 2002

London-based Premier League football club Charlton Athletic has met its growing post-match media requirements by constructing a press interview/communication theatre. ML Executives, who have been servicing the club’s audio needs for a number of years, were asked to outfit the new suite, designing an eight-zone system. The firm selected QSC’s multi-channel CX168 power amplifier to provide the solution.

To achieve DSP control, ML Executives used the Shure P4800 Precise Digital Control software - interfaced via a PC within the unit - with a DRS10 scene controller for digital remote switching. Via the newly-provided Shure ceiling and desktop mics, combined with RCF/Mackie PL80A ceiling speakers, managers can hold their post-match briefings, while ISDN lines allow the press to file their reports and photographs digitally. A link with the Charlton Athletic website allows the post-match interviews to go out live.

ML Executives’ Gary Marks told us: "Given the space constraints, the QSC CX168 was the obvious amplifier for the purpose - and a big plus. We like it because it is a 2RU amplifier providing us with eight channels - all of which we use. We could have been looking at four separate two-channel, 2RU amplifiers, but have ended up with a complete 8RU processing rack - including the rack drawer - saving 6RU worth of amp space in the process!" A single CX168 feeds the entire suite including the interview room, the theatre, media suite, the Internet room, and so on.

QSC amplification has also featured heavily in another new soccer stadium installa

Clay Paky paints the Winterthur TheatreClay Paky paints the Winterthur Theatre
Tuesday, 12 November 2002

The Winterthur Theatre in Switzerland, which hosts around 250 theatrical events every year, has recently undergone a lighting upgrade, overseen by lighting director Wilfried Potthoff, who had the theatre outfitted with 50 Clay Paky CP Color 150-E colour changers. Products were supplied by Claudio Merlo’s ECM, distributor of Clay Paky products in Switzerland.

The majority of the products was installed overhead in the large hall adjacent to the main auditorium. The theatre frequently hosts conventions, parties, meetings or other gatherings in this area, often accompanied by background music. The CP Color colour-changers can provide synchronized colour-washes and cross-fades to create a variety of moods and effects to augment these occasions.

More CP Colors were placed behind a white canvas inside the theatre to create very effective colour scenes, boldly standing out among the theatre’s thousand traditional lights. 10 other CP Colors were positioned outside the theatre to light its striking modern façade.

Potthoff was extremely pleased with having opted for this creative technological layout. He commented: "I received so many compliments for my decision to use CP Colors. They truly offer a countless number of colour variations while maintaining remarkable light intensity with any beam angle. I decided to invest in the CP Color 150-E model because it is an ‘IP65’, suitable for working in outdoor settings as well: this gave the greatest flexibility in movement, and if I want, in the future I can organize my lighting system by redistributing t

New Martin system for Hazlitt Theatre
Monday, 11 November 2002

Audio Projects have supplied and installed a Martin Audio sound reinforcement system to the Hazlitt Theatre in Maidstone, having won a competitive tender. Sound engineers had been unhappy for a while about the sound in the theatre, particularly the dead spots. The theatre’s production and operations manager, Eric Lund, realized that an upgrade was essential, so with Audio Projects’ Stephen Hall set about investigating several alternatives before being invited to a demo of the EM series at Martin Audio’s High Wycombe HQ.

"It was a question of finding a product that would provide the right coverage, because there are 300 seats in the stalls and a further 56 in the balcony," said Stephen. "I knew the Martin range would provide the coverage and versatility for the wide band of shows the theatre receives - and because several of their management live locally to us I knew I wouldn’t need to worry about after-sales."

A conventional left and right proscenium arch system comprises a pair of EM186s, run full range. A pair of EM26s are suspended from the advance bar, one pointed back at the stage as auxiliary foldback and the other to provide front-fill coverage for the front row. Additional mobile Hortus C15 front fills were also provided for use in the orchestra pit. The balcony sound is provided by a pair of EM56s acting as delays, set midway down the auditorium. To achieve total coverage of the auditorium, Audio Projects produced their own EASE plot.

The new equipment is all on multicores; this includes a Yamaha DME-32 Digital Mix

Major AV installation for GLA City HallMajor AV installation for GLA City Hall
Monday, 11 November 2002

When the headquarters of the Mayor of London's Greater London Authority on the south bank of the Thames opened to the public in September this year, they set a mandate that they wanted to be accessible to the public via television, radio and the internet.

