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Proel Launches Installation Cable Range
Monday, 22 October 2001

Proel has announced the latest additions to their cable catalogue, specifically produced for the installation market. The CMP Series are distinguished by their green outer jackets, housing a series of multi-pair fire-resistant cables for fixed applications in recording and television studios as well as cinemas, disco’s theatres and live sound PA applications. Double shielded by aluminium and polyester foil within a flame-resistant PVC jacket, the numbered paired cables are highly resistant to signal loss due to outside interference.

Three models are currently available - the CMP 8, 12 and 20 - each model number representing the number of pairs contained. In addition, a new double-shielded fire-resistant microphone cable has also been introduced. The HPC 210 FR is also contained in a green flexible outer jacket, which is shielded by tinned copper and is light in weight (30g/m).

The HPC 610 FRS is a fire-resistant loudspeaker cable, which contains two copper wires insulated by red and blue jackets within twisted conductors and copper braids, once again within a green outer jacket. Finally, the HPC 610 FR is similar to the HPC 610 FRS cable, but its extra fine wires are not shielded, allowing greater flexibility.

MAVCO Awarded Third Crystal Contract
Monday, 22 October 2001

MAVCO has been awarded the contract to design, supply and install a range of audio, video, lighting and effect systems in over 20 venues on board a third Crystal Cruises ship. Commissioned by ALSTOM Marine Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard in St Nazaire, France, MAVCO will be involved with the complete turnkey contract for local entertainment systems.Scheduled for delivery in late June 2003, the as-yet-unnamed 68,000-ton vessel will see an increased number of Crystal Cruises' most successful features, including more entertainment lounges, expanding on the best of Crystal Harmony and Crystal Symphony. The scope of the project ahead for MAVCO incorporates detailed system design, supply, installation and commissioning, shared between the company's offices in Miami and the UK.

The Galaxy Show Lounge is the main entertainment venue for the line's distinctive award-winning production shows, featuring more intimate seating arrangements, improved sight lines and the latest technology in sound and lighting systems. This includes a fully automated digital mixing console, a 1,500-channel lighting console, extensive video systems and complete show control facilities, all installed by MAVCO.

MAVCO will also be installing equipment in the contemporary renditions of Crystal guests' favourite public rooms, including the airy Palm Court and adjacent Vista Lounge, the Avenue Saloon piano bar and sophisticated Connoisseur Club cigar bar. Plus, MAVCO will be providing video systems in the significantly enlarged Computer University@Sea classroom, as well as audio and video systems for the

Martin Exteriors Light Nykredit HQ
Monday, 15 October 2001

At the start of 1998, finance company Nykredit invited a number of architects to participate in a competition aimed at finding the best design for its new Head Office in Copenhagen. The winner, Schmidt, Hammer and Lassen, presented a building with its front and back façades made entirely of glass. Nykredit wanted to create a building of high architectural quality. Completed in October 2001, the architects have more than matched their demands. Only half the building is used as office space; the rest is given to a large, central atrium with a glazed façade, which makes the ten-story building very transparent.

The building’s northeast and southwest sides are defined by 24 horizontal ribs of granite, two per floor. By day these ribs serve to give definition to an otherwise virtually transparent building: with the onset of night, however, the architects’ clean lines were disrupted by the sporadic mosaic of light and shadow spilling from the offices inside. A creative lighting solution was required to restore the architects’ intended design. The architects turned to Martin Denmark to see what they could offer. Lighting consultant Peer Østergaard from Martin Danmark drew up a plan that called for 34 Exterior 600s. Østergaard’s design was to light the two sides of the building. By carefully highlighting the granite ribs the sleek geometry of the design could be regained. Working closely with the architects and Nykredit, a programme was devised that could allow the Exteriors to colour fade and accentuate the ribs with the company’s own corporate b

Proel Sound for Kings Arms, Auckland
Monday, 15 October 2001

Despite being one of Auckland’s oldest pubs, the Kings Arms Tavern - established in 1870 - is also one of the city’s most popular youth-oriented live venues. The room, which hosts up-and-coming bands during the week, headline acts at weekends and a varied line-up on Sunday afternoons, recently underwent a major upgrade of its house PA system. The new Proel system was sold by Junior Fitz of United Sound Agencies and installed by Proel distributor Jansen Professional Audio & Lighting in just two days, to accommodate the venue’s busy performance schedule.