One of the key technical requirements was to create a backbone - with various plug-in points throughout the building - that would allow information in the form of data and text, video and audio to flow from its source to any desk or display screen, the GLA website or for national broadcast. IVC, the company awarded the £2.1 million contract, were also asked to provide a high-grade portable presentation unit, that would be able to operate in both the first floor assembly chamber and way up on the ninth floor.

IVC devised a solution based around an 80" dnp Black Bead screen and Christie Roadster X4 DLP projector, also designing a self-powered mobile presentation system in the process. With so much ambient lighting spilling through the heavily glazed circular dome, IVC knew they needed to opt for a system accustomed to operating in high ambient light environments, so the company’s Jim Maynard, approached dnp’s UK distributors, Paradigm AV. The dnp screen combines high quality Fresnel optics with 3M’s advanced optical glass bead technology. The ultra fine pitch lens distributes the projected image through a thin layer of optical beads, which focuses the light and sends it through the black layer on the front of the screen which has an anti-reflective surface on its front side.

Although Paradigm pr

Marquee fit out new conference auditorium for HarvesterMarquee fit out new conference auditorium for Harvester
Monday, 11 November 2002

Marquee Audio has masterminded a multifunctional/multimedia design and installation in the 1000-seat auditorium of a greenfield development in Tonbridge, Kent. The company was awarded the contract by Harvester Conferences, a subsidiary of Harvester Trust, to equip their new development at The River Centre.

This will enable Harvester - a community-motivated, Christian charitable organization - to operate as a conference and community facility, as well as a church centre. Harvester had already made the decision not to extend to the 9m high ceiling which would have enabled them to have presented unamplified speech projection (instead opting for a 6m floor-to-ceiling pitch). They also opted for an amplified state-of-the-art PA system with full conference facility audio-visual, and put the work out to tender.

With seven-day utilization in prospect, Marquee recommended a Nexo system as being most appropriate to service the mix of requirements, including church services on Sundays and other days, a guitar/drums worship group, conferences and various third party community interests. Marquee’s cabling infrastructure allows for projection onto screens left and right of the stage, fed by Powerpoint from a PC and run back to the sound desk.

Marquee’s Scott Wakelin, who designed the sound and supervised the install, commented. "I remembered how well the Nexo system had worked at The Watersmeet Theatre in Rickmansworth - producing a smooth sound with a lot of vocal orientation - and this was a similar-sized venue." Thus he specified a Nexo PS15/PS10 combinatio

SSE Sales completes Sheffield University refitSSE Sales completes Sheffield University refit
Monday, 11 November 2002

Following the launch of its new sales department earlier in the year, Birmingham's SSE Hire has recently completed a major overhaul of the audio system at Sheffield University. The brief given by the University's technical manager Pete Brenchley was to provide separate systems for the three venues at the University. The Octagon, the largest of the three venues, was to have a new main PA system capable of handling touring acts. The Foundry, which runs seven nights a week with a variety of events and music styles needed new main PA, foldback and control equipment and Fusion, the Union bar, was to benefit from an installation capable of running in the background all day and coming forward to power the DJs at night. On top of this, the systems needed to be completely compatible with each other so that gear could be moved from venue to venue depending on the show to be supplied.

SSE designed and supplied a complete touring specification system for both the Octagon and Foundry with a Nexo Alpha speaker system powered by Crown Macro-Tech amplifiers for both venues. SSE's control specification for the Foundry included an Allen & Heath ML4000 and a variety of processing, including Klark Teknik EQ and Yamaha effects. Stage monitoring duties are handled by SSE Betamax wedges, powered by Crown MA2400 amplifiers with a Soundcraft SM12, Klark Teknik DN360 EQs and XTA DP200s controlling everything. SSE also supplied a full touring specification Pyle line system for both venues and its standardized patch system in all racks, allowing complete compatibility - not only within the Universit

beyerdynamic installs Audia system at Gleneagles Hotel
Thursday, 7 November 2002

Edinburgh-based AVC was recently appointed by The Gleneagles Hotel to design and install a complex integrated audio system as part of a massive refurbishment program to restore its magnificent Ballroom and to make it suitable for use both as an entertainment venue and a multi-faceted conference facility.

As the sole distributor for Bi-Amp in the UK, beyerdynamic’s Jon Stanley and Simon Druce collaborated with Douglas Bolton, AVC’s System Designer to specify a very flexible, multi-purpose system, which centred around Bi-AMP’s digital audio platform - Audia. The Ballroom, complete with stage, proscenium arch and balcony, is ideal for theatre-style conferences, awards ceremonies, live performances and gala evenings. The Gleneagles Hotel required a system that could be used flexibly by its in-house technical team and easily operated by non-technical users if necessary.

Audia uses the CobraNet interface for its digital audio networking. A separate network provides flexible control capability and also permits distribution of processing tasks between multiple units in different locations. Audia was specified to allow the simple recall of a multitude of pre-set sound configurations via a touch screen. Compatible with popular media management control systems, it was integrated with a wireless AMX touch screen, plus three wall-mounted control panels positioned discreetly around the Ballroom. Therefore it is possible to easily alter and direct the sound simply with the touch of a button - making the system easy to operate for non-technical staff, as well as multi

EV goes to churchEV goes to church
Thursday, 7 November 2002

David Corrick of Stringwood Professional Services in Cardiff has recently completed a number of church installations using a full suite of Telex/EVI products, in particular from Electro-Voice and Dynacord, supplied by Shuttlesound. Among the most recent is the Thornhill Church Centre in Cardiff into which Stringwood has installed a full multimedia system. The Thornhill is far more than just a traditional church - the building was completed five years ago, and in addition to providing church services also acts as a community centre with activities going on seven days a week morning, noon and night. To that end, the budget to put in the multimedia AV system was quite generous.

In the main hall, where the majority of the church services take place, Corrick has installed two ElectroVoice Sx300 full range cabinets and a SUB 800 A active subwoofer from Dynacord, while foldback on stage is taken care of by a Dynacord AM 12 active monitor speaker and its slave version, the passive M 12. The system is run from a Dynacord 2200 powered mixer. Stringwood has also furnished a full complement of EV microphones including five N/DYM 767a supercardioid lead vocal mics, two Polar choice 12" switchable podium mics, one NRU Series N7 wireless hand held radio mics featuring ClearScan auto channel select technology and the N/DYM 767a capsule, and one NRU-L20 cardioid lavalier microphone. The whole system is linked into a multimedia projection system featuring DVD, VHS, a CD-writer, mini-disk player and tape replay.

Other recent Springwood installations include a similar system for a b

GB Audio completes Aberdeen Conference installGB Audio completes Aberdeen Conference install
Wednesday, 6 November 2002

The Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre in Scotland is about to complete a one-year, £18m expansion and redevelopment project. The venue’s two existing halls have been expanded to provide conference capacities of 2,000 and 500 respectively, while two new 700-capacity multi-purpose suites have been added.

GB Audio of Edinburgh won the contact to supply and install sound systems in these four spaces. The brief was to deliver consistent, high definition sound throughout the complex. To further complicate the requirements, each individual suite has the ability to divide into two independent spaces, meaning that the sound too would have to divide down and even operate in different directions if required. GB Audio achieved this by deploying a BSS Audio Soundweb DSP system controller, which offers instant recall of preset EQ and delay settings at the touch of a button. A total of 40 Shermann Audio loudspeakers were specified throughout, following a successful demonstration of the three-way R315W model.

To help achieve the required consistency, two new, smaller loudspeaker models were developed especially for this project, with different profiles to suit the architect's aesthetic considerations. To power the system, 20 Chameleon power amplifiers were specified for their sonic clarity and high damping factor, which gives them the ability to cope with extremely long cable lengths. Mixing is carried out via three Allen & Heath GL3300 consoles and portable playback racks contain Tascam CD, cassette and Minidisc sources.

(Lee Baldock)

D.A.S. Audio installed at Dinopolis palaeontology park
Wednesday, 6 November 2002

D.A.S. Audio sound reinforcement systems have been installed at ‘Dinopolis’, one of the worlds most modern theme parks, based on the age of the dinosaurs. Located in Teruel, Spain, the themed entertainment of Dinopolis aims to shed light on the age of the dinosaurs through the use of animated replicas, special attractions and live sketches evolving around the study of palaeontology.