The venue’s owners had been using a hired system for some years, and were anxious to replace it with a rig that would occupy less of the limited stage space and improve both audience sightlines and sound quality. The new system consists of two Proel TFL212P double 12" full-range speakers with 1.4" compression driver, hung from the ceiling along with four TFL215SP double 15" subwoofers incorporated into the stage rostrum setup. The four stage monitor wedges are TFL12Ps, with a TFL15P wedge as a drum-fill. Jansen has also provided the complete mixing, amplification and signal processing for all speakers and subwoofers. All cables, multicores, stands and racks are supplied by Proel.

The new system has freed up the substantial stage area previously occupied by speaker stacks and improved the view of the stage for patrons at the side of the room. It is also providing a cleaner sound with a marked increase in the sound levels before any sign of distortion. The first main act to play in the

New Advisor for Artec Consultants
Thursday, 11 October 2001

Damian Doria, president of Artec Consultants Inc, has announced the addition to its New York-based staff of Tateo Nakajima, as senior advisor, opera and concert production. Nakajima brings to Artec a broad range of experience ranging from his professional conducting career in Europe to management experience in the performing arts and the non-profit sector. He also has experience in the technical aspects of opera productions and the presentation of symphonic concerts, fund raising, project development and management, marketing, teaching and as a newspaper writer and editor.

Founded in 1970, Artec Consultants Inc has built a distinguished international reputation for excellence in the planning and design of performing arts buildings. The firm's experience spans concert halls, flexible-space theatres, playhouses, lyric theatres, opera houses, recital halls, multi-purpose halls and houses of worship. Its clients include symphony orchestras, opera companies, community theatre groups, educational institutions, state and local governments, religious organizations and private groups and individuals.

Coemar De Sisti Install for Channel 7
Wednesday, 10 October 2001

Two new studios to be developed in the Channel 7 Melbourne Broadcast Centre are to be fitted out in a turnkey operation by Coemar De Sisti Australia. The installation will include full mechanicals (hoists, etc), dimming, control, DMX distribution system, power, leads and accessories and all luminaries. The Product Studio, to be used for drama and variety productions, will feature a full set-up of De Sisti hoists, with 36 self-climbing 140kg SWL units, 3 Modular Cyclorama 180kg SWL units, 4m Pantographs with a 14kg SWL. All hoist controls are also provided as part of the installation. Lighting for the Product Studio comprise a wide range of De Sisti luminaires including Magis 300/500/650 PO fresnels, DesiLux Fluorescent PO video luminaires with DMX on/off control, Giotto PO twin-compartment Cyclorama units and Duccio four-compartment groundrow units. Several zoom profiles are also part of the package of luminaires in both studios.

The News Studio features a fixed pipe grid, and a new style of dropper called a Cranky Pole. This is a telescopic hanger that can be operated from the floor or the catwalk. The telescopic tubes have a square cross section to insure they do not twist like rod-type hangers. The Cranky Pole comes with a friction clutch winch allowing a safe working load of 55kg. Lighting for the News Studio utilizes a similar range of luminaires as the Product Studio, as well as the De Sisti Leonardo 1kW PO fresnels and Leonardo 2kW PO fresnels. Dimming within both studios is provided by Coemar De Sisti Australia's own homegrown TechART Series 5000 installation dimm

Middle Atlantic Products' Major Expansion
Tuesday, 9 October 2001

In a move that more than doubles the amount of space available to house its Canadian distribution and operations centre, Middle Atlantic Products has opened its new Ottawa-based headquarters facility. In making the move to the new location, the company increased its available space from 22,000 to 50,000sq.ft, allowing it to maintain more stock on site andaffording more room for its operations staff to better serve their customers.