Dinopolis, is divided into various halls, each with its specific subject matter, such as the Hall of the Sea, Hall of the Mammals or the Paleontology Workshop. Besides the now famous ‘Time Traveler’ attraction, which places the visitor in a special all-terrain vehicle for a ride through the origins of life on our planet, two new attractions have been added. ‘Saurus Park’, aimed at keeping the very young visitors busy and ‘T-Rex’, featuring a life-sized Tyrannosaurus incorporating the latest in animatronics.

Ingenia QED, SA, the Madrid-based company responsible for the design and production of the Time Traveler attraction, specified D.A.S. Audio’s Factor and Dynamics series systems for sound effects in the numerous zones of the attraction: 10 Factor 5 monitors, 11 DS-12 sound reinforcement systems and 18 units of the DS-8 are discretely installed throughout the length of Time Traveler, while nine Sub-118 bass units provide the dramatic low frequency effects.

The audio systems designed by Ingenia QED for the attraction consist of digital audio reproduction devices connected to equalizers, power amplification and speaker systems selected t

JBL PD Series installed in Melbourne, Australia
Tuesday, 5 November 2002

JBL Professional is excited to announce the first international installation of Precision Directivity Series loudspeakers. Vodafone Arena, a premiere sports and entertainment venue in Melbourne, was recently renovated with PD speakers, receiving a very positive response. The 10,800-seat Vodafone Arena features retractable and removable seats to accommodate various events including tennis, basketball, live music concerts and a velodrome for bicycle races. A retractable roof, which takes ten minutes to fully open or close, allows the venue to be transformed from an indoor arena to an outdoor venue. The roof presented an understandable challenge when designing the sound system. Since the system could not be mounted in the centre of the arena, the catwalk running around the perimeter of the open roof was utilized.

The original sound system, consisting of a six-element circular array of 15" two-way loudspeakers, delivered sound to a projection distance of 30 to 65 feet. The system was unable to reach the other three sides of the stadium. Local A/V contractor Warehouse Sound Systems was asked to upgrade the system, using the existing loudspeakers, amplifiers and processing equipment wherever possible.

Sven Langebeck, owner and chief engineer at Warehouse Sound Systems, joined forces with audio consultant Douglas Growcott from Watson Moss Growcott to determine the best audio solution for Vodafone Arena. The chosen system included three PD764 mid/high loudspeakers and three VS125HS low frequency loudspeakers. "We chose the PD speaker system based on the specifications

Lights return to Winter Garden, post 9-11Lights return to Winter Garden, post 9-11
Tuesday, 5 November 2002

A year after the devastating events of 11 September, 2001, light is gleaming again in the Winter Garden, the centrepiece public space of the World Financial Center complex. The vaulted glass atrium was severely damaged during the collapse of the towers, and the lighting system, including speciality entertainment luminaires and architectural-control functionality, was destroyed. Miraculously, people were evacuated in time to prevent injuries. As part of the $50m renovation, a new glass façade archway has replaced the footbridge which led to the World Trade Center. High within the arches of the new glass ceiling is a state-of-the-art lighting rig and ETC control system.

Todd Berling Design Inc was asked in November 2001 by Brookfield Properties to assess the damage to the venue's theatrical systems - rigging, lighting and audio. "Our original walkthrough was overwhelming. We got to the upper level to inspect what we thought was going to be the dimmer room and instead we found only the raised pad of the dimmer room by itself. There was no equipment left. It was as though someone had taken a giant butter knife and scraped the equipment off the top of the concrete pad. It was leaning in towards the street, still fairly structurally unsound and there was an inch or so of dirt and ash - a very fine powder - everywhere. It was extraordinary."

The dimmer room was gone, conduit connections had been severed and luminaires crushed. Fortunately for Berling and the Winter Garden, the task was made easier because the venue had begun a phase of systems renovation in December

Record-breaking Jellyfish in BagshotRecord-breaking Jellyfish in Bagshot
Monday, 4 November 2002

One of the largest concentrations of its kind in the world, a record-breaking number of 26 BSS Jellyfish has been ordered for installation in the leafy backwater of Bagshot in Surrey. Installation Technologies, the Oxfordshire-based audio-visual installation company, is masterminding the ultimate personal entertainment network for guests at the Pennyhill Park Hotel, part of the Exclusive Hotels group.