"The increased storage capacity allows us to ship substantially more product from available stock to our customers throughout Eastern and Central Canada," explains Neil Andison, president of Middle Atlantic Products Canada. "This will significantly cut down the lead time involved in fulfilling an order." The company has not only expanded floor space but height as well, moving from a building with 16ft ceilings to one with 28ft ceilings, further increasing storage capacity. The new facility also features a product showroom in which current and potential customers can view and work firsthand with Middle Atlantic's line of rack enclosure systems and furniture solutions. Middle Atlantic Products Canada is now located at 113 Iber Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K2S 1E7, Canada. Telephone +1 888 766-9770.

Soundweb Networks Major Korean Church ComplexSoundweb Networks Major Korean Church Complex
Tuesday, 9 October 2001

A major new-build house of worship in Korea has had its audio communication through the various auditoria, networked via a number of 9088 Soundweb digital devices. The main 5,000-seat sanctuary at the Soo Young Ro Presbyterian Church is joined by an 1800-seat and several 800-900-seat satellite chapels, all within a single complex. The audio, powered by Crown amplification, is sent to 15 JBL VS 3215 Venue series loudspeakers, used for the primary and choir foldback system, as well as 25 Soundpower SP2121s for the balcony system and 87 MS26 under-balcony speakers, as well as four JBL 4897 subs.

The design is based around 18 Soundwebs and other BSS processing hardware. These take a live mix from the choir and floating mics used by the clergy, via a Soundcraft Series 5 console and also routes the audio from the recording studio, based on the site. There is also a video editing room, and the audio tracks are also processed through Soundweb.

Soo Young Ro is situated in Pusan, Korea’s second largest city, on the southern tip of the country. With christianity the fastest growing religion in Korea, audio distributors, Daiyoung Corporation won the contract to supply and fit. Explained David Kwon, marketing manager of the Seoul-based company: "This was a long tendering process which took about three years in all. We competed with six other companies for the US $300,000 audio contract, which formed part of the total US $1.5million spend."

Bytecraft Collects Beijing Contract
Sunday, 7 October 2001

Australian company Bytecraft has won the contract to supply the Beijing Grand National Theatre with its control system and electrics. The state-funded Opera is scheduled for completion in December 2004 and the Bytecraft contract - which covers both the control system featuring 400 axis of control and electrics and is worth $32million - will see the creation of one of the biggest control systems in the world. Bytecraft expects to go on site in early 2002 and remain there until the venue opens.

Orchard Theatre reaps fruit of Nexo sound
Friday, 5 October 2001

Theatre specialist Stagetec UK Ltd has recently completed the installation of a brand new Nexo sound system at the Orchard theatre in Dartford, complete with Crown amplification and signal processing from Sabine, all supplied by UK distributor Fuzion plc. Stagetec’s managing director Andy Stone explained that the Orchard approached them with a basic specification around which Stagetec could suggest some options. As a result, Stagetec proposed three different systems, which were modelled on the acoustical modelling package EASE to provide an indication of sound pressure levels and coverage, of which two were demo'd on site. After hearing the results of the shoot-out, Orchard's project manager, Bob Clutterham, chief electrician Andy Coleman, and stage manager Lee Edmundson decided to go with the Nexo system.

Stone said: "Apart from the obvious audio quality of the Nexo, one of the factors that swayed the decision was built-in protection that the system offers. The Orchard is a big regional theatre with a huge variety of acts passing through from rock concerts to touring plays and musicals to opera and ballet, and even conferences. With the usual mix of professional and amateur companies, the Orchard staff specifically wanted a system that was very difficult to blow up! As well as delivering high quality audio and being extremely compact, that's exactly what the Nexo offers."

The system comprises eight Nexo PS-15s, two of which are flown to form a central cluster and a further pair are situated either side of the proscenium arch. The remaining pair offers a

Jules Lauve Joins Theatre Projects Consultants
Thursday, 4 October 2001

Jules Lauve has joined Theatre Projects as a senior theatre consultant. He joins the project management team where his responsibilities will include management of major projects, consultation on theatre design issues and design of performance equipment systems and advice on facility management and operations. For six years, Lauve was director of entertainment for the Treasure Island Casino Hotel in Las Vegas. Prior to joining TPC, he headed his own firm, Jules Lauve Entertainment in Las Vegas, where he provided production, design, direction and consulting for live entertainment.

New Theme Park Equips with Martin AudioNew Theme Park Equips with Martin Audio
Monday, 1 October 2001

Terme Olimia is a new theme park situated next to the Sotla River, which forms the border between Slovenia and Croatia. The complex comprises a hotel, apartment block, village, sports park, pool complex, nature camp and the Aqualuna Water Park. All the entertainment and announcements throughout the complex are broadcast through a combination of 36 Martin Audio Contractor C115s, distributed undercover throughout the restaurant and café bar areas, and 16 custom-weatherproofed ICT 300s, which are found in most of the zones in the park. The sound installation was undertaken by KSL Studio, Martin Audio’s Slovenian distributor.

iLight and Sound at Bose Factory StoreiLight and Sound at Bose Factory Store
Thursday, 27 September 2001

Sound and light are working together at the Bose Factory Store in Ashford, Kent, thanks to a state-of-the-art lighting control system from iLight Ltd. With the aim of creating a stimulating in-store experience for customers, the shop is sub-divided into different ‘retail experiences’ to demonstrate the high quality sound and home cinema products. Connected into the audio and AV systems, the iLight system is installed throughout the store as an integral part of the ambience control.

Comprising a mix of seven source controllers, one universal interface and a single two-button stainless steel control panel, the iLight solution is designed to be simple to use. The audio demonstrations and lighting within each retail area are selected via a Crestron touch screen that is connected to the iLight system. The sales executive selects a product on the touch panel and the general lighting in the area is dimmed, the product is illuminated and the demonstration begins. The Bose order was received by iLight’s Norwegian distributor, Nortelco, and supplied and installed by the iLight technical team from their head office in Penshurst, Kent. There are plans to supply another two Bose stores in the UK, plus the opportunity for others stores around Europe.

Federal Signal Delivers at Canary Wharf
Thursday, 27 September 2001

Federal Signal’s contract to supply advanced voice alarm (VA) equipment for London’s prestigious Canary Wharf development has passed two major milestones. The company has delivered a new VeriFire voice alarm system to Citigroup’s European head offices at Canary Wharf. System acceptance has also been received for a 14-rack VeriFire installation in the HSBC building. This is the latest contract for Federal Signal in its long association with Siemens Building Technologies, which manufacture, supply and install life safety systems for Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd.

Philips REO Security System
Monday, 24 September 2001

Philips CSI has launched its new REO CCTV solution ideal for use by security installers in a host of security applications, including retail, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, schools and small to medium-sized businesses. The system handles up to eight cameras and is designed for fast and easy ‘plug and play’ installation. However, it has sophisticated features such as video motion detection on all cameras, alarm and event handling, ‘picture in picture’ and pre/post alarm ‘event replay’, snapshot event capture, intercom and door entry control.

REO replaces Philips’ well-established Colour POS system but existing monochrome POS observation systems will continue for those customers who prefer monochrome. REO offers colour CCTV operation with a choice of either switcher or multiplexer models. The Switcher model handles up to four cameras with images displayed manually or sequenced in full screen, whilst the Multiplexer allows up to eight cameras to be displayed as full screen, in quad (2x2) or in 3x3 split-screen mode. Both models feature a PIP ‘picture in a picture’ box facility allowing simultaneous viewing of two cameras with one full screen.

Audio Refit at WatersmeetAudio Refit at Watersmeet
Wednesday, 19 September 2001

Marquee Audio has carried out a major installation at the Watersmeet Theatre in Rickmansworth. The company was awarded the contract by Three Rivers District Council after successfully tendering for the audio refit. The 481-capacity venue, which was built in the Hertfordshire town 25 years ago, stages a wide range of events, from spoken word, classical, jazz and pantomimes - as well as dinner dances, conferences and films.

The venue’s technical manager David Mead says that the new facilities at the venue, where the floor has a natural rake, will create more entertainment options. "In the past we have always had to sub-hire in equipment for any band requiring a PA."