Winner of the AA's prestigious Hotel of the Year 2002 award, Pennyhill Park is currently constructing a lavishly appointed spa and health centre. Adam Bloch of Installation Technologies has designed an entertainment system which delivers multi-channel choice to every fitness room and treatment suite, giving guests the ability to pick their own music, ambience and volume preferences using the Jellyfish interface.

The heart of the network is two BSS Soundweb 9088ii DSP engines, with four BSS 9008 networked signal processors or slave units, each providing eight analogue outs, thereby increasing the ratio of outputs to inputs. "This may seem like an extravagant approach," says Bloch, "but the Jellyfish is such a flexible device, it can offer a great deal of control via a simple user interface."

Installation Technologies was chosen for the Pennyhill Park project on the strength of their track record in installing integrated systems in health clubs. One of their biggest customers is Fitness First plc, the largest health club operator in Europe. Installation Technologies have equipped all their UK facilities and many on the continent. "We've been using

MC2 amplifiers installed in Mumbai’s latest nightclubs
Thursday, 31 October 2002

MC2 Audio’s distributor in India, Performance Audio India Pvt Ltd, has installed sound systems powered by MC2 Audio amplifiers in two of Mumbai's newest clubs - Mikanos and Velocity. Velocity is situated in the Tardeo district of Mumbai and comprises the main Velocity club area, a 'retro' lounge called RPM, the Bollywood restaurant and a private members lounge. The club caters for all preferences from a quiet dinner to a night of non-stop dancing on the 1,000sq.ft dance floor.

The brief for Rustom Pavri, director of Performance Audio India, was to equip the venue to handle the wide mix of music, from rock and pop to techno and country. This he achieved using Turbosound Floodlight speakers powered by MC1250, MC750 and MC450 amplifiers with T1000 amplifiers being used for the Turbosound TCS-35. Pavri says: "Since we installed the system, everyone has been very impressed with the quality of the sound, with the system giving the same beautiful tonal quality in each of the very different club areas."

Pavri adopted a similar approach when planning the project at Mikanos, and installed MC1250, MC650, MC450 and T1500 amplifiers to power the system. The highlight of this club is a large dance area with a performance stage - flanked by two large bars on each side. Pavri explains: "We wanted to put together a really clean-sounding system overall, with amplifiers that combine robust performance with clean power output. The MC2 amplifiers really do deliver the cleanest power in the business." He concluded: "Both clubs are very different with a common s

Absolut: chic exclusivity with Clay PakyAbsolut: chic exclusivity with Clay Paky
Wednesday, 30 October 2002

A place to unwind and have fun, as if you were at home: that’s the idea behind Salò’s new Absolut - the most renowned and exclusive nightclub on Lake Garda, Italy. The lake has always been an ideal setting for nightclubs, but quality took a turn in summer 2001, when Massimo and Giampiero Gallina took over the club, creating its distinctive character, for which much of the merit goes to art director Ezio Arnaboldi.

The interior is furnished with comfortable sofas and couches, alternated with loungers and dark wood tables, which set off the numerous white cushions, large lampshades and huge ashtrays. Clay Paky’s Mini Scan HPE and Tiger CC lighting fixtures embellish the dance floor with colour, graphic patterns and varied effects. Colour also takes the centre stage outside: the outdoor Clay Paky CP Color 150-E colour changers create a cosy atmosphere in the relaxation area, with slow colourful crossfades. Other CP Color fixtures illuminate the gazebo outside and behind the bar.

Absolut has a comfortable and secluded quality, yet is highly fashionable: as well as setting design trends, it organizes evenings to perfection with the careful work of the Gallina brothers, who have continued their long family tradition in entertainment. Many well-known national and international light music and jazz musicians have graced Absolut’s stage.

(Lee Baldock)

JBL EVO installed in Leopold Museum, Vienna
Tuesday, 29 October 2002

JBL Professional's EVO speakers have been installed into a multipurpose room inside Vienna's new Leopold Museum. The 117-seat room is used for a variety of functions including concerts, podium discussions, movies, and presentations. One of the new museums in Vienna's art district, the five-story Leopold Museum houses the art exhibition of Rudolf Leopold, with over 5,000 paintings including works by artists such as Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, and Oskar Kokoschka.