Mead confirmed that while the old PA system, which had served the venue for 15 years, had been ripped out in favour of a Nexo PS15/LS1200, the existing Soundcraft Spirit Live 16/2 has been retained.

The Nexo enclosures have been installed as a conventional proscenium arch system, with a pair of PS15s and a single sub on each side (EQ’d through a BSS FCS-966 Opal Constant Q graphic). Three PS8 delays have been hung on the lighting gantry and a further pair of PS8s provide image shifts. The system is driven by a combination of Crown CE400 and CE2000 amplifiers. With so many different styles of presentation, Watersmeet seemed a natural choice for the BSS 9088 Soundweb digital matrix device. "We were unsure at first, but we saw it demonstrated by Marquee Audio at the ABTT Show on a plasma screen, and we could see that the facilities would rally work for us." Soundweb programming

transtechnik Wins Major Ordertranstechnik Wins Major Order
Monday, 17 September 2001

transtechnik has been awarded a contract to the value of DM 398 800 by the Theater am Stadtgarten in Winterthur in Switzerland. The order covers the complete renovation of the control elements of the theatre’s 15-year old lighting system - the venue being one of the largest in the German-speaking world to be dedicated solely to touring companies. New equipment installed includes Prisma NT, Focus and Iris NT lighting consoles, a radio control system for remote control of these, a pair of remote operating stations, an Ethernet hub to be used to network the systems, three DMX mergers to be used to merge and amplify of the DMX512 signal, a digital auxiliary console (Profibus system with programmable controller), a DMX Gateway (protocol converter, Profibus/DMX) and a range of digital dimming.

Transtechnik went on site in early summer and will complete the work this month in readiness for the new season which opens with a performance of Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor. Our picture shows the digital auxiliary console, the main Prisma NT system and the Iris NT auxiliary console (from left to right).

Singapore's Newest Nightclub Selects Apogee
Monday, 10 September 2001

TJ Livehouse, one of Singapore's newest and more popular nightclubs, has had an all-Apogee system installed to provide sound in its 20,000sq.ft venue. The nightspot is a disco, but also hosts live entertainment including band performance, DJ and dance competitions, pageants and game shows. TJ Livehouse, which was converted from a movie theatre, needed to project uniform sound to the entire area, which includes a balcony. Before making the choice, the venue’s management had each potential vendor come into the club and set up a live demonstration. An Apogee system, featuring nine ALA-9 linear array loudspeakers, six FH-18 quad-subwoofers, and 28 DA-800 amplifiers, was then selected for permanent installation.

Silas Rabi, owner of Emaginex, the company which installed the system, said: "Apogee's line array speakers provided the sound quality TJ Livehouse was looking for, normal trapezoidal speakers wouldn't work in the space. Apogee provided the needed power at 50,000W. This was our first use of line-array speakers in a club, and I'm sure it won't be our last."

PLASA Awards Nominees On DisplayPLASA Awards Nominees On Display
Sunday, 9 September 2001

The 56 products nominated for this year’s PLASA Awards for Product Excellence are currently available for visitors to view on the Top Deck of Earls Court, in the Lighting&Sound International-sponsored New Technology Gallery (pictured). The Gallery allows a one-stop view of all the latest product innovations in the categories of Lighitng, Sound, Stage Engineering and Audio-Visual. Judging for the Awards will take place during the show, by a panel of experts from each respective field. The winners will be announced at a special ceremony at 9.30 on Wednesday morning, at which time PLASA will also present the money raised from the Awards entries to a number of charities.

To view the complete list of products entered for the PLASA Awards for product Excellence, visit the web address below:

Welcome to PLASA 2001!
Sunday, 9 September 2001

The doors have opened at Earls Court for Day 1 of the 24th PLASA Show, and the first visitors are now filling the show floor, where over 370 exhibitors are displaying their latest innovations to the industry. Over 400 products are making their first appearance at a PLASA Show, with the cream of the crop entered into the PLASA Awards for Product Excellence, and displayed in the New Technology Gallery on the Top Deck of Earls Court, which is this year sponsored by Lighting&Sound International magazine.