The installation was completed by audio specialists, Georg Vanek and Frank Bocksteiner / Ton&Technik, who chose EVO because of its functionality and ease of use. Aside from audio quality, another factor in the decision to choose EVO was its compact and elegant design and ability to be mounted horizontally, allowing for speaker placement below the ceiling line. Vanek, pleased with the installation, stated: "It sounds very good; plays very good; everything fits."

Bocksteiner agreed, saying: "Achieving an acoustical solution of the highest standards, such as in this venue, is only possible in liaison with clients and brand names we trust. Over the course of my career, JBL has proven that they don't compromise any quality."

The installation turned out so well that the installers were asked to install other systems in the building: the museum's coffee shop, Café Leopold, now features several other JBL products including the Marquis Series MS28, Control 1, and EON G2 speakers.

(Lee Baldock)

German Chancellor gives vote of confidence to Philips' ConcentusGerman Chancellor gives vote of confidence to Philips' Concentus
Monday, 28 October 2002

In one of the largest ever conference system installations of its kind, Philips CSI has supplied a high-specification Concentus DCN (Digital Congress Network) system to the German government’s impressive new Bundeskanzleramt international conference centre in Berlin. The Philips Concentus system had to meet much more stringent demands than are normally encountered: up to 15 simultaneous language translations and the ability to display Cyrillic, Arabic and other non-standard character on built-in displays. It also had to cope with large numbers of delegates while being easy to use and to have an attractive aesthetic design for this prestigious new government facility.

To meet the need for simultaneous interpretation and language distribution for the new Berlin conference facility, Philips supplied a 140-position Concentus DCN system. The top of the range Concentus is able to handle up to 15 languages with interpretation desks designed by working interpreters. A second, smaller Concentus system was installed in a separate plenary room for press conferences - this is an 8-position system incorporating non-standard 'voice-seeking' microphones in place of the standard pluggable stem microphones to give participants more freedom of movement when fielding questions from journalists.

This major order was won against fierce international competition by the Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup, a strategic Philips CSI partner and value-added re-seller/installer for the German market. Salzbrenner chose the Philips Concentus as the ideal solution for this impressive 333 long confe

VDC provides mobile connectivity for Air Lyndhurst
Wednesday, 23 October 2002

VDC has fulfilled a custom-cable order for one of the world's leading recording studios, Air Lyndhurst of London, providing full portability for its Pro Tools suites. Air's three Pro Tools systems have been racked up as 24-tracks and, using custom-made breakouts to SSL DL specification, can now be rolled into any of the Lyndhurst studios and plugged straight into the main console.

"We buy most, if not all, our custom cable from VDC," explains Tim Vine-Lott, Air's technical manager. "With anyone else, we'd have to specify pin outs for each end of the cable, but we never have to do that with VDC."

VDC provided "a vast amount of cable" to Air earlier in the year, supplying additional cable system for Lyndhurst's famous Great Hall studio and its new Neve 88R mixing console, one of only three to be installed in the UK.

(Lee Baldock)

Fabric Ups the Audio Ante
Sunday, 20 October 2002

With so many young pretenders to the ‘superclub’ throne now emerging - many of them modelling their soundscapes around the legendary fabric system - the Clerkenwell club’s owner Keith Reilly and technical manager Dave Parry recently decided it was time to reclaim the higher ground.

They already had the Wavefront sound system, the Bodysonic dancefloor, the Timax sound spatializer and the Red Cycloops, enabling them to zigzag sound through three-dimensional space. But recently, when rumours began to resound through the labyrinths under Smithfield Meat Market that fabric was about to fly a line array, it produced all kinds of frissons among visiting acts.

Given the close relationship the two men had built with Martin Audio and distributor Marquee Audio, it was little surprise they should opt to partially upgrade the Wavefront 8C with the new W8L Line Array. "The simple truth," offers Dave Parry, "is that other clubs were starting to catch up, and we needed to retain our competitive edge. Line Array was starting to become the de facto standard, and fabric’s owner Keith Reilly just loves it."

The opportunity to love it came at a demo, orchestrated by Martin Audio product manager, Richie Rowley: "We stacked the line array on the stage and ran the system up and it was smacking right into your chest. Everyone started smiling . . . and then we decided to drop the subs in! "It is a lot of power," admits Rowley, "but that’s what it’s all about. It’s just like a sonic rollercoaster ride." Whic


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