Throughout today, and for the duration of the show, the team from PLASA Media will be bringing you all the latest news and pictures from the show floor. To follow events as they unfold at PLASA 2001, visit our dedicated news section at the address below:

Home for Sale
Sunday, 9 September 2001

Home nightclub in Leicester Square, London, has been placed on the market by KPMG, the receivers for Big Beat Holdings Ltd. Leisure specialists, Davis Coffer Lyons, have been appointed to dispose of the venue. The high profile club hit trouble earlier in the year when an undercover police investigation showed there was open and serious Class A drug dealing and usage taking place at the venue. Westminster Council immediately revoked its entertainment licence.

Its closure led to Big Beat Holdings going into receivership. At the time, the established pub, club, restaurant and hotel business operated 23 licensed premises around the world. The sale also covers the range of Big Beat venues in Scotland, the recently-opened Media in Nottingham and the Australian Home in Sydney. The sale is likely to attract a great deal of interest from the leisure industry.

Chorion Adds to Portfolio
Sunday, 9 September 2001

Leisure operator Chorion has picked up three of the West End’s most high-profile nightclubs. In a move that makes them the largest nightclub operator in the West End, the group has acquired Sugar Reef and Red Cube close to Leicester Square, and the Chocolate Bar in Berkeley Square, for around £7.5 million.

The hat-trick of deals follows Chorion’s earlier purchase of the 700-capacity 10 Room in Covent Garden for £2.75 million. These will all now join the stable which includes Tiger, Tiger and On Anon.

The move has left property entrepreneur Mark Fuller, who sold his Red Cube and Sugar Reef interests to Chorion in June, free to buy Legends in Mayfair - one of London’s longest-running nightclubs. Backed by a consortium of investors, he has paid a £1million premium for the lease on the property to Perthshire Leisure, the group that owns Abigail’s Party on Brewer Street.

Get Yourself to the PLASA Show
Friday, 7 September 2001

PLASA is now just two days away and it looks like this year’s event will be the best ever. PLASA is where you get to find out what over 400 of the industry’s leading players have been doing in the past few months. It’s got to be better than leafing through hundreds of product brochures or trawling the internet for information. Aside from the exhibition, there are plenty of things to catch the eye, including the DJ Competition on the Sunday, the newly-introduced iDJ Talk Zone offering advice to DJs, a comprehensive seminar and workshop programme, the PLASA Awards for Product Excellence, the various Feature Areas, and the many events, press launches and on-stand receptions organized by exhibitors. If you still haven’t registered for the event, don’t worry, you can register on the day. All you need to do is turn up at Earls Court 1 and register on the door. See you there.

Sound Advance in Mean Fiddler’s New Venture
Friday, 7 September 2001

Continuing their long relationship with the Mean Fiddler Group, sound specialists Encore were asked to specify an audio playback system for the leisure group’s latest Central London development, eponymously dedicated to the Irish celebrity chef, Conrad Gallagher. Owned by Vince Power’s company, the luxurious 170-seat Conrad Gallagher restaurant opened last month at 179 Shaftesbury Avenue in London’s West End, serving modern Irish food, with a bar/lounge situated above. It is open seven days a week. Some 30 Sound Advance CT10 recessed ceiling speakers, purchased from their exclusive UK distributors, Sound Department, have been fitted on each floor, including the toilets and the private dining room.

Encore’s Mick Martin explained: "We have worked extensively for the Mean Fiddler Group over the years - and we have also fitted CT10s into a number of other high profile restaurants, including Oliver Peyton’s Mash. The requirements at Conrad Gallagher were to deliver an evenly-distributed sound system across the entire restaurant, and we chose Sound Advance firstly because architects and designers love the fact that they can be painted to complement the decor (in this case blue), secondly because we can gain an even 180° dispersion, and thirdly because they sound good."

The CT10s are also ideal when ceiling height is restricted, as was the case here. This provides the reinforcement end of a system which has been split into four sound zones, each with their own independent sound sources, which are fed from five-disk CD players racked in


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